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  1. Overview - can't move the blocks

    Hi Kate, do you have the correct permission setup to change calendar events? There are two relevant permissions "Manage global events", "Manage project events". If that is not the issue, please open a support ticket and we will investigate this as a possible bug
  2. can't get custom attribute type Expression via ftrack_api

    We have ideas on similar expressions in the API. All new features and widgets that we build are based on the API so eventually we will need this kind of functionality in the API.
  3. can't get custom attribute type Expression via ftrack_api

    Hey, you mention in the title "Enumeration" type but in the text expression. Enumerators should be available but expression attributes are not
  4. How to Display HTML Link in Custom Attributes

    Hi Peter, thank you brining this to my attention again. We're in the same position today as in January and have not had time to push this further. As of now you would need to open the Sidebar to access the link via Markdown, or use an action. Using an action + web widget would also allow you to display the marmoset viewer inside the action window. Related to this and to add to your feature request. I assume that you would need to access/template the entity id (and possibly type) in the URL?
  5. Failed to connect to event hub

    Hi, thank you for reporting this. If the issue persists and you see this again please open a support case by emailing support [at] and we will investigate it!
  6. Advanced filter settings: "Any" condition for all entity types

    It is true as you say, Task, Milestone (and other object types) are modelled as tasks in the backend. But for filtering we are locking a filter to a specific object type and as of now it is not possible to mix them with an ANY condition. We're currently developing a new view where you can list items from different projects (to be released within a few months). One of the use-cases that we consider is similar to the one you mentioned here, so listing Milestones and Tasks together with a filter like that could be possible (but it is still under development so not set in stone).
  7. Selected type is always Task

    Hi Dan, the task is an legacy style notation for what we in the current API have as TypedContext. To fetch a Task, Shot, Sequence, Folder, Milestone etc.. that are sub-types of the TypedContext you can use: session.query('TypedContext where id is "{0}"'.format(entity_id)').one()
  8. component name is not unique

    This is a known "issue" and not designed. We're considering changing this in the future to limit creation of new components with duplicate names.
  9. Advanced filter settings: "Any" condition for all entity types

    I'm afraid it is not possible to filter on different object types with an ANY condition
  10. not able to jump back to the first frame if frameIn not -1

    Cool, no worries and thank you for following up!
  11. Browsing between thumbnail

    Hi Jerome, It is not possible at the moment but it is something that we plan to address (I'm afraid that I cannot give any dates right now).
  12. Time Tracking - exporting to excel

    Hi Kate and welcome to the forums! This looks wrong to me, is there anything special with the users that are missing out? E.g. are they inactivated? If you click on Topher, what time logs does he have? Anything that stands out?
  13. not able to jump back to the first frame if frameIn not -1

    Remus, is this for in the internal ftrack review or the client review? If in internal, is it when you put them in sequence? At the moment we are not able to reproduce this.
  14. Attach file in new note

    There is an article here on how to attach file to a note in the ftrack-python-api:
  15. Make Custom Attributes Mandatory?

    Here is a link to the documentation about actions: and last example shows you how to trigger action UIs based on events in ftrack. We also have an example of an action in this repository: No plans at the moment I'm afraid, mandatory custom attributes is an interesting idea and I will raise it with the team.
  16. frameIn on web-playable component requires to be 0

    We will examine this together with what you reported here:
  17. not able to jump back to the first frame if frameIn not -1

    Thank you for reporting this, I will raise this as a bug with the team
  18. what "Decimal" box represents on Number custom attribute?

    Yes, it is primarily used for display and editing but you're correct. It is a good point though, having it as an integer in the API.
  19. No play button on version image if no thumbnail

    I will forward this to the team, it sounds almost like a bug to me
  20. Make Custom Attributes Mandatory?

    I'm afraid it is not possible to make them mandatory. What you can do is listen to the creation event and pop up a dialog to remind the user to set the attribute. But that would require some programming, let me know if you want me to point you in the right direction there.
  21. Datetime Field ?

    If you do not call .date() on the arrow_now, does it work then? There is a 'Event' schema that can be used: session.query('Event where parent_id is "fc625b24-fd16-11e3-9bfd-04011030cf01" order by created_at desc limit 1').one()
  22. Project list export in Overview

    I'm afraid that the Overview pages does not yet support export of excel/csv. It would however be possible to write an action to this. We have just created a new public repository where we will share examples, you can find one here already that creates a PDF report:
  23. Query overall project status

    Computing aggregations (% complete) are not yet available through the API but it is something that we are considering and will most likely implement this eventually. You could of course fetch all tasks and compute it manually, but that would probably not perform well and I'd avoid that for anything that will be re-fetched often.
  24. My tasks | Lead designed page views

    Hi welcome to the forums and thank you for the feedback! We're working on a feature to allow you to share views with a group of users. They do not show up on the Users My Task page, but should make it easier to find views from inside a project.
  25. How to make publish look like published by another user?

    When you create the AssetVersion from the API you should be able to set the 'user_id' to another user: version = session.create('AssetVersion', {'asset_id': asset_id, 'user_id': another_user_id})