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  2. Outgoing_links in tasks not adding up

    I'm writing an event handler to perform actions on tasks that are linked from a task through outgoing links. However, I never see anything in the outgoing_links collection for a task. The task that is linked does see the same link in the incoming_links collection. Using the sample project, I created an outgoing link from "Research & Design" to "Documentation" and can see it as outgoing in R&D and incoming in Documentation. In my event handler for the "task" event, I have this: # this is running inside a callback - session is the current session, entity is a single entity task = session.get("Task",entity["entityId"]) print task["name"],task print "outgoing links:" for link in task["outgoing_links"]: print "out",link["from"],link["to"] print "incoming links:" for link in task["incoming_links"]: print "in",link["from"],link["to"] This yields the following when changing statuses on the two tasks: Research & Design <Task(31d2294c-6355-11e5-a7c9-42010af0e994)> outgoing links: incoming links: Documentation <Task(8cdb95e0-6359-11e5-bb0d-42010af0e994)> outgoing links: incoming links: in <Task(31d2294c-6355-11e5-a7c9-42010af0e994)> <Task(8cdb95e0-6359-11e5-bb0d-42010af0e994)> So at least the other task knows about the link, and the IDs match, but the same link isn't visible on the other end. Is there a different way to query outgoing links from a task? [edit] I'm running the ftrack instance on-premise and it is version
  3. Reports filtering with disabled users is not working

    We just fixed this in the Time tracking report and it should be available in the next maintenance release
  4. Issues with fetching the data in Ftrack web interface

    We've just reviewed this issue and will release it in an upcoming maintenance release
  5. time tracking: set defult start time when enter 9h

    Are you able to reproduce it?
  6. Disable track time on milestones option

    Thanks Mattias for your suggestion. We will try that as a workaround. It would be great in the feature to be able to enable / disable time tracking per entity.
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  8. CSV Import Sort Criteria

    Hello, I am trying to understand what the criteria is for sorting tasks from a CSV import. I have tried several combinations starting each task object with numbers 1-14 ( example attached ), as well as A-7. The map data screen shows the task order correctly ( attached ), but the Import Summary view re-arranges the tasks into a seemingly random order regardless of the task object prefix. Can someone please explain how ftrack sorts CSV task object types?
  9. Hi! The main image format we use on our projects is the exr (as a lot of other studios I believe). We also sometimes use tga files too. Unfortunately, it seems that those formats are not compatibles with Ftrack : they have no thumbnails, and they are not playable in reviews. According to this thread and the documentation, the only supported file format are .png and .jpg. Do you think the support of other image format - especially those that are widely used in the industry - could be added to the upcoming functionalities? Thanks!
  10. Task View and Custom Attribute question

    Not currently part of the roadmap but we have been discussing it internally
  11. time tracking: set defult start time when enter 9h

    Is this when you add it from the Timesheet interface?
  12. Disable track time on milestones option

    A possible solution is of course to add an event listener and display an action interface message to the user. You could also remove the time log in the same event callback
  13. Disable track time on milestones option

    Hi Remus, it is currently not possible to disable that but I will raise the issue with the team.
  14. Update custom attribute via JavaScript Api

    Hi Paul and welcome to the forums. This is an example of how to se the ContextCustomAttributeValue, the first id in the entity_key is the custom attribute configuration id, the second one is the project id. {"action": "update", "entity_data": {"__entity_type__": "ContextCustomAttributeValue", "value": "31"}, "entity_key": ["d25219d6-acb5-11e1-8668-f23c91df1211", "32580850-64a2-11e7-a4bd-0a580ae40187"], "entity_type": "ContextCustomAttributeValue"}
  15. Hierarchical Custom Attribute Change Event

    The issue with update events on hierarchical custom attributes should be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release (scheduled for 3.5.25)
  16. Hi, when I enter 9h in the time tracking it starts tracking the time from 00:00am. Is it possible to set a default start time when I enter Xh format? Ex defult start tracking time from: 10:00am
  17. Asset dependency graph

    Hi, did anybody so far create an action which creates a dependency graph of the connected assets? We started tracking every version in Ftrack and link the versions between them. Sometimes we can reach more than 10 layers. It's nice that we can view the links in Ftrack, but adding them in a graph would look nicer.
  18. Hi, is it possible to disable the possibility of tracking time on milestones? Artists do this mistake and track time on milestones.
  19. dynamic enumerator and current selection

    ah.. ok thats good to know! I'm glad, this work around does the trick. thank you.
  20. Update custom attribute via JavaScript Api

