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  1. There is possible to set ftrack domain to a custom domain? Example: ourstudio.ftrackapp.com > ourstudio.com In this way, how the URL would be showed while browsing ftrack and client review?
  2. Uploading and encoding job is now working right.
  3. Thank you so much for replies. We have a third party application that gets data from ftrack database, now is stopped and point number 2 is still not working. It generates stalled jobs encoding image (jpg). However our pipeline is the same from Ftrack v3, then all was working right. Maybe limit of connections to the event server has been decreased for v4?
  4. When an user changes any task status, it's not automatically updated in any other browser, and it requires manually refreshed. This behaviour is using the same user. When uploading a version in any object or task, after message "File uploaded successfully" browser not show the thumb and is gray while not done refresh manually. http://prntscr.com/li8sd2 Automatically populate thumbnails is not working now. When an user try to open a component, browsing in properties panel, Components panel is freeze showing "reload" icon. http://prntscr.com/li9k1c
  5. I have a code already given which is getting some data from FTrack. This data are custom attributes added to types and objects in the project. I triying to get the value from a custom attribute added to project (root level of the project), replicating the code, but not works. Query that I have seems is defined for get types and objects. From Ftrack api documentation I don't able to get the value of custom attribute.
  6. I would like to suggest the creation of one tool called FTrack Store. I put some mockups. The idea is a place like a hub to share different FTrack resources, like Actions, (and maybe in the furture Workflows, Views,...) and the possibility for developers to sell, for example its own Actions. As well as allow an easy way to install and remove it. Any feedback or comments are welcome!
  7. I think it would be great also can to assign View per project, or each project remember the last View used.
  8. Thanks, I had a bit confusing cos the function to reply notes is in Client Review section.
  9. I want to get the value from a custom_attribute that is added to project, that I think is not a type either a object... My attempt is this: def get(self, project_id): result = { 'extra_info': { 'legend': {}, }, custom_attrs = self.session.query( 'select config from CustomAttributeConfiguration where key is "{0}"' ).one() legend = custom_attrs['custom_attributes']['project_legend'] result['extra_info']['legend'] = legend There is possible do a query for name instead key for custom attributes?
  10. In our studio we would see useful a option to sorting in descendant all items inside a Client review, so the invitee in client session can see items sorted in this way when he joins the session. Currently we are sorting by hand dragging each one the items for each one Client reviews in each project. Maybe also would be good a global option in System settings > Review Settings.
  11. Yes this clarify to me the notification system in Client Reviews, but what is the sense Transfer Feedback notes for FTrack users in Client Review (invitee)?
  12. Thanks Mattias. How I can retrieve end_date for a Client Review?
  13. It seems client not receive any email notification. As FTrack user I type a note from Transfer feedback and send it, but note is not added to Client Review session, so client (invitee) is not viewing notes from FTrack user. Where I can to find to check this issue?
  14. There is any news about this? Anyway, where I can help to get end.date for project and for client reviews?
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