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  1. Query Project Schema Objects

    Querying out the existing ObjectTypes for project schema is something that we are working and should come out in an upcoming maintenance release
  2. How to create new entity types with python api

    There is no ETA for making this available at the moment, but it is not likely to happen within the next few months I'm afraid. For our own usage we will need this functionality eventuelly
  3. How to create new entity types with python api

    Hi Lukas, Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums! To manage the object types and the project schemas you have to go through the Web UI today. In future versions of ftrack we will most likely add support for this through the API but due to some underlying complexity of how the schemas are modeled we have currently limited API access on this to read (and locked down update/create operations).
  4. Assignee

    Hi Heloisa, Could you open a support-case with this issue and also provide the name of your ftrack-instance (<ftrack-instance> And we can look at this to see what is going on. What is the purpose of assigning all those users, is it to have them log time to the task?
  5. Archive projects

    No news on this feature request yet - what is the primary reason for you to archive the project? Is it for backup reasons, would you remove it from ftrack after you have exported it?
  6. AttributeError: xx object has no attribute...

    So if you just run this in a script on the problematic environment, you get "Location" rather than "ServerLocation"? >>> import ftrack_api >>> session = ftrack_api.Session() >>> session.get('Location', ftrack_api.symbol.SERVER_LOCATION_ID) If you try the same thing but make sure to empty your FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable?
  7. Problem publishing component

    Hi, could you provide a small self-contained script where you reproduce this issue? I.e. without the function calls etc, as it is hard to know exactly where the issue. From the error message it does sound like a relationship attribute is set to a string value rather than the object. E.g. "task" or "asset" could be such relations
  8. Assigning user groups to objects

    Makes sense, would the 3d modellers group in this case be a group on that project? I.e. a subset of all 3d modellers in the Studio, that are now working on this project
  9. Assigning user groups to objects

    I think that are two purposes: For communication; to keep track of that the object (and containing tasks) should be tackled by the users in the allocated group. The user selector when assigning tasks are restricted to the users in that group. This makes sense and is something that we've discussed internally but never got to investigate further.
  10. Moving media versions from one task to another

    I'm afraid that it is a bit too much effort to learn programming / python to do this. It might be easier to just upload the data again or rename / move the tasks and shots (if possible).
  11. New API custom locations, structures and resolver tutorials?

    Hi Mike, the event is documented here with a template plugin:
  12. Moving media versions from one task to another

    Hi. Depending on how it is uploaded and where you want to move it. Is it uploaded on a task on a folder - and you want to move it to another task on the same folder? You could be using the python API for changing this if you have some knowledge of python. Let me know if you want me to point you in the right direction?
  13. Hello Mathias, i was wondering if there is an easy way to move the media versions from one task to another, without the need to download it and upload it again in the correct task folder. 

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Mattias Lagergren

      Mattias Lagergren

      Hi. Depending on how it is uploaded, you could be using the python API for changing this if you have some knowledge of python. Let me know if you want me to point you in the right direction?

    2. Mattias Lagergren

      Mattias Lagergren

      I saw that you posted on the forum. I will answer there: 


  14. Get a project custom_attribute value?

    The values of custom attributes can be read from the custom_attributes relation. Like this: print project['custom_attributes']['my_text_field']
  15. Time logging

    Thank you for reporting, I was not aware of this and at the moment we've restricted time-logging to task and this sounds like a bug.