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  1. Mattias Lagergren

    General Custom Atribut Collumn

    Hi Jex, from System settings you are able to create custom attributes that are available on all projects. And you can also create an enumerator type of attribute to represent "Reuse, partialReuse, new"
  2. Thank you for reaching out Tilt, one thing to help us debug this is if you could wrap you problematic statements in a try-except block and print some variables. I'd like to understand if this is a problem in the api client, backend or something related to the Shot/AssetVersion configuration: try: ... except: print asset_version['link'] # Or print shot['link'] or others raise When you know the entity you could re-run the action to see if you got the same issue. And then work backwards from that. Another idea is to see what happens if you run the action on a Shot that has not been saved in your Tasks spreadsheet.
  3. Mattias Lagergren

    get latest versions - only one per task

    Hi Remus, from the web interface the "Latest version" box is the closest that you can get. Or simply sort on the "Published" column in the Sidebar Versions tab and look at the top one
  4. Mattias Lagergren

    in-task checklists

    Remus, no checklist/todos has been implemented - the closes thing is what you've found regarding note completion. But this more related to feedback and seeing if it has been addressed or not
  5. Mattias Lagergren

    Custom Attribute must be set

    Hi Peter, I'm afraid it is not possible to set the custom attribute to mandatory. But I think it makes sense and will raise it as a feature request with the team
  6. Mattias Lagergren

    Milestone upload error

    Hi, this looks like a bug and I will raise it with the team. Thanks for reporting!
  7. Mattias Lagergren

    Unpersisted operation

    Hi Kim-a, Could you provide a minimal, self-contained script that I can run to reproduce this issue? As small as possible
  8. Mattias Lagergren

    Batch deleting playlists

    Hi Remus, No updates for batch handling of Lists I'm afraid. For review sessions we are working on new management UI components that will be part of the Review product and will later transition into the Studio version. When you say playlist here, is that a List or a Client review session?
  9. Mattias Lagergren

    Removing a component from a Note

    Hi, With the code you have there you are only removing the component file from the server location. Instead, try to remove the component itself: session.delete(component) session.commit()
  10. Mattias Lagergren

    Query Ftrack Server time

    Hi Lukas, if you are running an hosted instance of ftrack it is usually in UTC. You can get it like this: datetime.datetime.utcnow()
  11. Mattias Lagergren

    Pre-projecting nested data

    Hi Justin, Do you want to retrieve both the shot and the list in the same query? But nothing else from the collections - i.e. not all entries in the list and not all lists). Unfortunately I'm not sure this can be done with less than two queries.
  12. Mattias Lagergren

    Upgrading MariaDB to use JSON

    Yes, we plan to upgrade to MariaDB 10.X but I do not have any dates on this yet. The JSON functionality is interesting and something to consider
  13. Mattias Lagergren

    Monthly calendar view.

    Hi and welcome to the forums! It is a good idea and something to consider for the future - I will raise this feature request with the team
  14. Mattias Lagergren

    Set Note as completed with api

    Hi Mitch, this is correct - completed_by_id and completed_at should do it!
  15. Mattias Lagergren

    how to create episodes

    Hi and welcome to the forums. You're correct in that Episode object type must be part of the project schema (this can be confiugred from System Settings > Workflow > Objects. If you have a default ftrack setup there should be a workflow containing "Episode" already. From system settings you can then add it to the relevant workflows.