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  1. Lorenzo Angeli


    Download 2.1.2 What's new Add support for Nuke Studio / Hiero 11.3 How to install stop ftrack-connect-package remove previous nuke studio plugin from : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package´╗┐
  2. Lorenzo Angeli


    Download 2.1.1 New patch version to address a major and a minor bug discovered in 2.1.0. We highly suggest replacing the 2.1.0 in connect 1.1.0 with this version if you plan to use nuke studio in production. Fixes : Components are not collected under the same asset Settings are not properly restored between sessions.
  3. Lorenzo Angeli

    ftrack connect version 1.1.0

    A new patch release 2.1.1 has just been released fixing the discovered bug , we took the change of including another bug fix in this release regarding the restoration of the presets. More information can he found here Cheers. L.
  4. Lorenzo Angeli

    ftrack connect version 1.1.0

    Hi all, a bug has just been found in the new ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.1.0. We are working to release a new patch version to fix it. A new package will made available asap in this forum. In the meanwhile we suggest to download and compile 2.0.1 and replace the nuke studio plugin. Sorry for the inconvenience. L.
  5. Lorenzo Angeli

    How is Version's Asset supposed to be used?

    Confusion is quite normal when you change the paradigms you are used too. If you have any other question let us know ! Cheers. L.
  6. Lorenzo Angeli

    How is Version's Asset supposed to be used?

    Hi @John Su, What you are expecting is how actually does work. I think there's just a confusion here between tasks and asset types. The first behaviour you are highlighting happens if you do publish the same asset type across different department, but if you publish different asset types for different departments you'll end up with the one you are expecting. Let me try to visualise it for you (we assume to be working under the same shot here): same asset different tasks: task:Animation (asset:geo) v1 v2 v3 v5 v6 task:Effect (asset:geo) v4 v7 v8 different assets different tasks: task:Animation (asset:anim) v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 task:Effect (asset:fx) v1 v2 v3 Hopefully this graph will help you out to better understand how tasks, asset, version and asset types are related. https://help.ftrack.com/developing-with-ftrack/key-concepts/publishing Hope it helps ! L.
  7. Lorenzo Angeli

    Accessing Extra Data

    HI @lloydwood, my pleasure. If there's anything else we can help out with , you know where to find us ! Have a great day.
  8. Lorenzo Angeli

    Accessing Extra Data

    Hi @lloydwood, I'm not quite sure what you mean with passing extra data. In case you want to get your feet wet I suggest to have a look a the entity base class : https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/src/9db96facf4e7ae94f5c30152dab2944b7dfa8f7a/source/ftrack_api/entity/base.py#lines-41 to see how the data argument is used. Here an extract from the docs ( hoping is what you are referring to with data optional argument) *data* is a mapping of key, value pairs to apply as initial attribute values. If you can provide more information about what you are after, maybe I can be of better help. looking forward to hear more from you. Cheers. L.
  9. @sconlogue@czarnowski.com it might well be to be fair. Deadline integration is not something we maintain, and I fear might still be using old api under the hood. If you do have any update from Thinkbox let us know, might be handy for other users facing the same issue. Cheers. L.
  10. Download ftrack-connect-package 1.1.0 Windows Linux Osx What's new ? With this minor release, we have started a long journey for a complete revamp of connect and connector plugins. This release mostly focuses on moving the hard-coded connector plugins to standalone connect plugins, so these can be customized and extended by the users as they see fit. This release also includes an improvement for the Nuke Studio integration. Changes: ftrack-connect-nuke-studio 2.1.0 Tokens to compose assets names as well as components. Support for multi-track export. Fix Hiero template parser. ftrack-connect-maya 1.2.0 converted to connect plugin ftrack-connect-nuke 1.2.0 converted to plugin ftrack-connect-3dsmax 0.4.0 converted to plugin ftrack-connect-hieroplayer 1.3.0 converted to plugin ftrack-connect-foundry 1.2.0 remove ftrack-connect from dependency links Known issue None reported atm
  11. Lorenzo Angeli

    Failed to connect to event server

    Hi @Mike, is hard to tell without more debug information, but could be related to the ssl library shipped with the python version embedded with houdini. Can you please provide what houdini and python version are you using ? If you have a chance please try to see using a different interpreter whether does help. Looking forward to hear more ! L.
  12. Lorenzo Angeli

    Ftrack integration with Jira.

    Hi @postmodern, Although I love Jira for development tracking, I think ftrack itself might be better fitted for production one. Back to your question, I'm not aware of any integration or connection between the two atm. You could think though of using a mix of both api to either migrate the data you are interested in from one another, or push (using events), The data you are after into Jira. Please have a look a the event documentation and the api themselves: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/ http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/handling_events.html?highlight=events As well as our recipes repository, for further examples: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-recipes/src/master/ Hope it helps! L.
  13. Hi @sconlogue@czarnowski.com as I'm not sure what method you are using to upload the movies here couple of resources for you to further investigate. With this the video will be encoded server side, so you can provide the mov you generate: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/encode_media.html?highlight=encode_media If you, on the other hand, want to have more control. I would suggest to use a combination of (let say) ffmpeg and this solution: http://ftrack-python-api.rtd.ftrack.com/en/stable/example/web_review.html?highlight=reviewable With the latter solution will be up to you though, to provide the proper format. Hope it helps, if you have any further issue or doubt please let us know ! L.
  14. Lorenzo Angeli

    2D/3D Asset Library

    Hi @Milad Entezami, I see your concerns. I think is good to have these duplicated though, as once in a project they will start evolve on their own. With this solution you can publish back the new result in the library later on as separate (new) asset or as a new version (updated) of library one. hope it helps. L.
  15. Lorenzo Angeli

    2D/3D Asset Library

    Although not web based, one option I can think of would be : 1) have a project to act as library, 2) one action which allows to re migrate the assets to/from a given project . (could be a reworked version of this example: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-recipes/pull-requests/4) This could be extended to keep reference (as metadata or custom attribute) on where the asset originally comes from (as project when publishing back). 3) a pyside based browser (so can be used as widget in maya, nuke and any other qt based application) to act as library browser. Although requires some work, seems doable. L.