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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, i was wondering what assigning a user group to a object actually does? I don't see any connect functionality. Documentation only says it's possible but not what it does: ftrack documentation Btw. Our Producer all thought that this would assign all the task inside the object to all the users in the group or make the task available to them and they can select task from the object themselves and i actually think that's a good idea?! Regards Dennis
  2. Joh

    Text formating in notes

    I use the notes function on 'tasks' ALL the time, to give feedback on shots, but they are usually extensive (so maybe 5 notes rather than 1). I want them spaced out on separate lines to make them easier to digest. I find it frustrating already that just pressing 'return' to start a new line doesn't translate and will mean when viewing the note the text is just a solid block. So I have been using bullet points (list items) anytime I want to start a new line. This is largely fine but sometimes I don't want the note to be a list item. but also, the bullet points don't always work, sometimes they view as bullet points, sometimes it just displays it as a block of text with hyphens thrown in there. I've tried experimenting with things that might be causing this but cannot find a pattern. is there something that I'm missing or doing wrong? Why is the way the text displays so inconsistent?
  3. Hello, i was wondering if there is an easy way to move the media versions from one task to another, without the need to download it and upload it again in the correct task folder.
  4. Hi, I'm searching a way to update Task status when launching a particular action. (the Action launches After Effects, and I want the task's status to be updated from Not Started to In Progress) I tried : task.setStatus("In Progress") >>>> AttributeError: 'Task' object has no attribute 'setStatus' I tried : task['status']['name'] = "In Progress" => it changes the name of the status in the UI. And I have to go to the system settings / statuses to revert this. I understand I change the display name of the status object itself, and not the status / state of the task. I tried : status = session.query('Status').all() my_task['status'] = status[8] session.commit() I wanted to set the status attribute with a Status Object, but... >>>> ftrack_api.exception.ServerError: Server reported error: PermissionError(Permission denied: not allowed to 'update' 'StatusType'. Operation 'update' can never be done on 'StatusType'.) I'm sure (actually I hope...) I'm missing something trivial... Any help appreciated ^^ Thanks.
  5. I'm writing an action script that get as input all tasks whose parent(Asset Build) have a specific value in a custom attribute. Ideally, the right value of the custom attribute would be found in the Filter button/option from the site. The first problem is that i want to be able to query all tasks that have the right filter value using the API's expression language. Something like this: filtered_value = ??? #somehow get the filter from the site list_of_tasks = session.query('Task where parent.custom_attributes.my_custom_attr is {0}'.format(filtered_value)).all() The second problem is that the custom attribute is actually a list so in the query expression i need to be able to do something like this: list_of_filtered_values = ??? #somehow get the filters from the site for value in list_of_filtered_values: #get all tasks that have the value in the custom attribute list. list_of_tasks = session.query('Task where {0} in parent.custom_attributes.my_custom_attr'.format(value)).all() #Do stuff As of right now i'm having to query all task from the project and check which ones have the right value(i get the value from the task where the action was triggered) and then apply my action with it. It's a very inefficient approach since the project has lots of tasks(and it will have more in the future) and Python is not very fast at looping around huge lists. My code right now looks like this: right_value = entity.get("my_custom_attr") tasks = session.query('Task where is "Asset Build" and is "my_project"').all() for task in tasks: if episode not in task["parent"]["custom_attributes"]['my_custom_attr']: continue else: #do_stuff Is there a better solution? Thanks!
  6. If the task type is the default one, the name of the task is always taskname. By creating the new task (If the task is the default one) the name is not automatically changing like the other tasks. It is showing up as "taskname".
  7. Hi I'm wondering how to create the tasks from a task template, through the API. I can't figure out how to access them. I was following the following doc: but it doesn't show how to create from task template. The task template would appear to be a child of the schema if the interface is anything to go by, but there doesn't seem to be anything in the items of the schema object, or a dedicated function. I did see there was a "_task_workflow" is that what I want, I presume not as its marked as private. Also according to the API, the "get_types" only require one arg called schema, its not clear whats wanted here. As the object its self is supposed to represent the schema. Looking at your example code though you have passed a string called "Task". How do I know what options I can pass here? thanks Phil
  8. Hello Ftrack Community, - Let's say I have an Asset Build Folder for Character 1. - Inside it I have a task Modeling. - When I upload a new version of the task Modeling, I would like that the version's thumbnail replace the thumbnail of the task (Modeling) and the root folder (Character 1). Is there a way to allow Ftrack to do this automaticaly?
  9. We would like to extend the selected task darkened bar to the Schedule Gant View. This would allow us to more easily see the selected task in complex Gant views.
  10. We would like to have the ability to turn snapping on and off in the Schedule Gant view when moving or creating a task. We would like to snap to the end ,or beginning of a task and we would like to snap to a user defined time segment like day, half-day, hour, beginning of week. This would help set up complex sets of tasks. Cheers Eric
  11. We would like to request the ability to double click, or right a click task in the Schedule Gant to enter task time manually. Currently you have to try and pull the handle and it is difficult to get exactly the amount of time you want.
