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  1. Sorry for the confusion I caused, Jed. The review functionality should be quite mobile friendly; that is to say for ftrack Review and the external review sessions for ftrack Studio. I hope that helps.
  2. The web app is mobile friendly but I will relay your request to the Product Team. Thanks Aaron!
  3. Hi Aaron, Thanks for reaching out. I am very sorry for the delay. The mobile app is no longer supported, so it has been removed from the app stores. However you may still use it if you have it installed on your mobile device. The client review experience is mobile friendly - one can watch media, make notes, annotate frames etc., just like on a desktop. In short, you can not track project progress etc. in a mobile-friendly version at this point in time. Please let support (at) ftrack (dot) com know if you have any tech. questions. Have a nice day, stay safe! Best regards from Madrid, Dan
  4. Hallo Marc, There is relatively little in the Connect log as this issue is strictly related to the Adobe plugin installation. A workaround has been to have an older version of the Adobe software installed so that the plugin will be detected. Adobe should allow you to download a previous version easily. Please let us know how we can be of more help via your existing Support ticket. Cheers from Madrid, Dan
  5. Hallo Marc, We are sorry you are having issues. Please could you send us the log files to our Support team via your existing Support ticket? The log files can be found in a separate directory from the ftrack Connect installation. You can open the directory from the About dialog by selecting About in the context menu that will be displayed when you click the ftrack icon in the menu bar/taskbar, and then clicking Open log directory. Cheers, Dan
  6. Hi Alberto, We see you have reached a limit in the number of connections to the event server, so we've doubled it for now but you should investigate why this is happening. It usually happens when a lot of API connections are created. How can we be of more help? Cheers, Dan
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