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  1. Hi! I agree and can see that this is confusing. We will look into clarifying what is happening; for larger projects the bid, worked, +/-, status progress and other columns are not actually loaded until you expand something. This is for performance reasons but does also impact the summaries. We will see if we can make this clear and show something else instead of "0.0".
  2. Hi and thank you all for your feedback. We understand the motivation for validating input and will take this into consideration for future development. As I understand it and what I've heard from other customers is that the project code, but also shot / asset / task names should be validated. A suggestion in the first post is to have a regexp to control this, what do you think about this? Would that be enough for your use-cases? Thank you for highlighting this. The ftrack.validate event is deprecated and we will make sure to remove it from the documentation.
  3. Hi Remus, as of now it is not possible to do this but using the API and event listeners you could achieve a workaround to achieve what you are looking for. E.g. listening to ftrack.update events for when a new asset is published and sending a Message to the supervisor. The message can pop up in the Inbox or sent as a mail. Let me know if you want to work in this direction and if I can help you more
  4. No updates as of now - as an additional workaround, have you looked into writing a message (note without parent) to the user? This should trigger a notification note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'hey', 'user_id': author_user_id}) sesssion.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': note['id'], 'resource_id': target_user_id }) session.commit()
  5. Hi Patrick, There is no convenience method for this in the new api but you should be able achieve the same by a naive: session.query('TypedContext where name is foo and parent.name is bar and parent.parent.name is baz')
  6. Hi John Su and welcome to the forums. An asset version (AssetVersion in the API) is a bundle of files that are incrementally versioned (1, 2, 3) et.c. An example of an asset could be a Car model with versions 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each of the versions can contain a number of different files (called components in ftrack) for different LOD levels or for previewing the model. Asset (name: Car model, type: Model) -> AssetVersion (version: 1) -> AssetVersion (version: 2) -> AssetVersion (version: 3) -> AssetVersion (version: 4) If the model is to be re-used across multiple shots, he would likely publish this under an "Asset build" in ftrack. An "Asset build" in this case is a folder like object in ftrack (same as Shot, Sequence etc.). If there are multiple Assets that makes up the Asset build (Shaders, Rigs etc.) they would be published as Assets as well. Then later when production has started, an animator picks up and import the latest Car model Asset into his scene, does his magic and publish an animation asset to his shot. This is a new Asset with a separate stream of versions: Asset (name: Crashing car, type: Animation) -> AssetVersion (version: 1) -> AssetVersion (version: 2)
  7. Not planned at the moment but something that might be considered for the future. There is a difference between these types of events, as "ftrack.update" is emitted from the server - where as ftrack.action comes from a user's web browser / similar.
  8. Thanks but I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure I follow this, is it a task or a shot that you would open in the sidebar? I understand it as you: 1. Open an entity (Shot, Sequence?) in the sidebar and look at the versions tab. 2. From the versions tab you want to only see the latest version per task - so if there are multiple assets you would only see 1, which is the latest.
  9. We will look at clarifying the documentation. For the widget as it is on a "Custom dashboard" there are some options to customise it, for the My tasks it is not. I can mention that it is possible in +4.0 to create a Cross-project view looking at Milestones from "Overview" - there you should have options to filter and change what type of attributes you look at.
  10. Hi Jex, from System settings you are able to create custom attributes that are available on all projects. And you can also create an enumerator type of attribute to represent "Reuse, partialReuse, new"
  11. Thank you for reaching out Tilt, one thing to help us debug this is if you could wrap you problematic statements in a try-except block and print some variables. I'd like to understand if this is a problem in the api client, backend or something related to the Shot/AssetVersion configuration: try: ... except: print asset_version['link'] # Or print shot['link'] or others raise When you know the entity you could re-run the action to see if you got the same issue. And then work backwards from that. Another idea is to see what happens if you run the action on a Shot that has not been saved in your Tasks spreadsheet.
  12. Hi Remus, from the web interface the "Latest version" box is the closest that you can get. Or simply sort on the "Published" column in the Sidebar Versions tab and look at the top one
  13. Remus, no checklist/todos has been implemented - the closes thing is what you've found regarding note completion. But this more related to feedback and seeing if it has been addressed or not
  14. Hi Peter, I'm afraid it is not possible to set the custom attribute to mandatory. But I think it makes sense and will raise it as a feature request with the team
  15. Hi, this looks like a bug and I will raise it with the team. Thanks for reporting!
  16. Hi Kim-a, Could you provide a minimal, self-contained script that I can run to reproduce this issue? As small as possible
  17. Hi Remus, No updates for batch handling of Lists I'm afraid. For review sessions we are working on new management UI components that will be part of the Review product and will later transition into the Studio version. When you say playlist here, is that a List or a Client review session?
  18. Hi, With the code you have there you are only removing the component file from the server location. Instead, try to remove the component itself: session.delete(component) session.commit()
  19. Hi Lukas, if you are running an hosted instance of ftrack it is usually in UTC. You can get it like this: datetime.datetime.utcnow()
  20. Hi Justin, Do you want to retrieve both the shot and the list in the same query? But nothing else from the collections - i.e. not all entries in the list and not all lists). Unfortunately I'm not sure this can be done with less than two queries.
  21. Yes, we plan to upgrade to MariaDB 10.X but I do not have any dates on this yet. The JSON functionality is interesting and something to consider
  22. Hi and welcome to the forums! It is a good idea and something to consider for the future - I will raise this feature request with the team
  23. Hi Mitch, this is correct - completed_by_id and completed_at should do it!
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