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  1. Is there a way to programmatically update a user's profile picture? Can I (mass) upload user profile pictures via the Users section in the System Settings? I found the information from an individual uploading their profile picture: http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/using/getting_started/managing_account.html#configuring-settings But I haven't seen any docs on this anywhere else.
  2. I found the answer (for those looking at this in the future): group_name = 'Test Subgroup' user_name = 'fzand' membership = session.query( "Membership where group.name is '{0}' ".format(group_name) + "and user.username is '{0}'".format(user_name) ).first() session.delete(membership) session.commit()
  3. Yeah, I think something got messed up with my session. Right before I left last night, I ran it through the py.test, and it worked fine. (!) Now that I have one created, is this the correct syntax for deleting a user from the group? session.delete('Membership', {'group': group, 'user': user})
  4. The first part worked great. But I'm getting an error with creating the membership when I do the session commit. I don't know what it doesn't like. (What string value does it not like? What is trying to set the relationship?) user = session.query("User where username is 'fzand'").one() group = session.query("Group where name is 'Test Subgroup' and local is False").one() session.create('Membership', {'group': group, 'user': user}) <dynamic ftrack Membership object 140237857912208> session.commit() Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <m
  5. I want to add my User to some general (site-wide) Groups (not Project Groups) via the API, similar to what I would do by hand. But I haven't found many examples dealing with Groups. What is the best way to find out all the groups a User belongs to? It doesn't seem that I can find out from the User. Do I need to go through all the Groups and check to see if my User is a member of that group? Are there any examples of dealing with groups via the API? I want to do two things: 1) Print the user name and the groups that user belongs to (not Project Groups, just general Gr
  6. Yes, a separate "Used in Schema" column (or other indicator) would be helpful. It is especially important when I need to update / re-arrange the Task Statuses. Because the Names are the same, the only distinguishing feature is the color. When I update the color for a particular status, it is important that I've picked the correct status to change. Right now, the list is flat, and once I start dragging the Statuses around, it gets confusing pretty fast.
  7. The Supe really wanted the override. However, as the Administrator, I am fine with having some way to tag the status with what schema it is part of. Right now, I have a fake separator to split out the different statuses for the different scheme. I would prefer having some tagging for the status so I know what goes with what. I've attached an image of the ftrack Statuses admin page as I currently have it configured. I have two different sets of statuses for different types projects, plus a set of statuses for the Milestones. I've put "Milestone" as an example tag.
  8. Thanks, Mattias. They would be good shortcut keys to have. Alternatively, it could be nice to be able to make our own shortcut keys.
  9. When setting up a View for a project, is there a way to override the task status colour for a Project? For example, say the facility has chosen a dark red (#D72C2C) for Not Started. But on the project, the Supe wants it to be a different colour (say green #99DD00). Is this possible to override in a view? As the Administrator, I can add a new Status with a new colour and the same name (Not Started), but I would still need to add it to my schema (or create a new schema using the new colours). Also (and I have a support ticket in for this), I don't have any way of organizing my Stat
  10. Hi Folks, I thought I had seen this somewhere, but couldn't find it in the the docs or forum. Is there a shortcut key to collapse all the open Tasks under a Shot or all the open Shots + Tasks under a Sequence? http://ftrack.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/using/getting_started/using_keyboard_shortcuts.html
  11. We have a nice palette of colors in our ftrack types, but when our artists change to use the dark theme, it is hard for them to read the text. When we set up the colours in the ftrack Settings, we were using the Light theme so the text is readable. I didn't find any place to change the text font colours, or any way to easily check the text font colour when setting the colours for ftrack types. Is it possible to change the font colour? Is it possible to easily change the theme while setting the colors in the ftrack types in Settings? See the Assignee column under Tracking where
  12. I usually click on the pencil icon to pop out the editor, but it can be hard to click the icon and often I need several tries before I can activate the icon.
  13. Under System settings -> Custom attributes It would be nice to be able to hide the custom attributes from old jobs from view. I don't want to delete the custom attributes, I just don't want to see them once the job has finished. Imagine if you have a lot of projects each with a few custom attributes. After a few months (or years) when those jobs have wrapped, you'll still see them every time you go to make new ones. It is nice to hide them rather than delete them so that I can refer back to an old project and pull the attributes forward onto a new project (for example
  14. Milan, What is the best way for us to contact you to get an invite to the ftrackusers group? I'd like to invite members of our R&D team to join if interested. Fran Z
  15. I'd like to put in a vote for support for 2 things: 1) Extend the time out for the action messages to longer than 5 seconds. Sub-processing is not good enough as it gives a false impression that something worked. In fact, all we know is that the "launch" worked (not too informative). A configurable time-out would be nice. 2) Expose a nice mechnism for providing feedback to the user when processes take a long time. Example: My action kicks off a long process (e.g., creating a lot of directories), and later after directory creation, I give my artists a custom messa
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