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  1. Hi All, When exporting pdf, it adds a task to the task list and says it runs for about 2 minutes before it switches to Failed. Any solution for this. TIA
  2. Yes mattias i am trying to import from Nuke . is there any ways to do it??
  3. I have published Mattepaint assets using ftrack. i want to import that assets into composting task. Can u help me with this?? i can only import compositing assets. i cant import Photoshop published assets? TIA
  4. Thanks a lot Mattias. i have configured the storage. Now i can publish the script and assets using our new API. But when i tried to publish web reviewable i am getting following errors. Any ways to sort it out. TIA
  5. i have followed the installation process. i am getting this error when i am trying to publish
  6. Hi i am new to ftrack API. In my studio we want to integrate new Ftrack API for creating web playable content for preview. so far we are using ftrack connect and publish the file for web playable preview. But now if i want to integrate using with new API i am getting following errors. Please suggest where to start?? Thanks Sri
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