  12. Hi all, Hey this is my first post to the forum. Thank you for your support When I copy and paste a folder of tasks and milestones the ordering is rearranged in the copied folder. I would expect that the order of tasks would remain the same. I am using Manual Sort feature. Cheers Eric
  13. Hi, I am trying to add a new task status called To be perfected, for tasks that, you've guessed it, could be perfected at the end of a project if we do have remaining time. I have created the status and ordered it correctly (see first attached image). I then added it to one of our schema, and it seems to be OK (see second attached image). But on one of the other schema, I can get this status to be at its supposed place. It always comes after the Completed status, (see third attached image). I have tried to remove those two status, then add them anew in the order I want them do display, but I can't get them right. Furthermore, when I change the status of a task of a project corresponding to the schema which seems to be OK, the status are indeed ordered the wrong way (see fourth attached image). And by the way, when adding status to a schema, they are always misplaced at first: it is necessary to save the tasks part of a schema and then open it again to see status behaving as they should. Should a report an issue on this?
  14. Hi, When in "planning" i setup a vacation for a team member I expect some kind of error when I'm trying to assign a task for him during his vacation. It's not happening right now. Best Kamil
  15. Trying to optimize views on Ftrack and avoid adding more attribute on the page, I was wondering if it was possible, for example, to visualize the person assigned to a task, while hovering my cursor on that task? But this could be useful for any attribute. Possible already? Or possible feature? Please help. Thanks.
  16. Hi ! I'm trying to assign user for a task with new API. I've found a tutorial from legacy API : currentUser = ftrack.User(getpass.getuser()) task.assignUser(currentUser) Can someone englighten me how to achieve this with new API ? Thanks in advance
  17. Currently, assets can be linked correctly only to Shots/AssetBuilds. If we link an asset to a task the components of the assetVersion are not resolved anymore.
  18. Hello F-track, there is any possibility to create a subtask of a task? For example we have many rigging/modelling/... tasks for a character: rigging - skin - bones - face - body .............. We would like to know what can be the best practice to do this. Thanks, Remus
  19. I want to get list of task that was changed in status or published during some period of time. There should be a function with input - start_date,end_date and output - List of Tasks
  20. I'm using the new API. With it, I'm trying to get the users assigned to a task when they are added or removed, but this is giving my trouble. First of all, the entity in the event I get has 'changes': None. So I can't get the user list from this like I normally would. The other thing I tried to do was query the Task and get its 'assignments'. This works the first time, but because of caching, it does not work anymore after that. Is there a way to temporarily ignore the cache similar to how someone would turn off auto_populating?
  21. I think splitting up the task visuals into meta and micro categories would be great and allow for as much organization (or as little) as each individual user would like. For example: Currently there's only support for "meta phases" such as In Progress, Pending Approval, and Approval to name a few. These meta phases are seen by everyone in a project and they're a great and simple indicator for where everyone is and where the project is heading. This is working great for other artists and especially producers. However, I'd like to have a little more visual progression for my own work so I can see at a glance where I am doing well time-wise and where I need to hustle. In Progress doesn't really tell me, or other people how close I am to finishing a task, so having something like a "micro phase slider" in the ftrack app and software plugin with color coded values ( 0%(red), 25%(blue), 50%(yellow), 75%(orange), and 100%(ftrack green)) would be really nice. Once the task gets to 100% it would automatically be put into the Pending Approval macro phase and alert the relevant artists/producers. From there it would be reviewed and Approved or sent back to In Progress for changes where the progress bar will be reset. Your own tasks would always have the micro phase sliders visible and you can toggle on/off other artists' micro phase sliders.
  22. If I'm in a project and looking at the team calendar, it would be great if I could click on the item in the calendar and interact with it like I would a normal task link in the shot/asset build view. So say I'm in the team calendar and I see that I have an animation shot to begin today, if I left click on the task it would bring up the details panel. If I right click on the task I'd get the right click menu options and so on. Example below:
  23. Hi! When a new ftrack task is created in maya (via API), it is not available in ftrackPublisher, if one of ftrack panels was opened before creating the task. Is there a way to can access it from ftrack publisher without opening maya again? Thanks! Regards, Laura
  24. Hi everybody, I'm currently looking for a way to track some processes via FTRACK that include handing over files from one department to another. Therefore we often have a series of tasks that look like the following example. Task 1: Make Animation Task 2: Bake Animation Task 3: Include baked animation into scene Now Task 2 can only be done after Task 1 has been completed and Task 3 requires Task 2 to be completed. To faciliate this process I'm looking for a way to kind of "link" tasks. In the best case in a way that you could see the previous, suceeding tasks in the "related tasks" and probably even set a fixed succession, so that task 2 can only be started after Task 1 has been completed and so on ... Unfortunately FTRACK will always show me ALL tasks of the same shot in "Related Tasks" and the only way I have found to "link" tasks is within the schedule (which is a feature we are hardly using) and this dependency doesn't show up in the Tasks Information window or anywhere. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? I would be very greatful Cheers, Lisa
  25. Hello, Shot/Sequence/Task info is desplied in groups ('More', 'Custom attributes', 'Custom Grups', ...). But unfortunately, the custom attributes from grups are displaied random. For example if you have a group called 'Timing' with 4 attributes: Frame start. Frame handles, Frame end, Duration it will display: Frame end Frame handles Frame start Duration It would be nice to have the custom attributes from custom groups displaied in a wanted order. Thanks, Remus