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  2. Hi Jen, Sorry for the late reply. I will forward this to our development team to take a look at. Regards Simon
  3. Hi Jen, Sorry for the late reply. We do not have a system for sending errors to our devs but it's a good idea and we will research this further. Regards Simon
  4. Hi, This is on our radar and we are working on it. I can't give you and ETA but we are aware that this is a request. Regards Simon
  5. Last week
  6. Hi Jen, Sorry for the late reply. We are aware of the situation with the Centos project and the latest development with Centos 8.We support kubernetes, and will monitor the discussion in the industry, and continously update the documentation with our recommendations.Keep an eye on https://ftrack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001297457-On-prem for future updates. Regards Simon
  7. We tried a slightly different approach. Each project had a custom variable that dictated which software version it should be using. ie Maya: 2019, Nuke: 12.0v4 aso. And then in the discover function of each softwares action/launcher code it would only display the software versions that matched the project variable. Technically it worked great and each project only allowed corresponding versions of the software to launch, but because of the forced custom variable query per launcher it added an annoying delay every time a user pressed the action button and in the end we decided to di
  8. Earlier
  9. I recently came across the news that CentOS 8 is effectively being killed, so the last production release of CentOS will be CentOS 7. The end-of-life for CentOS 7 is 2024. I know that future versions of Ftrack will be distributed as Kubernetes Helm files. As a consequence of these changes to CentOS it's very likely that our studio will run Kubernetes on Ubuntu instead of CentOS. Will there be Ftrack documentation to support other OSes besides CentOS 7? Reference: https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/future-is-centos-stream/
  10. The docs for on-prem installation recommend using Sentry for error handling, so we've set that up for our studio. I've noticed that Sentry collects at least 3 or 4 errors every day but they are all related to internals of the Ftrack server so there's nothing here that we can really fix. Is there some system for sending these errors to Ftrack devs periodically?
  11. Hey Peter, What you're running in to is the fact that populate() constructs a query using that attribute string, and we don't support typecasting in a projection. see https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/src/23f582cd146e71f871ba8a17da30c0ad831de836/source/ftrack_api/session.py#lines-1070 We do support passing a list, tuple or QueryResult, so my workaround would be something like the populate line in this snippet. The rest is just included to set up my example / test. shot = session.query('select children from Shot where children is_not None').first() session.populate(shot[
  12. Hi, I've been trying to use casting with the `populate` command, but I can't find anything that works. Is it not supported or am I doing something wrong? >>> shot = session.get('Shot', shot_id) >>> session.populate(shot, 'children.status') ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError("Multiple schemas [u'Project', u'TypedContext'] found for relationship u'status'.") >>> session.populate(shot, 'children[Project].status') >>> session.populate(shot, 'children[TypedContext].status') ServerError: Server reported error: KeyError(u'children[Project]') >&
  13. I'm coming in 2 years late, but I was attempting to do this myself and found some info which might help others: If api_user == target_user, then target_user will never receive any notification. It can only be found in the sent items of author_user. The browser notification will always be from api_user. The note itself will correctly be from author_user.
  14. This is a fairly minor pain point but on our on-prem Ftrack instance we have LDAP logins enabled and since the login screen placeholder says "Username or Email" we've had a few users get confused when they try to use their email address to log in. We have our "Login attribute" in the LDAP settings set to `sAMAccountName` and I could set it to `mail` instead but then we'd have the same problem but in reverse. It would be nice to maybe have an 'alt login attribute' setting or maybe even have the 'login attribute' be a comma-separated list of values. As an alternative, a simpler solution mig
  15. Correct, generally. For update events, you'd have to construct
  16. I suppose it's the same limitation if you wanted to filter the subscription by project?
  17. Hi Peter, Thanks for reporting this. I will be looking into this and consult with our development team, Thanks again! Regards Simon
  18. Hello! I have managed to install ftrack connect from sources. Also I manged to install ftrack-connect-nukestudio but problem is that when launching it from ftrack connect there is not ftrack integration there. From ftrack-connect-nuke-studio log it says that: ImportError: No module named chardet If I launch python2.7 from terminal and type "import chardet" it works. Does anyone know where could be a problem and possible solution to get it work? I'm using linux mint 20, Python 2.7.18. ftrack connect nuke studio: 2.2.4 ftrack connect 1.1.8 .m
  19. When creating an ftrack project is there a reason for the defaulted mismatch between the project name and the project code? If I name a project "APA" the project name is "APA" while the project code becomes "apa", why? It's quite annoying as we get a mismatch between the project name in the web GUI and the project name API query and we have to manually always remember to rename the project code so that it matches the project name in order to make sure that name and query match.
  20. I'm finding that if I attempt to use a label, it stops the action form interface from loading. This appears to be a FTrack bug, as the same thing happens when trying the example form action. If I copy and paste the exact code (and change a bit to connect to the event hub), clicking on the action does absolutely nothing. If I go and remove the label entry from the form, then it loads fine.
  21. Update on the search: Ok, so apparently, the trouble was with the commands.py that is in C:\Python27\Lib For some strange reason, when in maya, you type import commands, it doesn't import the commands form C:\Python27\Lib but from somewhere else. And this other commands doesn't have the attributes. When making a dir on it : ['__all__', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__'] So I juste copy/paste the commands.py from C:\Python27\Lib to C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages and C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\future and now in Maya when I try dir (
  22. Ok so I downgraded to python 2.7.17, but it seems to have a conflict with a module in "future" # Error: AttributeError: file C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\future\standard_library\__init__.py line 462: 'module' object has no attribute 'getoutput' # And with python 3.6 I still have : # Error: ImportError: file C:\Python36\Lib\site-packages\ftrack_api\session.py line 7: No module named builtins # I search the getoutput problem on the internet, but I didn't really find any working solution 😕 I forgot to notice I launch maya 2020
  23. Ha ok ! I didn't thought about it, so technically if I downgrade my python it should work ? I'll give it a try with a lower version
  24. hi @Hadrien FARRE this error often comes from a mix up between python 3 and python2, usually trying to load python2 in python3 interpreter. Also can see you are using python 3.9 , although supposed to be working , we currently support up to 3.8 with a closer eye to 3.7. hope it helps. L.
  25. Hello, I'm starting with the ftrack_python_api and wanted to launch it from the maya script editor directly. I followed two things I found on the forum : updating the PYTHONPATH to add my site-packages folder in env var, for exemple : PYTHONPATH = %PYTHONPATH%;C:\Users\Kombbo_05\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39\site-packages creating a virtual environment to re-install the api properly and then in Maya script editor use : import sys sys.path.insert(0, 'C:\Users\Hadrien\api-test\Lib\site-packages') But in both cases when I try the "import ftrack_api", I've got this err
  26. Hi Yating, Answers to your questions: This is a confirmed bug, will be fixed for next release. Tried to replicate it but no luck, could be unsupported alembic format. Could you share the file? Also a confirmed bug, will be fixed for next release. Yes, the label should be "Houdini nodes" not "Houdini binary", dictating if selected/all nodes also should be exported to a .hip. "Attach scene to asset" will generate a new scene containing selected/all nodes. Import creates a new subnet node and import all the nodes beneath, while merge imports the
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