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Found 12 results

  1. Is it possible to limit a custom attribute to a specific type of version IE a defined Asset Type? In our case we track each plate used in a composite and would like to include certain metadata on every frame sequence individually. We track these with a custom Asset type "Footage" I'd like to create attributes that would be relevant to these versions which are published directly to the associated shots, but irrelevant to versions published on task types. Is this possible in settings (I don't believe so) or with the API?
  2. Hello, I have noticed a bug in how things are sorted on the Versions page. At the moment when I sort by "Version Link" if the name is the same it sorts the numbers by the last digit and not the number is represents. so if the version number is 10 is will be listed as before 09 because the 0 comes before the 9. I have attached an example.
  3. Hello, i was wondering if there is an easy way to move the media versions from one task to another, without the need to download it and upload it again in the correct task folder.
  4. ftrack provides in the version view to change the status of the version and of the related task. By changing the status of the version ftrack is saving the new status By changing the ststus in the same view of the task status, ftrack is first saving it and then re switching to the old status. In the Activities of the task the last activity is the change of the status, but there is no info from ftrack that he change the status back. e.g. I have on activities the new status changed to "Client Approved" and the status still (again) on "Sent to client"
  5. What is if a client needs to get the delivery versions starting with version 0? At the moment it is not possible in ftrack to have version 0. Currently all the delivery versions with version 0 are not showing up in ftrack. Is there a solution for this issue?
  6. Hi, We would like to be able to filter all latest versions of type "X" (e.g. a released playblast) that have a task "Y" (e.g. animation) and are linked to my current selection "Z" (e.g. a character in my asset library) We need to be able to query it though the browser UI of ftrack, without any line of code or a developer for it. e.g.: Show me the latest playblasts from the animation dept linked to my selected character The interface should filter the list accordingly. a simple query like: task.type.name="Animation" AND asset.parent.incoming_link.from = MY_SELECTION
  7. Artists would like to be able to update the description of a published version.At the moment the Description field is read-only. Is there a way to make the field editable?
  8. Hi, Is there a system to check in ftrack not only the latest versions but a "version to use" too? Not always the latest version is the version that has to be used (even if approved) This flag should be addable only on one version per department to be sure to have always only one version to use THX, Luigi
  9. Hi, I have two suggestion about the way links works. We have been using the import functionality recently. It worked great and saved us a lot of time, but I couldn't manage to find a way to create links while importing data, and I believe this is not possible right now. I understand creating links can be more difficult with the way importing works, due to the CSV format (many links on a single task would mean several column dedicated to links in the CSV for example) but I believe some ways could be experimented (like a special separator between several links coexisting in a single li
  10. Hi all, is it possible to get all the versions of an AssetBuild directly? For example: assetBuild['versions'] or assetbuild.get_versions|() Cheers!
  11. Hey ftrack, I saw that this had been brought up in an old post but I didn't any much movement on it so I thought I would re-post the request. It would be great to have the option to match the ftrack published version with the actual version of the file or at least have the option to enter a version number manually as a fallback. If you're also publishing multiple components, it would be great to have a check in there to make sure that all your filenames share the same version number. I know this is possible thru the API and building a custom publisher, but thats not really an option for ou
  12. Good Morning. Am an FTrack noob, Shotgun veteran. Am in the processes of experimenting and looking through how to's. However there are a few concepts we will need for production that seem to be a little unclear, or may not work. Can anyone help? Versions: The base data structure we use is Project > Sequence/Episode > Shot > Task > Version - Version is not a data entity in FTrack. (Will be a deal breaker?) - Asset Builds, Asset Types might be the idea of versions? The idea of which is which and how to use isn't clear yet. (Am API d
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