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  1. Allow production to manage user roles

    Hi Remus, This is something that is quite high up on our radar and something that we want to do. We've considered it as part of a revamp of the "Team" page in ftrack - to let the user configure what security roles a user should have. It would be possible to do custom event listener / action for this (possibly triggered) but will of course require some work to get it efficient for the user.
  2. Accessing Activities for an Object

    This should help you get all events from e.g. a task: session.query('Event where parent_id is "{0}"'.format(task['id'])).all()
  3. API: ServerError/AssertionError when committing

    Could you submit a minimal, complete and verifiable script to help us reproduce the issue?
  4. Search in ftrack by username

    Is this the global search in ftrack?
  5. sync not triggered when user is added to project user group

    Is this the ftrack.update event not being emitted? Not sure I fully understand this. Could you give an example to explain the issue more?
  6. No event when assigning a manager type to a user

    We have a longterm plan of refreshing the events system but I do not have any dates for this yet I'm afraid
  7. Accessing Task Template

    I see, so the issue is that the version of ftrack you have does not support task templates through the api: If you email with your company information we can see if we can get you upgrade before the scheduled window. Make sure to add this forum post as a reference.
  8. No event when assigning a manager type to a user

    Hi Luigi, I'm afraid not. Not all actions in ftrack generates events at this point
  9. Accessing Task Template

    Thanks but I mean the version of your ftrack service, you can find this under System Settings > About. Cheers
  10. Status / Type Overlay Colours in Overview / Project View

    Hi Alex and welcome to the forums! Could you elaborate a little on your question? If the question is about us supporting "Status / Type Overlay Colours in Overview", I can confirm that this is currently high on our priority list but we haven't started implementation yet.
  11. Accessing Task Template

    Which version of ftrack are you currently on?
  12. Sending a .mov to Web review

    Could you post a small script that reproduces the whole issue? As self-contained as possible
  13. Batch deleting playlists

    Hi Luigi, except from programatically deleting them through the API there is currently no way of batch deleting Lists.
  14. Migration error: No Qt binding were found

    Hi Mike, what if you change to: from QtExt import QtWidgets Does it work then?
  15. Filtering in Query and in the overview

    This should allow you to filter tasks based on lack of assignments: not assignments any () For the other one with asset types, is that in the Versions view or Tasks view? Could you elaborate a little on what you want to see.