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  1. Reports filtering with disabled users is not working

    We just fixed this in the Time tracking report and it should be available in the next maintenance release
  2. Issues with fetching the data in Ftrack web interface

    We've just reviewed this issue and will release it in an upcoming maintenance release
  3. Task View and Custom Attribute question

    Not currently part of the roadmap but we have been discussing it internally
  4. time tracking: set defult start time when enter 9h

    Is this when you add it from the Timesheet interface?
  5. Disable track time on milestones option

    A possible solution is of course to add an event listener and display an action interface message to the user. You could also remove the time log in the same event callback
  6. Disable track time on milestones option

    Hi Remus, it is currently not possible to disable that but I will raise the issue with the team.
  7. Update custom attribute via JavaScript Api

    Hi Paul and welcome to the forums. This is an example of how to se the ContextCustomAttributeValue, the first id in the entity_key is the custom attribute configuration id, the second one is the project id. {"action": "update", "entity_data": {"__entity_type__": "ContextCustomAttributeValue", "value": "31"}, "entity_key": ["d25219d6-acb5-11e1-8668-f23c91df1211", "32580850-64a2-11e7-a4bd-0a580ae40187"], "entity_type": "ContextCustomAttributeValue"}
  8. Hierarchical Custom Attribute Change Event

    The issue with update events on hierarchical custom attributes should be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release (scheduled for 3.5.25)
  9. dynamic enumerator and current selection

    Hi Tim, Sorry for the confusion on this - you're correct, the id is wrong when accessed from the sidebar. To work around this you can do the following: if '_' in entityId realId, junk = entityId.split('_') As for the entityType - this is old style entity type from the backend. Instead of using 'task' you would want to use 'TypedContext' on the session: session.get('TypedContext', realId)
  10. ftrack Browser tabs

    Hey Erik, this is something that we're considering for the future. It could very useful if you have a lot of tabs open for different projects.
  11. adding sorted notes

    Yes, the latest replied to note will be at the top. About ingesting them in a sorted manner the problem is likely that they are added too fast or at once. A possible solution is to explicitly set the note['date'] to order them. E.g. by offsetting them in seconds.
  12. Duplicating Projects

    Hi and welcome to the forums! There are multiple ways to achieve this, either by using our API and build an action for it. Or setting up a "template" and just copy and paste the structure from it. And a template project is an ordinary project that you have decided should only be used to copy&paste from (could be hidden or named to indicate that it is meant for templating)
  13. Reports of hidden projects

    Hi Luigi, as of now the best way would be to temporarily re-activate the project and run the report
  14. Accessing object of 'note_components'

    Hi and welcome to the forum. The Collection object that you get can be accessed much like a list: for note_component in some_note['note_components']: ... some_note['note_components'][0] et.c
  15. Parent attributes available on Child

    Hi Ozen, I remember us discussing this and we're tracking a feature request about it. I will forward this to the team