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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, i was wondering what assigning a user group to a object actually does? I don't see any connect functionality. Documentation only says it's possible but not what it does: ftrack documentation Btw. Our Producer all thought that this would assign all the task inside the object to all the users in the group or make the task available to them and they can select task from the object themselves and i actually think that's a good idea?! Regards Dennis
  2. Hi, I am new to ftrack and scripting, but I am excited about creating custom attributes, but need a little help. I successfully went through the tutorial for adding the Day Rate, Cost and Estimate attributes. However I wanted the the Cost calculation to use the day rate of each user, not a single project based value. I have added a user attribute for day rate, but I need to sum all the day rates of Users assigned to the Task, multiplied by bid. Any ideas on what the script would look like? Cheers Nick
  3. Hey Guys, i just realized that if i create a custom attribute of type enumerator and add it to user it’s always single selection even if I set it to multi selection. If instead I add it to something else like project or shot it’s working as multi selection. Can you share some insight on this?
  4. Hi, I created a custom attribute for users called "location". I would like to be able to filter in the ftrack UI query all the assigned users located e.g. in Berlin. How can I do this? Best, Luigi
  5. Hi, I created a custom attribute for users called "location". I would like to be able to filter in the ftrack UI query all the assigned users located e.g. in Berlin. How can I do this? Best, Luigi
  6. Is there a way to create an event to assign a manager type to a user?
  7. Hello Ftrack, I wonder if we can set up some kind of IP restriction when a user want to log in ftrack. The idea is that only connections from the studio are allowed on our ftrack space. Best,
  8. I want to add my User to some general (site-wide) Groups (not Project Groups) via the API, similar to what I would do by hand. But I haven't found many examples dealing with Groups. What is the best way to find out all the groups a User belongs to? It doesn't seem that I can find out from the User. Do I need to go through all the Groups and check to see if my User is a member of that group? Are there any examples of dealing with groups via the API? I want to do two things: 1) Print the user name and the groups that user belongs to (not Project Groups, just general Gr
  9. Hi all, we would like to sync the users from our LDAP to ftrack. Is there any method in the new API which is doing this? In the old API we used ftrack.sync_Users() method. Best, Remus
  10. Hi there, Sorry this seems like it should be super simple, so I may just be missing something here... Basically all I want is to run an action that will display the number of shots the user selects, preferably on a UI window that only shows a label and the shot count. But the only way to output a UI window seems to be to return 'items', and even then the button on the form is always 'Submit'. Is there a way to print a 'Done' button instead, and when the button is pressed, the form disappears and the action concludes? Or is there simply a better way to display information to the user wit
  11. laura.c

    create user

    Hi, How can I create an user via API? Thanks. Laura
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