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  3. Hello, I know there's a beta version of Ftrack for Unity, I tried it but unfortunately doesn't work properly, it works by half only if I use "Python for unity" version 1.4.1, when a version 2.01 is available and more stable. When a new release of ftrack plugin for Unity will be available? Unfortunately I can't write in C so I have some difficult to make it work fine. Thanks in advance for your reply, Andrea
  4. Hello Steve and thank you for the answer. No, I saw this option in the preference pannel and desactivated it. But the problem remains 😕
  5. I'm just getting started with the API and wish to implement some actions. I would like to set up a test environment to write unit tests for these actions. Is there an existing docker image with ftrack server that can be used ? Any pointers appreciated.
  6. My python version and platform: v2.7.17:c2f86d86e6, win32 You right, i cant reproduce my issue with clean cases: list(concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(3).map(apply, [ftrack_api.Session] * 3)) nither: pip install git+ git+ PySide ftrack-python-legacy-api python -c "import ftrack_api, pyblish.api, ftrack_connect_pipeline.publish as p, ftrack_connect_pipeline, ftrack_connect_pipeline.application_plugin as g; from QtExt import QtWidgets;import urllib;import logging;logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO);G = type('G', (g.BaseApplicationPlugin, ), dict(get_plugin_information=lambda s: {}));a = QtWidgets.QApplication([]);d = {};exec(urllib.urlopen('').read(), d);g=G('68e9a0ac-355d-11ea-8ce6-000c29ff458b');import ftrack_connect_pipeline.shared_pyblish_plugins;ftrack_connect_pipeline.shared_pyblish_plugins.register(); pyblish.api.register_plugin(type('Y', (pyblish.api.ContextPlugin, ), dict(order=pyblish.api.CollectorOrder+0.01, process=lambda self, context:'Context',['ftrack_entity']['id'])))))); d['register'](g.api_session); g.register_assets();ftrack_connect_pipeline.register_plugin(g);p.Publish(g).open()" (that is a midnight fun). I will investigate my modifications to ftrack_connect_pipeline. My issue occur when user clicks on workflow, it is added to recent actions in async way that cause (with my modification) new session to be created, then pyblish cycle create session to renew current entity.
  7. I don't know that we document the link attribute specifically, though entity types are constructed dynamically in the Python client, and the full specifications are available as session.schemas. I've developed a few convenience methods for myself, but you can query this particular attribute type via: session.types['AssetVersion'].attributes.get('link').data_type It gets a little weird because what we actually send over the wire, the JSON response to a query, treats it as a list of dicts. Also, there's not a fixed representation of the link (or _link or _api_link) attr in the db, so you can't really inspect how exactly the link attribute looks, nor do you really need to. Using ancestors should give you the sort of control you want. Including because I found it interesting: session.query( 'AssetVersion where link like ' '"%9fb3ff08-5fe5-11ea-a722-42010af00017%660cb3f7-bd3c-4cea-9afe-f38e1fe835a1"' ).one()
  8. Do you have "Schedule task dates with time" enabled? If so, disabling that might help.
  9. Hi @Konstantin Maslyuk seems most of the time is spent on the json encoder, interesting. Can you provide what python version are you using and some code to replicate the profiling ? Thanks. L.
  10. Hi @John , if you want to remove the component and free up the space, you can use the <location>.remove_component(<component>) hope it helps. L.
  11. Hello, i have a case where two ftrack sessions initialized simultaneously from different threads, with overall time spent of 20 seconds, here is profiling result: 200561 function calls (158003 primitive calls) in 21.062 seconds Ordered by: cumulative time ncalls tottime percall cumtime percall filename:lineno(function) 1 0.000 0.000 20.759 20.759 c:\Users\kalem\OneDrive\Work\home\dev\test\monorepo\python\inhouse\ftrack\ 1 0.002 0.002 20.758 20.758 C:\Users\kalem\.virtualenvs\test\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\ 1 0.001 0.001 12.834 12.834 C:\Users\kalem\.virtualenvs\test\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\ 1 0.636 0.636 12.833 12.833 C:\Users\kalem\.virtualenvs\test\lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\ 5 0.000 0.000 12.202 2.440 c:\python27\lib\json\ 5 1.557 0.311 12.201 2.440 c:\python27\lib\json\ 24534 2.515 0.000 10.643 0.000 c:\python27\lib\json\ 26576/24534 2.605 0.000 8.129 0.000 c:\python27\lib\json\ 64684/24524 5.341 0.000 5.621 0.000 c:\python27\lib\json\
  12. RC6 is now available on pypi and can be installed with : pip install ftrack-python-api==2.0.0rc6 What this version fix or improve: Event server wait method will sometimes raise a connection error because of a race condition. Improve testing
  13. Hello, When I am scheduling my tasks using gantt tool, I would like to ensure Ftrack doesn't use funny decimals with the length like 2,04 days. I am sure there is an option for that but unfortunatly I didn't found it... Do you have any suggestion? Best regards.
