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  2. Hi, I just found the revoke user security role example of this page doesn't work (for version 4.6.15): http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/security_roles.html An error says the "revoke_user_security_role" is an invalid actionand not sure if the document gives a wrong command. Also, the "session.call" doesn't work too, I think it should be "session._call". Are these issues just document error or there's any API update after version 4.6 ?
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  4. Hi, We're a full CG studio with episodic work, and we currently use TypedContextLinks a lot, to link AssetsBuilds to Shots and Episodes which allows dynamic scene creation from ftrack info. Last week we started playing around with Custom Attribute Links and really like how searchable they are for the end user. I like it enough that, as I'm about to do a refactor on some core tools for an unrelated issue, I'm considering either linking to (or replacing outright) the TypedContextLink workflow we currently use. My worry is that I'm unsure how well it'll handle assets that end up with hundreds of links to shots over a production run. I'm curious if the speed will be similar to TypedContextLinks, as they seem somewhat related in how they work from the little that I've played with them. Do I have any real reason for concern over performance, or should I just go for it? Thanks! Mark
  5. Hi Peter, We have had a look at your logs and there seems to be a Houdini launcher created and should be available within ftrack: ftrack_application_launcer:log:970: DEBUG - MainThread - 2021-10-14 16:42:00,134 - 118 - ftrack_application_launcher.discover_applications.DiscoverApplications - Creating App launcher <label:Houdini|id:ftrack-connect-launch-houdini|variant:None> with priority 100 As there is py3 builds of Houdini, we are planning to have a rc4 with improved Houdini launch out within the next couple of days. I would suggest you try this out and then lets see if the problem persists, will reach out to you as soon as we have the release available at the forum. Cheers /Henrik
  6. Hi, What if I run a "session.encode_media()" command and not assign the encoded vidoe/image components to a asset version ? Are these components just pending on ftrack server ? or they'll be removed automatically (depend on whether have connection with any ftrack entity) ? If these components are just pending there, can I find and remove them ?
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  8. What version of connect are you using (1.1.2 or 2.0Rc ) ? - Image attached Are you launching the integration from within connect with a context (task) selected ? - Houdini isn't showing up either place; I just see the defaults (C4D, Ae, Ai, Ps, Pr) Is your version of houdini py2 or py3 ? - I'm using python 2 What os are you on ? (guess Windows) - Yes, Window's 10 Workstation Edition Can you please send console logs messages and ftrack logs ? - The Ftrack logs are attached; if you're asking about Houdini Console logs, there is no mention of ftrack (just my Arnold Renderer logs) Thanks for your help with this, and I really appreciate your quick response! Ftrack_Logs.zip
  9. Hi, I got some errors when running the examples provided by official tutor The first one is to append a reply to a note with this command: first_note_on_task.replies.append(reply) I got an error about "Note" object has no "replies" attribute. Another one is to create a note with label, a command likes this: note = task.create_note( 'New note with external category', author=user, labels=[label] ) An error it says "create_note()" got an unexpected keyword argument 'lables'. I wonder if version 4.6.15 has already supported both fucntions, or not ? One more question is about the comparison of Note's and "Lable" and "Category". They looks quite the same for me and wonder if there's any functional difference between them ? An example to demonstrate it would be very welcome. Thanks.
  10. Hi @Peter Arcara thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you have been having issues. Few questions for you to try to better help: What version of connect are you using (1.1.2 or 2.0Rc ) ? Are you launching the integration from within connect with a context (task) selected ? Is your version of houdini py2 or py3 ? What os are you on ? (guess Windows) Can you please send console logs messages and ftrack logs ? Looking forward hearing from you. L.
  11. I am so confused as to how to install the Houdini Connect Plugin. Here's where I am so far... I have ftrack Connect installed and running I downloaded and extracted "ftrack-connect-houdini-0.4.0" I copied this folder to "...AppData\Local\ftrack\ftrack-connect-plugins" I am not seeing any changes in ftrack Connect or in Houdini (18.5.696). What am I doing wrong? I feel like I need to change my .env file for Houdini to see the ftrack panels, but I don't know what variables I would set and where to point them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. New pipeline framework The new pipeline framework below is for the upcoming replacement for the legacy connector integrations. We're currently in heavy development so recommend it should not be used in production as breaking changes are coming. We're sharing these updates for developers to see the direction we're heading towards and the new approaches our integrations are taking. Please note, this codebase only works with Python 3 interpreter and supported applications. Core plugins These plugins are essential for the following integrations. ftrack-connect-pipeline-1.0.0rc2.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-qt-1.0.0rc2.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-definition-1.0.0rc2.zip Integrations: ftrack-connect-pipeline-maya-1.0.0-rc2.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-nuke-1.0.0-rc2.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-3dsmax-1.0.0-rc1.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-houdini-1.0.0-rc2.zip ftrack-connect-pipeline-unreal-engine-1.0.0-b2.zip Pre-compiled plugin for latest unreal, do not use the version available on the Unreal Marketplace. ftrackPlugin-U4.26.2-1.0.zip Documentation Please be sure to go through our docs if you have any doubt.
