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    Hey Peter, What you're running in to is the fact that populate() constructs a query using that attribute string, and we don't support typecasting in a projection. see https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/src/23f582cd146e71f871ba8a17da30c0ad831de836/source/ftrack_api/session.py#lines-1070 We do support passing a list, tuple or QueryResult, so my workaround would be something like the populate line in this snippet. The rest is just included to set up my example / test. shot = session.query('select children from Shot where children is_not None').first() session.populate(shot['children'][:], 'status') with session.auto_populating(False): print(shot['children'][0]['name']) print(shot['children'][0]['status']) I suppose the root cause of all this is that children maps to Contexts, which can include Projects, which themselves do not have statuses.
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    I'm coming in 2 years late, but I was attempting to do this myself and found some info which might help others: If api_user == target_user, then target_user will never receive any notification. It can only be found in the sent items of author_user. The browser notification will always be from api_user. The note itself will correctly be from author_user.