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    • Hi, is there a way to compare attributes with other attributes in a query? I want to add a query filter in a versions spreadsheet, where all versions are listed which status differs from the respective task version: something like: "status.name is not task.status.name"   So I want to use the value from task.status.name as value for mat comparision. Is that possible in any way? Thanks  
    • Uploading and encoding job is now working right.
    • Thank you so much for replies. We have a third party application that gets data from ftrack database, now is stopped and point number 2 is still not working. It generates stalled jobs encoding image (jpg). However our pipeline is the same from Ftrack v3, then all was working right. Maybe limit of connections to the event server has been decreased for v4?
    • Sorry to hijack this thread, but we're currently experiencing the same exception (IntegrityError(A note message must have recipients)). However, I'm not creating a note entity myself, I'm using .create_note on an AssetVersion or a Shot entity. Unfortunately, it pops up only now and then in an action handler so it's hard to debug. When I restart the event hub it works perfectly, when I call the event handler as a stand-alone python script after that error has happened everything works fine. So the only thing I was able to do until now was print lots of debugging output. Before the note gets created, the session isn't new but it doesn't have any pending operations (session.created/modified/deleted are empty according to my logs). The note gets created on an AssetVersion using create_note(). I supply an author and a category. Next, I set metadata on the newly created note and I modify its date (my code transfers notes from a client's Shotgun to our ftrack.) The session's operations are now: created: [<dynamic ftrack Note object 49129808>, <dynamic ftrack Metadata object 49129104>], modified: [<dynamic ftrack AssetVersion object 37916368>], deleted: [] Then the commit happens which sometimes throws that IntegrityError. In the exception handler I've done some digging around to figure out if that note object differs from other newly created notes where the exception doesn't occur. The only thing I've noticed is that parent_id and parent_type of that new note are "NOT SET" even though the new note object is part of the asset versions's ["notes"] list. Could that be the reason? The weird thing is that like I said it's hard to debug. Restarting the script so it gets a new session and re-running the whole thing has always fixed things so far.