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  2. Allow production to manage user roles

    Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for the update. What do you think it would be a quick workaround at the moment?
  3. Allow production to manage user roles

    Hi Remus, This is something that is quite high up on our radar and something that we want to do. We've considered it as part of a revamp of the "Team" page in ftrack - to let the user configure what security roles a user should have. It would be possible to do custom event listener / action for this (possibly triggered) but will of course require some work to get it efficient for the user.
  4. Accessing Activities for an Object

    This should help you get all events from e.g. a task: session.query('Event where parent_id is "{0}"'.format(task['id'])).all()
  5. API: ServerError/AssertionError when committing

    Could you submit a minimal, complete and verifiable script to help us reproduce the issue?
  6. Search in ftrack by username

    Is this the global search in ftrack?
  7. sync not triggered when user is added to project user group

    Is this the ftrack.update event not being emitted? Not sure I fully understand this. Could you give an example to explain the issue more?
  8. Hi, I created some some costum attributes for a project (in this case of type boolean and text) and tried to set the values via the API, but when committing, I get the message: ftrack_api.exception.ServerError: Server reported error: AssertionError(Dependency rule tried to blank-out primary key column 'variable_value.entityid' on instance '<Variable_Value at 0x7f8e362ffe90>') But once I changed the values via the WebUI, then everything works also via the API from this time on. But only for this specific Shot. I already had this problem earlier, but it has disappeared for any reason. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks Christian
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  10. Accessing Activities for an Object

    Hey, I am having some trouble accessing activities for a given object. I am hoping to retrieve the time an object changed status, and can successfully retrieve the task that I wish to check, but cannot find how to get the activity log for this object. Is there something obvious I am missing?
  11. We would like to search in Ftrack by user name, not full name. Is this possible? Best, Luigi
  12. We're delighted to announce we have expanded support to Asia-Pacific with new hires in sales and customer support in China. “Over the last year demand in ftrack has rapidly increased in the Asian markets,” says Fredrik Limsater, CEO of ftrack. “With local presence in China, we extend our much-loved support to the ever-increasing demand in this region. I am excited that we offer dedicated support in China and we expect the team to grow further in the near future.” Nikk Mitchell, originally from Canada and now based in Hangzhou joins ftrack as a Sales Representative and has extensive experience in virtual reality and video game production. “We’ve had fantastic response from local creative studios by introducing ftrack to their pipeline,” says Nikk Mitchell. “Having lived in China for ten years and worked in VR for five years, I hope to add a friendly face to support ftrack’s growth in China.” Eddie Wang joins the Customer Support team bringing with him a background in customer services and information systems. “Everyone at ftrack has been really inviting and friendly. I’m looking forward to help studios improve their production tracking with ftrack.” Both Eddie and Nikk are bilingual in Chinese and English and are located in Hangzhou, China.
  13. Hi all, we would like to give production the ability to manage the roles of the user without accessing the Ftrack System settings. From our perspective, one way to do it is to add in the right-click menu a sub-menu "Roles" like the "Managers" one. Or adding the roles to the user from the user Profile. Or to emit an event when a manager type is added to a user. In this way we can match the "Managers" types with the "Roles" types and do it through an action. ( @Luigi already started a discussion abut this here Thanks for your support!
  14. When a team member is added to a project in ftrack and it is not added to the global project team space but to a subgroup, the sync to our DB is not trigged and user does not show up there. Also although the user shows up in the global team member space it can not be removed from there. It needs to be removed from the group it was originally added to it.
  15. No event when assigning a manager type to a user

    We have a longterm plan of refreshing the events system but I do not have any dates for this yet I'm afraid
  16. Last week
  17. How much time will it take for you to implement the events there too?
  18. Accessing Task Template

    I see, so the issue is that the version of ftrack you have does not support task templates through the api: If you email with your company information we can see if we can get you upgrade before the scheduled window. Make sure to add this forum post as a reference.
  19. Accessing Task Template

  20. No event when assigning a manager type to a user

    Hi Luigi, I'm afraid not. Not all actions in ftrack generates events at this point
  21. Accessing Task Template

    Thanks but I mean the version of your ftrack service, you can find this under System Settings > About. Cheers
  22. Filtering in Query and in the overview

    Hi Luigi, When filtering based on the asset type name on the versions page you would have to use ie: = "Camera" cheers Eric
  23. Thanks for the response. It worked perfectly. If I'm in the Task view I can Query in Query (task): != 'Animation' If I'm in the Version view I can not filter out a specific Asset type (version): Camera, Image or Plate e.g. != 'Upload' No attribute u'type' exists for schema u'AssetVersion'
  24. Hi Mattias, Thank you for taking a moment to respond. As a studio, we are trying to use colour of status or task type to identify block bookings on the schedule. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome since you are in the process of this function! Thanks again.
  25. Is there a way to create an event to assign a manager type to a user?
  26. Accessing Task Template

    The one that comes with the lastest version of ftrack connect.(3.3.11+)
  27. Status / Type Overlay Colours in Overview / Project View

    Hi Alex and welcome to the forums! Could you elaborate a little on your question? If the question is about us supporting "Status / Type Overlay Colours in Overview", I can confirm that this is currently high on our priority list but we haven't started implementation yet.
  28. Accessing Task Template

    Which version of ftrack are you currently on?
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