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  2. Multiple Storage Scenarios

    ok. we found it. The error was in an other class and hard to find..(ignored whitespace and indentation, which was ignored by the python interpreter). It looks like, that errors, when happening in custom accessors and or structures, arent addressed properly by error-debug-log.
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  5. ftrack Browser tabs

    +1 This would be an acceptable solution for my 7 consecutive projects and teams issue! Would still love to filter multiple projects/tasks in a dashboard though!
  6. Hi there! I have maybe a dumb question: I want to create a link to a specific file stored in ftrack server, and want to send this link to somebody from OUTSIDE of "ftrack universe". This guy does not have an ftrack account, does not know anything about ftrack, and I want it to stay that way. I just want to give him the ability to download specific file storred in ftrack server. It should be similar to sending someone a link to a file stored in google drive, when "sharing links" option is activated. Everybody who GETS the link - GETS the file. Without the need of loging in to google account, without the need of asking for access permission or something like that. JUST SIMPLE DOWNLOAD LINK Is it posiible somehow in ftrack? If so - could someone tell me how can I do that? Regards, MichaƂ
  7. Multi project functionality

    Was anything like this implemented? Im frequently working on several projects at any given time and managing separate teams across multiple disciplines means im forced to switch continually between job, sequence, view and filters. It gets messy quickly. - Could we have something under overview where we're able to view Projects&Tasks and filter by assignee, task, shot, etc? - Could we build a dashboard that can list tasks x3 from different projects?
  8. Hey guys, I have a couple of things that would really encourage my team to use the AE extension more efficiently! When I select a composition to Publish, it would be great if there were a search tool when selecting composition, render settings and output modules. Our facility creates content for complex video projections, so our AE projects sometimes have up to hundreds of necessary comps in them, making it an ordeal to find the right one in the list when an artist tries to publish something. Something to consider as well is the ability to select a specific item from the render queue, instead of being limited to the presets. For reasons too boring to explain here, we mostly use custom durations (not work area or length of comp) and there isn't a way to save specific durations as a preset (and it would be quite a pain to manage). Finally, is there a way to send to the ae render-engine when publishing via the plug-in? Right now, when you render a composition, it just ties up AE for the time that the render takes, making me unable to work on anything else, which is a bit counter-productive. thanks!
  9. ftrack Browser tabs

    +1 This will also be helpful for tracking the project inside ManicTime.
  10. image sequence workflow

    Hi! Ftrack newbie here, I've been lurking around the forums but can't seem to find any clear info about managing image sequences. Please redirect me if this topic has already been addressed. Since Adobe CC 2018 has dropped Quicktime Support, we've been rendering exclusively in image sequences and usually wait until final approval before encoding in QT using ffmpeg in the Powershell. I've read that Connect recognizes image sequences when the content of the folder is dropped in the publish tab. I've succeeded at uploading them but when I check them in the web player, I cannot play them.. the thumbnail is greyed out and it's written "not available". Same result when I use the extension for After Effects. (And anyways it hogs AE for the entire time that it takes to render out a sequence, but that's another issue). I'm guessing that most of you coming from the VFX world are also using image sequence workflows, so how are you guys uploading reviewable image sequences without encoding them to Quicktimes ??
  11. Multiple Storage Scenarios

