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  1. @Milan Kolar Could you send an invite to me, to following email address: johan.soetewey@gmail.com. Thanks for creating the group!
  2. Thanks you guys, for responding. I think if we have a decent amount of people who want this. We can start with a unofficial slack group for the moment. @Milan Kolar I love your enthusiasm @Fredrik Limsater I understand your standpoint Greetings, Johan The Fridge
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody is interested in creating a slackgroup for Ftrack or Ftrack themselves. We are currently using it our company ourselves and also using it for The Foundry Modo (http://modo3d.slack.dyndns.org:9013/). We have found out a lot of times its quicker and easier than forum. Its also a lot more interactive. I am also open to any other suggestions. It was just an idea. Let me know what you guys think. Greetings, Johan Developer - The Fridge.tv
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