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  1. Hi! I agree and can see that this is confusing. We will look into clarifying what is happening; for larger projects the bid, worked, +/-, status progress and other columns are not actually loaded until you expand something. This is for performance reasons but does also impact the summaries. We will see if we can make this clear and show something else instead of "0.0".
  2. Hi and thank you all for your feedback. We understand the motivation for validating input and will take this into consideration for future development. As I understand it and what I've heard from other customers is that the project code, but also shot / asset / task names should be validated. A suggestion in the first post is to have a regexp to control this, what do you think about this? Would that be enough for your use-cases? Thank you for highlighting this. The ftrack.validate event is deprecated and we will make sure to remove it from the documentation.
  3. No updates as of now - as an additional workaround, have you looked into writing a message (note without parent) to the user? This should trigger a notification note = session.create('Note', { 'content': 'hey', 'user_id': author_user_id}) sesssion.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': note['id'], 'resource_id': target_user_id }) session.commit()
  4. Remus, no checklist/todos has been implemented - the closes thing is what you've found regarding note completion. But this more related to feedback and seeing if it has been addressed or not
  5. Hi, With the code you have there you are only removing the component file from the server location. Instead, try to remove the component itself: session.delete(component) session.commit()
  6. When you create the AssetVersion from the API you should be able to set the 'user_id' to another user: version = session.create('AssetVersion', {'asset_id': asset_id, 'user_id': another_user_id})
  7. Makes sense, would the 3d modellers group in this case be a group on that project? I.e. a subset of all 3d modellers in the Studio, that are now working on this project
  8. I think that are two purposes: For communication; to keep track of that the object (and containing tasks) should be tackled by the users in the allocated group. The user selector when assigning tasks are restricted to the users in that group. This makes sense and is something that we've discussed internally but never got to investigate further.
  9. Hello Mathias, i was wondering if there is an easy way to move the media versions from one task to another, without the need to download it and upload it again in the correct task folder. 

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Mattias Lagergren

      Mattias Lagergren

      Hi. Depending on how it is uploaded, you could be using the python API for changing this if you have some knowledge of python. Let me know if you want me to point you in the right direction?

    2. Mattias Lagergren

      Mattias Lagergren

      I saw that you posted on the forum. I will answer there: 


  10. Thank you for reporting, I was not aware of this and at the moment we've restricted time-logging to task and this sounds like a bug.
  11. Hi Tim, Sorry for the confusion on this - you're correct, the id is wrong when accessed from the sidebar. To work around this you can do the following: if '_' in entityId realId, junk = entityId.split('_') As for the entityType - this is old style entity type from the backend. Instead of using 'task' you would want to use 'TypedContext' on the session: session.get('TypedContext', realId)
  12. Hi Ozen, I remember us discussing this and we're tracking a feature request about it. I will forward this to the team
  13. Hi Jerome, we have hidden it from bitbucket because it is not officially support / maintained. If you want I can give you access - please email support@ftrack.com and refer to this thread.
  14. To attach a calendar event to a user you will want to create a CalendarEventResource with the calendar_event_id and resource_id (the id of the user).
  15. Hi, thank you for this input. I will forward this feedback to the team for future considerations.
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