    What we tried so far... We are getting this error: ftrack_connect.ui.widget.publisher.Publisher - ERROR - Failed to publish: Failed to transfer component <FileComponent(ccfee77a-266c-4248-9431-bc573e7cc3f4)> data to location <Location("Infected_custom_location", 96865d31-ddb8-4ef9-bbde-79fdc5a7e8dd)> due to error: 'Session' object has no attribute '__getitem__' Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [] Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_connect-1.1.3-py2.7.egg\ftrack_connect\ui\widget\", line 298, in _publish component, source=origin_location File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_python_api-1.4.0-py2.7.egg\ftrack_api\entity\", line 78, in add_component [component], sources=source, recursive=recursive File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_python_api-1.4.0-py2.7.egg\ftrack_api\entity\", line 211, in add_components transferred=transferred LocationError: Failed to transfer component <FileComponent(ccfee77a-266c-4248-9431-bc573e7cc3f4)> data to location <Location("Infected_custom_location", 96865d31-ddb8-4ef9-bbde-79fdc5a7e8dd)> due to error: 'Session' object has no attribute '__getitem__' Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [] 2018-08-09 13:23:25,811 - root - ERROR - Logging an uncaught exception Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_connect-1.1.3-py2.7.egg\ftrack_connect\", line 21, in exceptHookWrapper method(*args, **kwargs) File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_connect-1.1.3-py2.7.egg\ftrack_connect\ui\widget\", line 298, in _publish component, source=origin_location File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_python_api-1.4.0-py2.7.egg\ftrack_api\entity\", line 78, in add_component [component], sources=source, recursive=recursive File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\ftrack_python_api-1.4.0-py2.7.egg\ftrack_api\entity\", line 211, in add_components transferred=transferred LocationError: Failed to transfer component <FileComponent(ccfee77a-266c-4248-9431-bc573e7cc3f4)> data to location <Location("Infected_custom_location", 96865d31-ddb8-4ef9-bbde-79fdc5a7e8dd)> due to error: 'Session' object has no attribute '__getitem__' Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [] We setup a customized version of the, doing this: The listens to: session.event_hub.subscribe('', resolver.activate_storage_scenario) session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.api.session.configure-location', resolver.configure_location) session.event_hub.subscribe('topic=ftrack.location.request-resolve and source.user.username="{0}"'.format(session.api_user), resolver) in activate_storage_scenario we do the following: def activate_storage_scenario(self, event):'activate_storage_scenario was called...\n{0}'.format(event)) scenario_name = 'Infected_custom_storage_scenario' location = self.get_or_create_location() mount_points = {} mount_points['windows'] = '\\\\infsan\\FTrack' mount_points['osx'] = '/Volumes/FTrack' mount_points['linux'] = '/mnt/FTrack' setting_value = json.dumps({ 'scenario': scenario_name, 'data': { 'location_id': location['id'], 'location_name': location['name'], 'accessor': { 'mount_points': { 'linux': mount_points['linux'], 'osx': mount_points['osx'], 'windows': mount_points['windows'] } } } }) self.storage_scenario['value'] = setting_value self.session.commit() # Broadcast an event that storage scenario has been configured. self.session.event_hub.publish(ftrack_api.event.base.Event(topic=''))'activate_storage_scenario - done. ') This is essentially a copy of the code from "" from the ftrack_api, but changed to our needs (is ths propably the cause for the error?) configure_location does this: def configure_location(self, event): # location = event['data']['session'].query('Location where name is "studio.central-storage-location"').one() # location = event['data']['session'].query('Location where name is "Infected_custom_location"').one() location = self.get_or_create_location() location.structure = InfectedStructure.Structure.InfectedStructure(session=event['data']['session']) location.accessor = ftrack_api.accessor.disk.DiskAccessor(prefix='') location.priority = 0'configure_location - done. ') When the Resolver gets called, it executes this: def __call__(self, event): self.session.reset()'Resolver got called with event: {0}'.format(event)) #event['data']['locationName'] = 'Infected_custom_location' # override location name... location_name = event['data'].get('locationName') component_id = event['data']['componentId'] location = None if location_name is None: component = self.session.get('Component', component_id)'component keys: {0}'.format(component.keys())) location = self.session.pick_location(component) self.logger.error( u'No location name given, picked location {0!r} for {1!r}.'.format( location, component ) ) if location is None: self.logger.error(u'Location cannot be found') return location_name = location['name'] if not self.filter_locations(location_name): self.logger.error( u'Skipping resolve for location {0}.'.format( location_name ) ) return if location is None: location = self.session.query( 'Location where name is "{0}"'.format( location_name ) ).one() if not location.accessor: self.logger.error(u'Skipping resolve for location without accessor: {0!r}.'.format( location ) ) return component = self.session.get('Component', component_id) resource_identifier = location.get_resource_identifier(component) path = None try: project = self.getProjectFromComponent(component) if not project:'no project found to load location_mapping') return'PROJECT_Location: {0}'.format(project['custom_attributes']['PROJECT_Location'][0])) location.accessor.prefix = location.structure.location_mapping[project['custom_attributes']['PROJECT_Location'][0]] path = location.accessor.get_filesystem_path(resource_identifier) except ftrack_api.exception.AccessorUnsupportedOperationError: try: path = location.accessor.get_url(resource_identifier) except ftrack_api.exception.AccessorUnsupportedOperationError: self.logger.error(u'Unable to get URL from accessor. Unsupported operation') pass if path is None: raise ValueError(u'Could not resolve {0!r} and {1!r} to a file system path or URL.'.format( component, location ) ) self.logger.error(u'Could not resolve {0!r} and {1!r} to a file system path or URL.'.format( component, location ))'Successfully resolved {0!r}.'.format(path)) return dict(path=path) and finally get_or_create_location does this: def get_or_create_location(self): location = self.session.ensure('Location', { 'name': 'Infected_custom_location', 'label': 'Infected_custom_location_label', 'description': ('Infected_custom_location_description') }) return location I hope this is all information regarding the error above. If anybody has an idea, some insights or has seen this before -> let us know. Until then, we're trying to get our head around this... Thanks Tim
  12. Pop up notifications Looks like Chrome will block pop ups/notifications that are unless they use https secure certificates
  13. Would it be possible to enable the assignment of Custom objects to individuals and not only groups. The best of both world would be to have the possibility of assigning the custom objects to groups and individuals. Cheers!
  14. 2.0.0c1

