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  1. Hi @AndyMaurer thanks for sharing back the fixes. Surely will come at hand to many others to have it ! Cheers.
  2. @aline3d you should be in now!
  3. @Toby Angwin @kristin you should be in now. Sorry for the delay !
  4. Hi @MattM, One way of handling this could be to provide a secondary location (with a lower priority than you main one ) to be used to move copy the data you want to archive. Such a solution can also provide various optional features, like archiving only approved data and backup dependent components. Although at the moment we do not provide such a feature off the shelf, our api can provide you all the basic building blocks to build it. Below some resources which can help you getting a grip with those: Location : https://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040442-locations Location API: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/locations/index.html Location Webinar: https://www.ftrack.com/en/intro-to-locations-webinar Actions (to trigger the data archiving) https://help.ftrack.com/en/articles/1040465-actions Actions API: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/handling_events.html Depending on where you want to archive the data (if not on your local storage) you could also use third party accessors such as the Amazon S3 one to have cloud backups: https://pypi.org/project/ftrack-s3-accessor/ If you want to get your feet wet with Location I also suggest having a look into our Recipes repository for inspiration: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-recipes/src/master/python/actions/multi_site_location/ Hope it helps. If you have any further question please let us know! L.
  5. Hi @Toby Angwin , Nuke studio currently requires a fully managed location in order to work. This because we want to have the files output fully handled from the Location and structure ftrack plugin. > We are using an un-managed storage scenario as we are starting to roll out ftrack across our facility and have an existing folder structure that can't easily be changed. We'll be looking on how we provide such a feature, but cannot provide an ETA atm. One option you could look into is to convert your folder structure into an ftrack structure plugin for your location. Hope it helps. L.
  6. Hi @John Kesig thanks for the suggestion ! We usually prefer to leave these customisation to end users to better match their local workflow. Soon though, there'll be more agile ways to provide what you are after. Cheers. L.
  7. Hi @finnjaegger thanks for the links and the insights. Be ensured Resolve is well on our radar and we are looking into providing a proper integration, there's just no ETA for it. I'll be having a proper look at what resolve 17 brings as it seems quite interesting. Stay tuned! L.
  8. hi @Hadrien FARRE this error often comes from a mix up between python 3 and python2, usually trying to load python2 in python3 interpreter. Also can see you are using python 3.9 , although supposed to be working , we currently support up to 3.8 with a closer eye to 3.7. hope it helps. L.
  9. Download 0.3.1 Originally written by Mike Datsik What's new * Changed : Update setup process * Fixed: Houdini fails to load under linux How to install stop ftrack-connect-package download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package
  10. @matthieu Thanks for the headup on the PySide version! if you are using the pyside2 branch of connect (which is also python3) you should set : FTRACK_API_USER FTRACK_SERVER FTRACK_API_KEY the other legacy envs (such as LOGNAME) have been deprecated in that branch. hope it helps. L.
  11. hi @matthieu, we are actively working on connect for python on 3 .If you like to give it a go , you can try this branch This new version though is not compatible with the current integrations ., but we are working on solutions to make them work back, just not there yet. In regard of your error, seems strange to be coming from the api , as it seems to be referring to Dialogs, which are just a ui thing. There'll be some news soon. Cheers. L.
  12. Hi @Finn Jäger, what i would try to is to upload the file as you like , but ensuring ftrack does not re encode it. This can be done though connect, overriding the encode event listener: or straight from the api hope it helps. L.
  13. Download 1.3.0 Changes: Changed : Update pyside signal signature for pyside2 compatibility. New : Add support for FBX import. 1) remove previous plugin from either connect plugins or connect resources. 2) download the new version from the above link 2) decompress the zip in the FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH 3) restart connect If there's any problem please let us know! L.
  14. Hi @marc mantei glad to you hear you sorted it If there's anything else, please do not hesitate to get back in touch! L.
  15. Download new hook file. The installation directories for Cinema 4D have changed with the recent releases. In order to show the new applications, you must replace the existing hook file, which can be found in the following directories: macOS: /Applications/ftrack-connect.app/Contents/MacOS/resource/hook Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ftrack-connect-package-1.1.1\resource\hook
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