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  1. Yes exactly. Maybe a project group that is a subset of all the 3D modellers or a subgrop within the 3D group, separating the 3D in smaller departments. Depends on the project structure i guess.
  2. Cool, thanks for your feedback Mattias. The more i think about this concept the more it makes sense for me and is super appealing. In a large project Producers or Lead artist don't necessarily need to assign all tasks to a specific user. The freedom of saying for example these are alle the 3D modelling tasks and i assign them to the 3D modelers group seems very nice. These tasks then appear under the 'available task' column in the my task view for everyone in this group and if a 3D modeler drags a task to another column 'in progress' for example it gets assigned to him/her directly and disappears from the 'available task column for everyone else. So they just work through the pile as they like.
  3. Hello, i was wondering what assigning a user group to a object actually does? I don't see any connect functionality. Documentation only says it's possible but not what it does: ftrack documentation Btw. Our Producer all thought that this would assign all the task inside the object to all the users in the group or make the task available to them and they can select task from the object themselves and i actually think that's a good idea?! Regards Dennis
  4. Hi Remus, thanks for the info! We're on 3.5.20 so it's likely that we just need to update. We scheduled an update in a couple days then we'll know for sure Thanks Dennis
  5. Hey Guys, i just realized that if i create a custom attribute of type enumerator and add it to user it’s always single selection even if I set it to multi selection. If instead I add it to something else like project or shot it’s working as multi selection. Can you share some insight on this?
  6. Hey Guys, i was just wondering if there are any updates on this feature? I'm asking because this is our number one feature request right now! We're really looking forward for this! Cheers, Dennis