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  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to use ftrack actions from within a docker container but I get an SSL error when using the ftrack legacy api (3.5.2). I am no problems using the new API but as some of our lib still use the old API I was wondering if anyone new a workaround or had a play with docker to host ftrack actions hooks... Cheers, Jerome
  3. Maya 2018, do not start in some cases, its pretty weird. Cant be lunch with some users (admin user). And while using fTrack to start Maya 2018.1, it override some part of the maya env variable. And disable some of our production script. If using fTrack, is one step forward and four backward ...... How can I patch this, forbid fTrack to disable our script, and what fTrack is patching to manually lunch it in Maya without fTrack connect ? exemple : Failed to execute Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\trunk\lightshader\maya\scripts\", line 1, in <module> from lightshader.qt.interface import LSMenu ImportError: No module named lightshader.qt.interface
  4. Hi, For the latest version of the Adobe product (CC 2018) ZXP installer didn't seems to work at all. If you need to install an add-ons on these version. Under Adobe CC desktop apps, you need to enable all the notification (OS apps etc) enable the CC share files and install Adobe Extension Manager. Finally on the Adobe addons website, uninstall the ftrack addons, wait a couple minute, re-install ftrack addons. Chech on Adobe CC apps news feed, check if the installation was successful. For Maya 2018.1, it had worked once, but now it freeze on the loading screen (around of 180Mo of ram usage). The application appears in ftrack connect and I can lunch Maya 2018.1 threw it. Regards.
  5. split tasks

    +1 to this feature. It would really help in the different stages of a task. Such as first look, submitting temps, proposed final, and final. Then we could shift each of these pieces! Thanks for the post on this!
  6. ftrack-example-create-folders-action

    Ftrack will trigger folder creation once you publish but only the structure that is needed for the task not the overall project folder structure that is in Ftrack. This seems like a basic requirement as users creating folders manually will nearly always make spelling mistakes i.e. there will be differences between the folder structure on server and on ftrack. This means due to user error Ftrack will dump versions in the "wrong" location.
  7. ftrack-example-create-folders-action

    @UrbanCircus I pieced together getting files created from an action but unfortunately haven't made any progress to populate the directories based on the structure of my project. import logging import ftrack_api import errno import os class MyCustomAction(object): '''Custom action.''' label = 'createfolders' identifier = 'my.custom.action' description = 'This is an example action creating folders' def __init__(self, session): '''Initialise action.''' super(MyCustomAction, self).__init__() self.session = session self.logger = logging.getLogger( __name__ + '.' + self.__class__.__name__ ) def register(self): '''Register action.''' self.session.event_hub.subscribe( ' and source.user.username={0}'.format( self.session.api_user ), ) self.session.event_hub.subscribe( 'topic=ftrack.action.launch and data.actionIdentifier={0} and ' 'source.user.username={1}'.format( self.identifier, self.session.api_user ), self.launch ) def discover(self, event): '''Return action config if triggered on a single asset version.''' # If selection contains more than one item return early since # this action can only handle a single version. selection = event['data']['selection']'Got selection: {0}'.format(selection)) # action works in the task context if len(selection) != 1 or selection[0]['entityType'] != 'task': return return { 'items': [{ 'label': self.label, 'description': self.description, 'actionIdentifier': self.identifier }] } def launch(self, event): '''Callback method for custom action.''' path = 'C:\\project\\test\\' try: os.makedirs(path) except OSError as error: if error.errno != errno.EEXIST: raise return { 'success': True, 'message': 'did it work?' } def register(session, **kw): '''Register plugin.''' # Validate that session is an instance of ftrack_api.Session. If not, # assume that register is being called from an incompatible API # and return without doing anything. if not isinstance(session, ftrack_api.Session): # Exit to avoid registering this plugin again. return action = MyCustomAction(session) action.register() if __name__ == '__main__': logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO) session = ftrack_api.Session() register(session) # Wait for events. session.event_hub.wait()
  8. I just want to clarify that I'd like the sticky to be stickied for everyone, not just the user who stickied it. But it would be nice to have stickies only visible to you as well. You could share private stickies between people by tagging someone in the sticky (basically creating private threads). A checkbox would allow you to see all stickies or just your own (you can use the current filter by author to narrow down sticky visibility as well)
  9. ftrack-example-create-folders-action

    Hi @UrbanCircus and welcome to the forums! It is possible to trigger folder creations but it is not something that we offer out of the box. Instead the folder structure is usually create once you publish a file from one of our integrations.
  10. Ability to sticky notes to top of note list

    Thank you for the suggestion I will raise it with the team!
  11. index Ftrack database

    Yes, but please open a support case by emailing support[at] if anything sticks out to you as slow or if there is something that you think can be optimised.
  12. job_updated action type

    Job in this case is the "Job" entity in ftrack - e.g. export, encode or if you create them from the API.
  13. ftrack-example-create-folders-action

    So is it currently possible to create folders from ftrack?
  14. I'm using a task's note section to link to an external OneNote notebook where artists and developers can keep detailed track of an asset. It would be great if I could sticky that note to the top of the notes list
  15. Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for the quick answer. Right! Related issue. Different entity. Nice to hear that you are working on a fix
  16. index Ftrack database

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren, thanks for the advise. This means the database is already indexed by you as you think it's the best for the studios, right?
  17. job_updated action type

    Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for the explanation. What do you mean by job?
  18. job_updated action type

    This is a special event triggered by the server when a job has changed (e.g. the status of the job). I was not able to find any good reason why this is not handled through the ordinary update event.
  19. automatically re-subscribe users to the actions

    I assume that "re-launching" the actions means that you kill the current process and launch it again? If so, this gives you a fresh environment, and avoids and necessity to clean it up which would be the main difficulty with doing the same in Connect without restarting it. I.e. old plugins must be unregistered properly and if there are dependent modules that has changed they must be reloaded.
  20. index Ftrack database

    Hi Remus, we strongly advice not to change indices in the database or alter it. However, if you find anything that can be optimised we would be thankful if open a support ticket with relevant information.
  21. asset['versions'] doesn't include the new created version in the same session

    Hi Remus, this should be related to: We're working on a fix here:
  22. That is a good idea, I will bring it up with the team
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  24. job_updated action type

    Hi Ftrack Team, I see that there are 5 types of action: add, update, remove, move and job_updated. I am wandering for what job_updated is used for? Best, Remus
  25. automatically re-subscribe users to the actions

    Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for you answer. But is it possible to manually re-register all the plugins from a folder? For example i am updating the code of a plugin. In this way the plugin will not be registered again and the new code will not be in use. On the Ftrack server side we are checking every X minutes if there is new code pushed, and if it is, then it is re-launching the actions. Is it possible to do something similar for the Ftrack-Connect?
  26. index Ftrack database

    Hi Ftrack Team, I was checking the Ftrack documentation regarding the database and I didn't find anything about indexing it. Is the database already indexed by you as you think is the best, or do we need to re-index it based on the query logs? Best, Remus
  27. Create version 0 in Ftrack

    Thanks @Lucas Correia! In this way it works. I didn't think in this way
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