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  2. There's not an obvious (to me) way to override that, but if you used the legacy API to make your own TempData object, you can specify the expiry yourself. It sounds clunky, but you could duplicate a playlist created in the usual way, and make the copy long-lasting. I'll see whether STHLM has a better idea.
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  4. Understood. Is there any way we could modify the entry in the db and the purge process to make them last longer?
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  6. I have imported my CSV file and mapped my columns. When I continue to the next page, a server error occurs and the process won't complete. Why is this?
  7. As far as I know, the particular UI in your screenshot cannot be customized like that. To a large extent, you can get similar functionality in the Overview, using a cross-project view to show all the tasks to which you're assigned. That interface is built on our newer web framework and does allow showing certain attributes and complex filters. For customizing the status-column mapping on the Task board, see the entry in system settings detailed here: https://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040455-setting-up-task-boards
  8. I Ethan, I believe the underlying entry in the db lasts for ten minutes. There's a process which removes them after the expiry, but I don't know how often that runs.
  9. Hi All! When I log in as a user, I see what's in the PNG attached called "user_screen.png". (Which is the "my task view" ) I’m still confused how I modify what's shown on this screen? I'd like to show diff columns and for them to be able to group by task. I know how to create dashboards and views as my admin login, but I don't understand how to modify this view that all the users see when they log in? Also, when the users are using the task board to drag stuff to different status, is there a way to change the status options on that? For example, if I drag a task (as a user) from "not sta
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  11. Hello, I had a weird question, does anyone know how long the URL exists for the experimental player review session? The url's generate as https://url/player/tempdata/92b730e0-9946-11eb-b7f2-005056829324 Thanks, Ethan
  12. Any updates on this? We are hitting lots of issues with using ftrack in Houdini TOPs because of this.
  13. not a server change. The error message tells it as it is. Python2.7 support will be dropped in arrow. Arrow is a dependency of the ftrack api. The ftrack api also supports python3. You will either have to live with using older versions of arrow or update to python3.
  14. Good day Please help, something updated of server side (we have web based ftrack-studio) ?
  15. Hi there! I've noticed that via the api, you can create a subtask - a Task who's parent is another Task - but there's no way to do this through the UI. Is this something that will be added to the UI in the future (or am I missing it..)? Or this actually shouldn't be able to be done through the api? Thanks!
  16. Would love an invite! kristing@lumapictures.com
  17. Hi Toby, It's not quite a tutorial, but we've got a couple examples of other structures: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-recipes/src/master/python/events/customise_structure/ https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-recipes/src/master/python/plugins/template-structure/ There's not necessarily a ton to replace: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/src/master/source/ftrack_api/structure/standard.py
  18. please add me too! tobyangwin@bluepost.com.au
  19. Hi Lorenzo, I would definitely try doing this. Is there a tutorial on creating an ftrack structure plugin anywhere? Cheers, Toby
  20. Hi @Toby Angwin , Nuke studio currently requires a fully managed location in order to work. This because we want to have the files output fully handled from the Location and structure ftrack plugin. > We are using an un-managed storage scenario as we are starting to roll out ftrack across our facility and have an existing folder structure that can't easily be changed. We'll be looking on how we provide such a feature, but cannot provide an ETA atm. One option you could look into is to convert your folder structure into an ftrack structure plugin for your location. Hop
  21. Hi, We are using an un-managed storage scenario as we are starting to roll out ftrack across our facility and have an existing folder structure that can't easily be changed. We usually do a high volume of shots so I really want to be able to name shots and assign tasks from nuke studio. Now the day we had a support zoom with ftrack and changed from our testing centralised storage back to the automatic unmanaged storage, Nuke Studio seemed to work from connect and I was able to do what I want but now when I try to launch Nuke Studio from connect I get this error: "ftrack.unmanaged" is an i
  22. +1 for Flame Integration. I have 4 flame ops here complaining that I have nice integration in Nuke and they have to do everything manually ;)
  23. Hi Kristin, Thank you for the feedback! I will add this as a feature request for upcoming updates. Regards Simon
  24. 1. Is the previous bitbucket version of Flame plugin a good place to start to create inregration? 2. Is this available?
  25. Folks at my studio would prefer the below example to read 6:17pm - 7:17pm.
  26. Hiya! Currently adding a Task Column attribute to the Tasks tab only shows data on shot rows vs task rows. Example: on the Tasks tab, adding a Task Column for Composite type's status will only show data when viewing Hierarchy or Shots in shot rows. But it doesn't show anything for task rows or when viewing just Tasks. It'd be awesome if the task row had the task's parent shot's Composite task status. The end goal for us is to be able to be viewing Tasks, group by assignee, and view the parent shot's other task statuses via Task Columns in the same row.
  27. would be nice to have a docker that contains ftrack to test against as a repo coming from ftrack. I think all face the same problem, having a docker to run tests against the real (latest) webapp would be more than welcome.
  28. Hi Jen, Let me investigate this and get back to you when I have more information. Regards Simon
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