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    Mani Varma

    Note Component's Storage Usage

    Hi, I cooked up a script to delete File Component from Note's belonging to a specific Project and has worked out fine, but it doesn't seem to reflect on Ftrack Storage Usage. Query for NoteComponent doesn't return anything anymore and I don't understand where NoteComponent get it's storage space from if it's not in Ftrack Storage. def get_filter_string(entity_ids): return ', '.join( '"{0}"'.format(entity_id) for entity_id in entity_ids ) note_entities = [] project_component = session.query('select name, descendants from Project where id is "{0}"'.format( entity_id )).one() note_entities.append(project_component['id']) for hierarchy_item in project_component['descendants']: note_entities.append(hierarchy_item['id']) note_components = session.query('select component, component.file_type, component.name ' 'from NoteComponent where note.parent_id in ({0})'.format( get_filter_string(note_entities) )).all() # Download happens from note_components information then delete. for note_component in note_components: session.delete(note_component['component']) session.commit()