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  15. Hi Steve, Thank you, this works! Is it documented somewhere? Are there any ways to see this actual data and its type? If this is a string, how does it look like? What if I want to search just for names of the links? For example, to find all the names equal to "Shots" but not to match "Other Shots". Thank you. Andriy
  16. Hi Eder, Is that the real path on your computer? Have you tried upgrading to something newer? To just hide the errors, I do something like this for another lib in my dev environment: For this module specifically: urllib3.disable_warnings() General warning suppression: import warnings warnings.simplefilter("ignore", urllib3.exceptions.InsecurePlatformWarning)
  17. Hi Andriy, The trouble is "link" is a string attribute so you need to use the like operator ( project_tasks = session.query('Task where link like "%{}%"'.format(project['id'])).all() Another option would be using the ancestors attribute like so: project = session.query('Project').first() proj_tasks = session.query('Task where ancestors any (id is "{0}") or project_id is "{0}"'.format(project['id'])).all()
  18. Is it possible to query the server asynchronously with the ability to cancel the (possibly) long-running query before it's done? Say I initiate a search but then the user corrects the query string and I want to be able to cancel the running query and restart the new search immediately. Thank you. Andriy
  19. Hi, I'd like to get the AssetVersion objects which belong to some TypedContext. The same way as the web interface shows the versions belonging to some tasks of a shot. When printing out the AssetVersion members, I see there's a list of "link" items with all the path entities up to the root project in the form of {"id", "type", "name"}. This looked very promising so I've created a query: query = "select id from AssetVersion where link any (id is {})".format(entity_id) But this returns an error: I tried a million of other variations but none of them worked either. Can you suggest soemthing? Thanks. Andriy
  20. Hello guys, I am starting to work with latest ftrack version with maya and windows. When I use ftrack_api in windows, everything is ok, but, when inside Maya, I get results, but also, lot of warnings, and I wonder if there is a way to fix them. Any query to ftrack results in these errors..
  21. Hi, could I get an invite too! Thanks!
  22. Joh

    Text formating in notes

    I use the notes function on 'tasks' ALL the time, to give feedback on shots, but they are usually extensive (so maybe 5 notes rather than 1). I want them spaced out on separate lines to make them easier to digest. I find it frustrating already that just pressing 'return' to start a new line doesn't translate and will mean when viewing the note the text is just a solid block. So I have been using bullet points (list items) anytime I want to start a new line. This is largely fine but sometimes I don't want the note to be a list item. but also, the bullet points don't always work, sometimes they view as bullet points, sometimes it just displays it as a block of text with hyphens thrown in there. I've tried experimenting with things that might be causing this but cannot find a pattern. is there something that I'm missing or doing wrong? Why is the way the text displays so inconsistent?
  23. Download new hook file. We've just updated the launcher (again) for Illustrator 2020 on OSX. Instructions for use are the same as the original post.
  24. Hey Smack, Is encode_media the only call that freezes up like that? What if you copy the file to the ftrack.server Location yourself? Also, consider something like what we do with Connect where we rely on the event system to handle submitting the encode_media call.
  25. Hello, I'm fairly new to working in the ftrack_api but thanks to the tutorials and forum posts I've been able to search the selected Read Node in Nuke and find whether it has been rendered into an mov. If so, it encodes the mov to the appropriate shot and task in ftrack. I'm wondering if anybody else here has gotten something similar to work, and if so have they made it work so that NUKE doesn't freeze up? I tried using threading.Thread(target=mysubmitfunction).start() and Nuke still freezes up. Thanks
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