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Found 3 results

  1. Having messages, notes, newly assigned task... or pretty much anything (preferably customisable) make a small pop up notification on the desktop when they are sent or assigned would be very useful. The problem is that people might forget to check their messages, but if they get a tiny pop up it will at the very least remind them to go a check what's going on. Something like this for instance I'm not sure how easy is something like this to implement in other browsers, but Chrome seems to have built in way of doing it. I can imagine this appearing, when artist, get's a personal message (e.g. of certain category) or is assigned an urgent priority task and so on.
  2. Hi I am struggling to work out how to create a new AssetVersion in the new API. I think I have to do the following: Create an Asset -- parented to the shot Create an AssetVersion -- linking to the task and asset Create the Component. Unfortunately I'm getting an error, it seems to want a context_id on the Asset, but I don't know what to give it? I have the following code: location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').first() task = session.query('Task where id is "d4564359-2944-49d4-93fa-b11909f19ff5"').first() shot = session.query('Shot where id is "bf127242-da0b-40aa-ac19-ca793f7590e0"').first() data = { 'parent': shot, 'name':"aAsset", 'type':'scene' } asset = session.create("Asset", {}) data = { "task": task, "asset": asset, "name": "Philip Test", "version": 99, } version = session.create("AssetVersion", data) component = version.create_component( path=r"P:\a_project\series_01\sequences\025\sq025_sh040\2d\publish\v009\040_Compositing.nk", data={ 'name': 'nuke_script' }, location=location ) session.commit() And I get the following error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/Philips/Documents/source_code/test_project/ftrack/", line 51, in <module> location=location File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 47, in create_component return self.session.create_component(path, data=data, location=location) File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\", line 1816, in create_component 'FileComponent', path, data, location File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\", line 1887, in _create_component location.add_component(component, origin_location, recursive=False) File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 77, in add_component [component], sources=source, recursive=recursive File "L:\script_library\pipeline\libs\3rd_party\production\ftrack_api\entity\", line 249, in add_components transferred=transferred ftrack_api.exception.LocationError: Failed to register components with location <UnmanagedLocation("ftrack.unmanaged", cb268ecc-8809-11e3-a7e2-20c9d081909b)> due to error: Server reported error: OperationalError((OperationalError) (1048, "Column 'context_id' cannot be null") 'INSERT INTO asset (id, name, context_id, taskid, type_id) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s)' (u'6220bf4b-3d0f-45cf-aa6c-45106fd49396', None, None, None, None)) Transferred component data that may require cleanup: [(<dynamic ftrack FileComponent object 54489720>, 'P:\\a_project\\series_01\\sequences\\025\\sq025_sh040\\2d\\publish\\v009\\040_Compositing.nk')]
  3. artemple

    Starting Ftrack

    Thank you I found the answer to my question.