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    Hi Remus, not at the moment - if they have access to the components tab they can delete them. I think it makes sense to have this as a permission (and more granular in general) and will raise this as a feature request with the team.
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    We have ideas on similar expressions in the API. All new features and widgets that we build are based on the API so eventually we will need this kind of functionality in the API.
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    This is a known "issue" and not designed. We're considering changing this in the future to limit creation of new components with duplicate names.
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    Including my answer to sati here as well for future reference: "Missing playable component" means that the version does not contain a component with the required metadata to mark it as a reviewable component. For local installations, we try to encode videos to a web playable format, but do not support encoding images at this point. To make the images viewable you can do one of the following: Publish versions that fulfills the requirement via the API: Publishing for web review Run an event listener which automatically updates images to be reviewable: Image 'encoder' for local installations.