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  1. ftrack-example-create-folders-action

    Hi @UrbanCircus and welcome to the forums! It is possible to trigger folder creations but it is not something that we offer out of the box. Instead the folder structure is usually create once you publish a file from one of our integrations.
  2. Ability to sticky notes to top of note list

    Thank you for the suggestion I will raise it with the team!
  3. index Ftrack database

    Yes, but please open a support case by emailing support[at] if anything sticks out to you as slow or if there is something that you think can be optimised.
  4. job_updated action type

    Job in this case is the "Job" entity in ftrack - e.g. export, encode or if you create them from the API.
  5. job_updated action type

    This is a special event triggered by the server when a job has changed (e.g. the status of the job). I was not able to find any good reason why this is not handled through the ordinary update event.
  6. automatically re-subscribe users to the actions

    I assume that "re-launching" the actions means that you kill the current process and launch it again? If so, this gives you a fresh environment, and avoids and necessity to clean it up which would be the main difficulty with doing the same in Connect without restarting it. I.e. old plugins must be unregistered properly and if there are dependent modules that has changed they must be reloaded.
  7. index Ftrack database

    Hi Remus, we strongly advice not to change indices in the database or alter it. However, if you find anything that can be optimised we would be thankful if open a support ticket with relevant information.
  8. asset['versions'] doesn't include the new created version in the same session

    Hi Remus, this should be related to: We're working on a fix here:
  9. That is a good idea, I will bring it up with the team
  10. Manage Roles

    Hi Remus, we have found a potential issue and are working on a fix for this - hopefully we can get it resolved soon!
  11. Report export settings

    Hi Luigi, which report is this? If it is the Tasks spreadsheet you refer to you can save the extra columns into a view and re-use that when exporting
  12. You mean when using arrow up/down to change selection it should scroll vertically when are at the bottom or top?
  13. need some hep with a event listener

    Interesting post from my colleague Björn here:
  14. Connect Not working in Maya 2018.1 and Adobe 2017 series

    For Adobe products you'll need to install the addon first, more information can be found here: As for Maya 2018, does it get stuck on the loading screen and no errors?
  15. How to create a custom location structure?

    Hi, here is an article about how locations work in the ftrack-python-api and how to configure a location: When writing your own location (+ structure) you can take inspiration from our built in standard structure: The important function to implement is the get_resource_identifier which generates the path for a specific component