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  1. Still wishing and hoping for the ability to export a View Dashboard! 😃 Edit: For clarification - the Overview tab with Dashboards now provides a way to apply filtering across projects which fulfills the first request, but we're wanting a way to export Dashboard Views. Is there a way to upvote this ticket if it exists? The previous trello board seems to be private/nonexistent now.
  2. Searched through the help docs and release notes and found the below. But still wanting clarification on the attribute 'assets' that exists on Tasks - does that have a use?
  3. We do have Shot / Task associations, but what I'm wondering about is being able to have a Shot / Task / Task structure. There's no way (that I can tell) to do this in the ui, but the api lets you create a Task that has a parent Task: >>> task = session.query('Task where name = "animation"').one() >>> task['link'] # id key/value removed from this output for conciseness [{u'name': u'dev', u'type': u'Project'}, {u'name': u'ABC', u'type': u'TypedContext'}, {u'name': u'ABC_000_1000', u'type': u'TypedContext'}, {u'name': u'animation', u'type': u'TypedContext'}] >>> subtask = session.create('Task', {'parent': task, 'name': 'subtaskAnimation'}) >>> session.commit() >>> subtask['link'] [{u'name': u'dev', u'type': u'Project'}, {u'name': u'ABC', u'type': u'TypedContext'}, {u'name': u'ABC_000_1000', u'type': u'TypedContext'}, {u'name': u'animation', u'type': u'TypedContext'}, {u'name': u'subtaskAnimation', u'type': u'TypedContext'}] In the ui on the Tasks tab, the parent Task shows that it contains the subtask when Hierarchy viewing is selected, but doesn't show the subtask when you change to the Tasks viewing. So, I'm wondering if this structure isn't fully supported and shouldn't be used, or if there's plans to fully add it.
  4. Hi there, I see that on Task objects, there's an 'assets' attribute: Task['assets'], however when I try to set a Task as an Asset's parent, I get: ServerError: Server reported error: IntegrityError(Invalid parent_type <ObjectType('%s')> for Asset) We want to have Asset-AssetVersion collections associated with a Task. The AssetVersion being linked to the Task isn't enough as we need to upversion based on the Task association. As is, this will cause an error on the version number uniqueness: # Shorthand example >>> asset <dynamic ftrack Asset object 140628273802064> >>> print([(version['task']['name'], version['version']) for version in asset['versions']]) [('light', 1001)] # Create another version 1001 attached to a different task >>> task = session.query('Task where name = "otherLightTask"').one() >>> version = session.create('AssetVersion', {'asset': asset, 'version': 1001, 'task': task}) >>> session.commit() ServerError: Server reported error: IntegrityError((_mysql_exceptions.IntegrityError) (1062, "Duplicate entry '811b6f19-96f5-4620-9b00-164f77875ca9-1001' for key 'asset_version_assetid_key'")) We've gotten around this by incorporating the Task name in to the Asset name, but it has it's downsides - needing to update the Asset name if the Task is renamed for one. The ability to have a Task be the Asset's parent would provide the association we need. Is the Task's 'assets' attribute supposed to be able to contain child Assets? If not currently, is that planned for the future?
  5. Hi there! I've noticed that via the api, you can create a subtask - a Task who's parent is another Task - but there's no way to do this through the UI. Is this something that will be added to the UI in the future (or am I missing it..)? Or this actually shouldn't be able to be done through the api? Thanks!
  6. Would love an invite! kristing@lumapictures.com
  7. Hiya! Currently adding a Task Column attribute to the Tasks tab only shows data on shot rows vs task rows. Example: on the Tasks tab, adding a Task Column for Composite type's status will only show data when viewing Hierarchy or Shots in shot rows. But it doesn't show anything for task rows or when viewing just Tasks. It'd be awesome if the task row had the task's parent shot's Composite task status. The end goal for us is to be able to be viewing Tasks, group by assignee, and view the parent shot's other task statuses via Task Columns in the same row.
  8. Currently when you're on the Tasks page within a project, you can adjust the bid of tasks, but not milestones. Milestones require clicking in to the milestone and adjusting bid via the side panel. It'd be helpful to be able to adjust milestones' bids on the Tasks page so our coords can batch adjust multiple milestones at a time, as they do with tasks.
  9. Hey there! Currently the permission to change a Shot and Task status are lumped under one option: "Can change status of a task" It's important to us for artists to be able to change Task status, but not Shot status, so we'd like separate permission options for each entity type so we can assign the role accordingly. Thanks!
  10. When on the Tasks pane, if you make a change to a Task's name/status/etc, and then click to navigate to a new pane (click the Versions pane, click another shot, etc) there is a popup warning for "Unsaved changes" and whether to Discard or Save and continue. If you're on the Versions pane, making a change and clicking to navigate away doesn't prompt the user with the warning, so they are unaware their changes weren't saved. Would be awesome to have the same warning behavior for Versions!
  11. Hi there! We'd like the ability to add a label or name to a Query filter added to a dashboard or view. Or alternatively, if there was the ability to add a comment to the query text block like this: # this filters ABC shots name like "ABC%" Use case - we have coords that share dashboards/views company wide. When there are multiple Query filters on a view, they want the user to be able to toggle the filters for their own usage. But it can be hard to distinguish what each query is doing if they are involved. Adding a label/name above the query text block - so instead of just "Query" it could say "Query - ABC shots" - would help distinguish for the end user. The ability to add a comment would also serve the purpose.
  12. Yup you're right, I hadn't included variant in the discover function. Thank you very much!
  13. Hey there! I'm hoping to get an example/explanation of this Tip on https://help.ftrack.com/developing-with-ftrack/key-concepts/actions I input the same label and set the "variant" attribute on 2 of my actions to different strings, but there are still 2 icons appearing, labeled with the same name. What is the actual outcome of this when done correctly? Is there an example you can provide so I can troubleshoot what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  14. Currently the timesheet/time logger views allow you to select a Milestone in the Tasks drop-down if you are assigned to it. Given Milestones don't have "Log time" or "Show logged time" in their More menu, it seems as though this is a bug. If it's not, it would be useful to be able to designate what entities a user may log time to -- Task, Milestone, Shot, etc -- to have more control of timelogs.
  15. We'd like to be able to apply a View across multiple/all projects with the functionality to export as well.
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