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  1. Will do. Yeah we're carefull. pulling a particular commit to make sure it stays ok for us.
  2. Hi. We'll try updating to this latest branch. We've been using the previous one for python 3 for almost a year with only one problem, that we're running into now. It's compatible with either python3 or python 2, but doesn't work in mixed environment. So if we install it with pip3 and then try loading it to maya, it crashes on multilpe wrong imports. We'll investigate more closely and post here.
  3. Have a look here. https://github.com/kredencz/ftrack-event-plugins-kredenc/blob/master/thumbnail_updates.py We're listening to events on `assetversion` where action is `encoded`, then grab a thumb and push it to the parent. Using Toke Jepsen's event server script, we're running a lot of these little event listeners.
  4. I've noticed that there isn't specific trello card for being able to play clip without their handles. We're running into this every day in internal review, to the point, that the online review is becoming very hard to use on longer projects (tv shows), where the continuity of movement between shots is important. We have to do all sequence review in nuke studio to see shots in context correctly.
  5. We've been craving something like this for long time now actually so I'm glad it's been brought up. Currently we make multiple components and supervisor just uses the version to quickly jump to the folder where they're stored using action. Having multiple reviewables per version would be amazing. Especially for modelling as Thirtydevil mentioned, but also for lookdev (multiple lighting setups)
  6. @pritchardhobe you should get an invite
  7. Very interesting idea. Even though we've never really longed for something like it, I'm sure we'd start using it right away and it would be clearer for the client. Right now we're also sending multiple review sessions if they concern different things (for example one session for fx approvals and one for animation). With this feature we could be sending dailies (which we'd love) that would be organised inside for clarity. My approach would be more of a 'playlist' style, where we could set multiple playlist withing the review that could contain the same version if need be. Client could then choose a playlist inside the review, or show all versions. If 'show all' could be disabled, then it would work exactly as Alberto's request, but having the extra option for other cases. Just writing this down I can think of plethora options to use it. Mockup different cut versions with scrambled shots or different shot versions (that would of course need the sequence play in client review ) and so on.. Long story short: I love the idea
  8. Hey. This should help you. We've been using it for over a year now. https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-event-server edit: forgot to attach the link
  9. Agreed 100%. We rarely use the dates on the tasks, so we always put some proxy dates just to be able to link tasks together.
  10. YES. I'm pretty sure there is thread here somewhere where we discussed exactly these points. We use manual editing on time log a lot and we pretty much gave up on checking the actual times now and just keeping track of durations. It would be nice to be able to rely on start and end time though. We could quickly tell what were overtimes and such.
  11. So maya 2017 is out just in time for us to start testing it on some new production. However as you might have noticed. PySide is no longer available to make way for Qt5 and PySide2 bindings. That of course means that ftrack-connect is currently incompatible with maya 2017. Do you have an estimate about when it might be? I realize it's not quite a switch of a button change, so maybe have a look at https://github.com/mottosso/Qt.py to stay backwards compatible as much as possible.
  12. @FranZ Hey. I've sent the invite now. You can either send me a private message here with the emails or I can make you an admin if you wanna invite people yourself. Either works.
  13. To add to list these are some thing more in a bug than a feature category. Adding time logs by just typing a duration in the main field and pressing save, should use current time as end time, rather than start. Editing time logs should allow changing the stop time as well as start time, currently the only way to change timelog is changing duration. Something to deal with the occasional super long day (as instinct-vfx mentioned) would be great. Maybe a notification that pops up every hour after certain time that prompts user to confirm he's still working, if he doesn't it turns off the logger, because he's most likely gone home. Ideally though this could all be integrated with connect. Auto start timers on launching app for task, and stopping when artist closes it.
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