  13. Hi all, I'm happy to announce that this release marks the end of the private beta and start of the public beta for ftrack Connect as we get closer to the commercial release. Please keep the feedback coming, I go through every one. All of your feedback helps shape the direction and path towards the final release to ensure it's suits the needs of your production pipeline! ftrack Connect beta documentation can be accessed here What's new The package has been build using the latest cx_Freeze with Docker for Linux Centos 7 and 8 and Windows. The package include some previously missing modules such as html modules, needed to run location plugins such as ftrack-s3-accessor. ftrack Connect now won't error anymore under windows if you try to use command line. Note: on CMD and PowerShell you won't get any output, please use cygwin or git shell for that. application-launcher bumped to 1.0.1 to allow nukeX execution Note: ftrack-application-launcher comes as part of ftrack Connect. If you are running from sources you can install this pre built plugin if you prefer. connect has been updated to use the latest API 2.2.0 Integrations Cinema 4d integration have been updated to ensure to run on R23+ version. Cinema 4d includes now the plugin, you can simply make Cinema point the plugin path there! Legacy ftrack-connect-<integration> Won't be included anymore in the package, but will be available for download Framework integrations are not included yet as are going though a big rework on performance and UX. please follow this forum for more updates soon! Rv plugin 5.0 can be downloaded from here Download ftrack Connect 2.0.0 Rc3 Windows (re uploaded on 15/08/2021 due to corrupted upload) ftrack Connect 2.0.0 Rc3 OSX ftrack Connect 2.0.0 Rc3 Linux C7 ftrack Connect 2.0.0 Rc3 Linux C8 Documentation: ftrack Connect (package) ftrack application launcher ftrack connect cinema 4d RV Legacy Integrations download please note these integrations are limited to py2 supported interpreters, python3 won't work. ftrack-connect-maya [1.4.0] (<=2020) ftrack-connect-nuke [1.4.0] (<=12) ftrack-connect-houdini [0.4.0] (<=18) ftrack-connect-3dsmax [0.5.0] (<=2020) ftrack-connect-unity-engine [1.1.0] (<=4.25) ftrack-connect-unreal-engine [1.1.0] ) (<=2019) If your have issues or you want to report a bug: Write to support!
  14. @YuChenCustom AttributeLinks have been introduced in 4.8 , I'd suggest reaching out to our support to get more informations on how to upgrade. Hope it helps! L.
  15. You should now be in @molsontheory
  16. Hello, Can I get an invite to the ftrack Slack channel? mark@theorystudios.com Thank you!
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  18. Hi, I follow the example provided by tutorial document to create a CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration entity: shot_object_id = session.query('ObjectType where name is "shot"').one()['id'] sequence_object_id = session.query('ObjectType where name is "sequence"').one()['id'] session.create('CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration', { 'entity_type': 'task', 'object_type_id': sequence_object, 'entity_type_to': 'task', 'object_type_id_to': shot_object_id 'label': 'Master shot', 'key': 'master_shot', 'config': '{}', 'one_to_one': True, 'write_security_roles': [security_role], 'read_security_roles': [security_role] }) but got an error message: Entity type "CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration" not recognized. My ftrack is v.4.6.15. Does this version support "CustomAttributeLinkConfiguration" entity ?
  19. Hi, we are running ftrack 4.1.8 and after deleting versions of a project, the storage is still full, it has not even freed 1Byte. Is there any way to check that versions are indeed deleted from storage?
  20. So after some tryings, I got it to work, the problem wasn't in the discover method, i just forgot the of class when i copy paste from my base action
  21. it was something like this @Lorenzo Angeli def discover(self, session, entities, event): '''Return True if only one asset version is selected, else the action don't show up''' if len(entities) != 1: return False entity_type, entity_id = entities[0] if entity_type == 'AssetVersion': query = 'AssetVersion where id = {}'.format(entity_id) av = session.query(query).first() components = av['components'] for component in components: if component['name'] == 'main': return True return False
  22. Hi @Lorenzo Angeli Thanks, I was searching a way since this morrning and I found about variant just after posting on the forum^^
  23. Hi @Damien Keraudren if what you want is to visually collect similar actions behaviors, you can use the variant https://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040465-actions Hope it helps. L.
  24. Hi @Damien Keraudren you approach seems quite right to me. Would you mind sharing the discover method code so we can have a closer look ? Cheers. L.
  25. Hi, I want to show an action only if the asset have a specific component, I tried a for loop in the discover method returning True if a component name match the component i'm looking for, but it doesn't seems to work. Is this something possible and I'm doing it the wrong way or not possible at all ?
  26. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to organise actions inside folders or from an action launching a widget showing more actions. When you have 10+ actions on somes assets it's sometimes takes time to find the right one. For example instead of showing 5 action to play different components I have only one folder or action called play and when you click on it it's showing the action to play the component that you want
  27. Hi Nick, Could you send some example files to support@ftrack.com? We'll take a look and follow up there.
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