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  1. I think it would be an awesome feature to archive a project to a compressed file (which you can download and backup). After creating the archive the possibility to remove the data of the project from the database and filesystem. Also the possibility to restore a project through a compressed file.
  2. @Milan Kolar Could you send an invite to me, to following email address: johan.soetewey@gmail.com. Thanks for creating the group!
  3. Thanks you guys, for responding. I think if we have a decent amount of people who want this. We can start with a unofficial slack group for the moment. @Milan Kolar I love your enthusiasm @Fredrik Limsater I understand your standpoint Greetings, Johan The Fridge
  4. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody is interested in creating a slackgroup for Ftrack or Ftrack themselves. We are currently using it our company ourselves and also using it for The Foundry Modo (http://modo3d.slack.dyndns.org:9013/). We have found out a lot of times its quicker and easier than forum. Its also a lot more interactive. I am also open to any other suggestions. It was just an idea. Let me know what you guys think. Greetings, Johan Developer - The Fridge.tv
  5. Hi, A handy feature would be the possibilty to export the reports (user breakdown, project breakdown, ...) to a PDF or CSV file with dates, hours, etc. I've just checked version 3.1.1 and there exists an export to Excel function but the date seems to be missing? Could the export to PDF and CSV also be implemented? Greets, Niels.
  6. We've done some extra research and will probably work with custom attribtutes to link the main asset to the sub assets. Any other ideas are still wellcome. Greets, Niels.
  7. Hi! For a feature film project with 3D environments, we would like to track the status of our 3D assets in Ftrack. Because of the massive sets (cities and forests), we would like to split our 3D environments into smaller blocks. Buildings will be modelled seperate and afterwards imported into the scene of the city for example. I've done some testing but it is does not seem possible to add sub assets in assets in Ftrack. What you would like is that all buildings from city01 are sub assets from the main asset (city01). Eg: CITY01 (asset) - BUILDING1 (sub asset) - BUILDING2 (sub asset)
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