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    Mattias Lagergren

    index Ftrack database

    Yes, but please open a support case by emailing support[at]ftrack.com if anything sticks out to you as slow or if there is something that you think can be optimised.
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    Hi Remus, this should be related to: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/598-manage-roles/ We're working on a fix here: https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api/pull-requests/186/backlog-collections-are-not-merged/diff
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    Lucas Correia

    Query Calendar events

    Hi Laura, Sure, they are exposed through the API as CalendarEvent and CalendarEventResource entities. Here is an example query to look if someone is booked on a particular project during an interval (in server time/UTC). session.query( 'CalendarEventResource ' 'where calendar_event.project.name is "test" ' 'and resource[User].username is "lucas.correia" ' 'and calendar_event.start <= "2017-11-09T23:59:59" ' 'and calendar_event.end >= "2017-11-09T00:00:00" ' ).first() Regards, Lucas
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    Lucas Correia

    Create version 0 in Ftrack

    Hi Remus, When creating a new version, it seems like `0` is treated as None and the resulting AssetVersion will have the version number set to the next available version number or 1. After the version has been created it is possible to update the version number to set it explicitly as 0. asset_version = session.create('AssetVersion', {...}) session.commit() asset_version['version'] = 0 session.commit() Regards, Lucas
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    Hours in My Tasks

    Hey, Got a request to have hours on the My Tasks page. https://imgur.com/a/fzmDM
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    Lucas Correia

    Time logging

    Hi Chris, It should be possible to use an event listener to automate starting a timer for a user when a task's status is set in progress. The reason that we don't do this automatically is that there can be several situations where you do not want the timer started automatically, and it is hard to know when this is. An event listener is a small python script that can be used to subscribe to changes in ftrack and perform custom logic such as updating a status, starting a external process or triggering a user interface. Here are some useful resources for setting up an event listener: * Developer hub with introduction to the API * How to subscribe with the API * Information about the update event * Example event listeners If you are not interested in logging time, but rather want to see how long a particular task has been in a certain state you can look at querying `Event` objects using the API. There is a snippet with some examples here. You probably want to query for action=change.status.task and parent_id=the task's id. Regards, Lucas
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    These action based solutions that correct bad input after the fact can be confusing to users and also have to deal with lots of complexity from potential side-effects. E.g. did some other action run in response to the initial change and that also has to be reverted. It would be much more interesting if the action could run prior to ftrack performing the change. A 'validation' event of sorts. Obviously the listener would likely have to run on / near the actual ftrack server to give suitable performance, but, for those interested in more validation control, the performance tradeoff might be worth it.
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    @Remus Avram: Thank you Remus, we ended up following your breadcrumb and creating a dedicated API user to filter through the events. Works like a charm, but quite disappointing that it requires a license. Thanks again for the offer to help. It's much appreciated. Cheers, G
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    Thanks, I will bring this up with the team as feature requests
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    Folders in Client review

    This is a good idea that we are also looking forward to use. Here is a current use case we are facing : we are working on a show that contains several episodes, and we are working on different episodes simultaneously. When creating a client review that contains shots from different episodes, we would like to be able to group those shoots depending on the episode they belong to. Right now, we can instead create a client review for each episode, but as AlbertoGz said, this would lead to a huge list of client review thus a huge number of associated mails.
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    Working with Tags

    I'm digging up this old thread as well. We are making a new asset library and wanna tag versions with things like maya,maya_2017,vray,vray_3.5,character,fur,projectname and then be able to do a reasonably fast query against this through the API. Would modifying a custom enum attribute and add more values as we go along still be the best or only option? Feels like that attribute would get pretty crazy pretty quickly.
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    Hi Tobi, it is currently not possible to do this but we have an accepted item on our trello board roadmap: https://trello.com/c/hjeU0hHW/30-cross-project-task-user-overview
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    Eric Pinkel

    Schedule Gant Task Grid Highlighting

    We would like to extend the selected task darkened bar to the Schedule Gant View. This would allow us to more easily see the selected task in complex Gant views.
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    DJV Viewer

    I have recently updated the DJV View action to be more flexible in other pipelines; https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-hooks/tree/master/djv_plugin You can now specify what files are available for the user to choose from.
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    J Bills

    multiple stills per version

    Would be handy to be able to upload multiple stills as a single media entry submission for a version. Say instead of doing a turntable render, you just do 4-5 quick jpg renders of a model at multiple angles. Would be great to drop these all into the ftrack upload box and have them parsed into a slideshow for review, instead of having to upload 4 separate versions (1 per jpg) as now.