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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody is interested in creating a slackgroup for Ftrack or Ftrack themselves. We are currently using it our company ourselves and also using it for The Foundry Modo ( We have found out a lot of times its quicker and easier than forum. Its also a lot more interactive. I am also open to any other suggestions. It was just an idea. Let me know what you guys think. Greetings, Johan Developer - The
  2. Hello ftrack community, I am actually reviewing the product for an animation studio. I have few beginner questions, maybe you can help me? Sorting items in the spreadsheet I don't really understand how the product work to sort items (folders, tasks, etc.) in the spreadsheet. We like to keep things in a precise logical order, which is also very convenient for us in order to use the gantt tool properly. The best "method" I found here is to give a number to each item. But, it seems that ftrack always take into account the type of the asset first and then the name... Resulting in this kind of weird hierarchy: attachement ftrack-sort-type.jpg As you can see task 12-Storyboard Retake is above task 10- Storyboard. If i switch the type of task 12 (Task Review) to match the one of task 10 (Task Design): the item task 12 moves to the righ place. Am I doing something wrong here? Or did I miss an option that can fix this? Gantt scheduling For now, we use Gantter, which is a free gantt tool for Google Drive. It's very simple but it has all the options you can expect to make a smart schedule. Few things I really miss in ftrack are: 1. The various dependencies options and task constraints. 2. When you make a change to a task (move it, change his length, etc.) all the linked items to this task are updated. It's maybe more a feature request but do you plan to make this kind of updates to the ftrack gantt tool in the future? New Object that can have a duration When we plan a project, we like to have on the schedule the different dates of review with the client. But, instead of using a milestone point, we rather have an item with a duration in time (basically like a generic task). This is because a client can take 2, 5 or 10 days to answer and it's very important for us to integrate this fact in our schedules. In order to do that in ftrack, I created a new type of Object (like Folder, Shot, Task, etc.) in the system settings named Review. But when I add this new object in my spreadsheet, I can't give him a duration on the schedule. I didn't find a way to fix this, maybe you can help me? Slack Integration The studio use Slack as messenger tool. I wonder If you have planned to create integrations with it? For exemple, to replace email notifications? That's all! Don't hesitate If you have any questions or feedbacks on the way I try to use ftrack. Thank you!