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  1. @Konstantin Maslyuk I've now made so calling build_ext use the same command as Build hence building the missing resource.py, hope this ease your problem. This is what I'm doing for testing create a new virtualenv (I personally use mkvirtualenv wrapper) activate virtualenv go with the shell in the ftrack-connect repo folder and checkout the given branch (and pull) run to install in editable mode : pip install -e . run ftrack-connect : ftrack-connect here the versions of the basic moving parts I'm using: python : 2.7.14 setuptools : 44.0.0 pip: 19.3 (20 works too) Let us know how it goes. L. p.s should work in docker too, could you share your dockerfile so I can check ?
  2. Hi @Konstantin Maslyuk I've just been pushing a new commit on the above PR to ensure you can install qtext in build_ext command. Please pull again and give it a go. let us know how it goes. L.
  3. Hi @jen_at_floyd, thanks a lot for raising this issue and providing a potential solution. We'll be looking on whether this is something we can push upstream on the final release ! Cheers. L.
  4. Hi @Konstantin Maslyuk although not tested, connect should be able to support pyside2 though our QtExt layer, but has not been reviewed for supporting Python 3k atm. I'll be double checking the build_ext functionality in the above branch, keep monitoring it. > The rest is fine, i used docker/ubuntu:18.04. connect is currently tested and built for centos 7 , I've not much of an experience on Ubuntu, so not sure what packages are available and to what version. for this error: > distutils.errors.DistutilsError: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('qtext') please try to downgrade your pip to version 19.3 and try again. Let us know how it goes. Cheers. L.
  5. Hi @Konstantin Maslyuk, this is something I need to double check as I usually go for using pip to install dev versions with : pip install -e <path to repo> regarding connect there's a branch I'm looking into these days similar to your request: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-connect/branch/backlog/review-standalone-install try to give it a go and let me know. Cheers. L. p.s Jinja 3 is not a requirement of ours, is likely coming as sub dependency of sphinx or something similar. if you have a chance to pin down the offending module version let me know.
  6. New RC version is out for testing.... this version introduce a better check for remote event server connection while listening to events. you can install the new version with : pip install ftrack-python-api==2.0.0rc3 We are getting close to a final release, please report any issue you may find during the RC release phase !
  7. Thanks to all your feedback and bug reports, we are finally getting closer to a final release of the upcoming api 2.0 for python2/3 . If you want to install (at your own risk) the latest RC2 version please use the following command: pip install ftrack-python-api==2.0.0rc2 Full change log can be found here please report through the usual channels any issue or bug you might be finding. Cheers. L.
  8. I'd suggest to stick to C7 as long as possible atm. By direct experience C8 is not ready yet for production. L.
  9. @Nero Demaerschalk, Centos 8 is something we'll be looking into as soon as the distro is stable for desktop use (I'd suggest waiting more than .1 release) For python3 we have a dedicated thread in the forum at this address, feel free to test and let us know if you find any issue. We are working in these days to release a new api 2.0 for python 2 and python 3 for wider use, but the inclusion in connect will require more time due to some non backward compatible changes in the api. Hope it helps. L.
  10. Hi @jen_at_floyd, there's a patch already merged in connect to mitigate this and it'll be available in an upcoming version of connect.
  11. Hi @Paulo Nemotothanks for reporting, would you mind sending the same information and a higher resolution image to support@ftrack.com so we can further investigate ? Thanks a lot, I'll keep you posted on the status. L.
  12. Hi @Tilt , having the python version to >= 2.7.9 has always been a soft requirement for the api, but was never enforced through the installation process itself. Once the amount of issues raised by having python not correct has got to an alarming level we decided to raise the requirement to hard. My suggestion would be to install a newer version of python on C7 (quite a straight forward process). Hope it helps. L.
  13. Hi @Chandler there no boilerplate at the moment, but I'll try to find time new year to come up with one. As you find out though, there was one once, and is the one I'll try to bring back to life or close to what that was at least. Hope it helps. L.
  14. Hi @Alican you cannot use the location.get_url(component) as path for the component as is relative to the server, path requires to be a local path to your file system. What you might be after, if I'm getting it right , is an event which collect the data which might have been manually uploaded and then transfer them first to you local disk , before being re uploaded as reviewable. For this to work , you need to have a listener running which will intercept the update event for components and use that to move the data from the ftrack.server to the local storage. Something along these lines should work (https://bitbucket.org/snippets/ftrack/ynxGp4) Hope it helps. L.
  15. HI @Alican just gave it a go with default connect and actions and I can see them appearing on both Chrome instances I've open (application launchers). May I ask where the actions are hosted ? On each ftrack-connect-package plugin folder (local to the user) , in a shared place and mapped through FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH / FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH or are running as standalone event listeners ? Also, to help us investigate, removing custom events and actions does still trigger your issue ? Looking forward to hear more from you . L.