    Hi Niels, Thanks for testing and sorry to hear you have been having problems. we have just released an updated version (RC1) of the plugin with many updates and changes. Please give it a go and let us know!
  15. Multiple Storage Scenarios

    Hey there again, its been a while since my last post.. We currently exploring, whats the best way to tell a project, thats all its files, components, asset versions are now stored somewhere else. The background for this is, that we want to be able to move a project after its creation. For this we could listen to "ftrack.api.session.configure-location" and configure a custom location. But how can access the storage scenario to setup new mount-points? Is it even possible to set the storage scenario via ftrack_api? thanks in advance Tim
  16. Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs

    About a year ago we took the decision to migrate the ftrack documentation from RTD to a new platform (Intercom). The reason for the transition is to improve the documentation, by making it easier and quicker to write and maintain. We are aware of the limitations that you have mentioned in this thread. We still hope that the platform provider will add features and address some of these concerns (we are in contact with them). To our disappointment not much has happened and we are evaluating our options moving forward. As for the release notes this help page should be the one to refer to:
  17. Automatic asset listing in an episode

    Hello everyone, After some days of R&D on Shotgun, I decided to try Ftrack. The interface is much easier to learn and the global visualization way clearer but I'm stucked for some details. My main question is : after creating a project within it 2 hierarchys following : 1) TEST_002_PROJET (Project) / EPISODES (Folder) / EPISODE_001 (Episode) / SHOT_001 (Shot) / Different tasks for layout, rendering, animation, etc... 2) TEST_002_PROJET (Project) / CHARACTERS (Folder) / CHARACTER_001 (Asset Build Character) / Different tasks for modeling, rigging, etc... Is it possible to link, in this type of hierarchy, an asset to several shots ? In my example, my (Asset Build) Character is present in the first shot of the episode and I want to automatically link it to the whole hierarchy (in order to see the asset in the episode). My goal is to get a complete list of every asset present in an episode with this automatic linking (because assigning every asset to every shot, sequence, episode, etc... manually is time consuming). Regards,
  18. 2.0.0RC1