    Hi, I would like to update the value of a project's custom attribute via the javascript api. Is that even possible in v.0.4.5? Since the ContextCustomAttributeValue does not have an own id (at least none is provided when fetching the custom_attributes as a relation of a project), I cannot find a way to specify the (entity-) key argument in the session.update('ContextCustomAttributeValue', [key], data) function. Or can the key argument array hold multiple values to specify the exact ContextCustomAttributeValue (like entity_id of the project and the key of the custom_attribute)? I tried some things there to no avail. Or is that just the wrong approach? Thanks in advance, Paul
  21. Hierarchical Custom Attribute Change Event

    any news on this? we also would like to use this functionality A question that is very close to this: We have multiple multi-selection, hierarchical custom attributes. One of them triggers ftrack.update when changing its values (and clicking somewhere outside), the others don't!?!? Can anybody explain this? This is confusing. Thanks in advance Tim
  22. dynamic enumerator and current selection

    Hi Tim, Sorry for the confusion on this - you're correct, the id is wrong when accessed from the sidebar. To work around this you can do the following: if '_' in entityId realId, junk = entityId.split('_') As for the entityType - this is old style entity type from the backend. Instead of using 'task' you would want to use 'TypedContext' on the session: session.get('TypedContext', realId)
  23. Task View and Custom Attribute question

    Markdown support or support for picking foreground/background colors per row in Enumerators would be really handy. Is this something planned?
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  25. dynamic enumerator and current selection

    Additional information: We noticed, that the ids look different and we don't know why?? normal ids look like this: '75b59aae-e1bb-11e7-ad88-7ab7a47c9dda' while the one retrieved here looks something like this: '75b59aae-e1bb-11e7-ad88-7ab7a47c9dda_48' this '_48' breaks it! PLUS: The 'entityType' given in 'event['data']['recordData']['entity']['entityType']' is not starting with a Capital letter, which breaks it too! So if we remove the '_48' and use 'TypedContext' instead of the given type, we're able to query the object. Could anybody give us some more insight here? Thanks again
  26. dynamic enumerator and current selection

    Hey everybody, while setting up a dynamic-enumerator-action, we noticed, that the information on the currently selected element doesn't help to retrieve an actual object. We always get 'None' as a result. This is the event, that comes in: { "topic": "ftrack.dynamic-enumerator", "source": { "id": "c73c09beff154613ba61300782bb836e", "user": { "username": "TEdelmann", "id": "75b59aae-e1bb-11e7-ad88-7ab7a47c9dda" } }, "target": "", "data": { "attributeName": "Briefing_Workflows_00_Maya_Config", "sorters": [], "filters": [ { "disabled": "True", "property": "name", "root": "data", "initialConfig": { "disabled": "True", "property": "name", "root": "data", "id": "ft-dynamicenumerator-2000671-query-filter" }, "id": "ft-dynamicenumerator-2000671-query-filter" } ], "query": "", "groupers": [], "recordData": { "changes": {}, "entity": { "entityId": "883b74ea-132b-11e8-ae79-7ab7a47c9dda_15", "entityType": "task" } } }, "in_reply_to_event": "None", "id": "27304c3ea333491fa793b457e91f7966", "sent": "None" } As you can see, there is given an entity in 'recordData'. But for some reason, we can't query or get the actual object from it. This is what we tried so far.. obj_type = event['data']['recordData']['entity']['entityType'] obj_id = event['data']['recordData']['entity']['entityId'] # obj_id = event['source']['id'] # selected_object = self.session.get('TypedContext', obj_id) # selected_object = self.session.query('Task where id is "{0}"'.format(obj_id)).first() selected_object = self.session.query('{0} where id is "{1}"'.format(obj_type, obj_id)).first() selected_object is always None. any suggestions? How are we supposed to get the current selection, when reacting on 'topic=ftrack.dynamic-enumerator'? Alternatively, it would be very helpful, if the information on what is currently selected, coulde be retrieved in a general way (i.e. like session.getCurrentSelection()) thanks a lot in advance Tim
  27. ftrack Browser tabs

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