    Download 2.0.0RC1 Requirements: Centralised storage scenario or a custom location available and working. What to expect to work: Create project structure on selected server project Note this has been changed from previous versions! Validate against selected project schema Create extra tasks on clips through tags dropping Publish to given selected task Customise asset name to publish to Customise asset type to publish to Rendered Plates (Shot Exporter) Rendered Audio (Shot Exporter) Rendered Quicktime (Shot Exporter) Upload for review on server Generate and upload Thumbnail (Shot Exporter) Publish EDL (Timeline exporter) Rebuild tracks from server Allows versioning of rebuilt tracks Reintroduce and expand the clip template parser Simplify the path management New ftrack style icons. Aim for Testing: Nuke Studio / Hiero versions : 9.X , 10.X , 11.X External Frame server Project creation Task Creation Track rebuild Versioning Known issues and limitations: Tasks and processors are not yet customisable. ftrack task type and asset types are not yet customisable. Nuke export / Notes is not assetised. Note: Due to the continuous changes to the path management, using previously saved presets makes the integration break.
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  20. Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs

    Agreeing with this. Another thing broken in the new docs is that line breaks in code sections seem to be broken. e.g. Generally i found the old format to be more accessible to browse. And having the section headers (like "Managing a local installation" on the same level as its contents seems pretty confusing) Cheers, Thorsten
  21. 2.0.0c1

    Hi Lorenzo, Have been trying to test the new integration this morning but receive an Expected result, but no result was found in Hiero 11.2v1 when exporting the timeline or shots. I'm using track connect 1.1.4 on OS X 10.12.6. The Hiero Progress window in the background runs with all processes on 0%: Validating settings - Time to go: Awaiting Task. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.
  22. very simple Note-Todo upgrade, with powerful implications

    Strike through would be great - it is useful also for indicating outdated information without having to actually delete the information.
  23. Please bring back / keep updating the 'old' docs

    Now it seems like the release notes are no longer available in the old style docs either. Could you please bring back the olds docs as it seems the new docs are not getting updated with the required features.
  24. Images in session review

    Hi, The is what what we refer to as an event listener. An event listener is a small python script that can be used to subscribe to changes in ftrack and perform custom logic such as updating a status, starting a external process or triggering a user interface. Here are some useful resources for setting up an event listener: Developer hub with introduction to the API How to subscribe with the API Information about the update event Example event listeners An event listener can be deployed centrally on a server (typically separate from the local/on-prem ftrack installation), or the user's machine if it needs access to it. In this case, you will want to have one instance of the listener running centrally. You can run the event listener from the command line: python You can also register the event listener as a plugin. For more information, see the links above. You can use something like Supervisor or Monit to monitor and ensure the event listener is always running. Regards, Lucas
  25. Images in session review

    Hi Lucas, I got the file, please guide me how to deploy it. Ftrack is live now. I don't want to take a chance for downtime.
  26. How to query all priorities and set priority

    Thank you very much. that was easy I did not even think about the regular query to get them
  27. How to query all priorities and set priority

    Here's a quick snippet for you. import ftrack_api # Your info goes here session = ftrack_api.Session( server_url='', api_key='11111111-22222-33333-44444-5555555555555555', api_user='yourusername' ) # Queries all priorities (so you can know their names/values/id etc) priorities = session.query('Priority').all() for p in priorities: print p.keys() # Queries a priority by name priority_name = 'Extreme' # 'Low, Medium, High' priority_extreme = session.query('Priority where name is "{}"'.format(priority_name)).one() # Queries a task/entity ftrack_task_id = 'a2db5442-8c56-11e8-83ac-0cc47adee6c0' ftrack_entity = session.query('Task where id is "{}"'.format(ftrack_task_id)).one() # Set's the priority ftrack_entity['priority'] = priority_extreme # Commits the changes session.commit()
  28. Hey, I need to query all priorities and also set the priority of entities. sth. like thsi maybe: priorities = session.get_priorities() ? entity["priority"] = priorities[0] Best Lukas
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