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  1. Thanks @Daniel Fleming , your advice has helped me solve this problem.
  2. Hi Daniel, There are more than 1000 shots in tasks board, and I have tried to expand only a few of them, but no matter I choose one or more shots to expand, the result is the same. Is it because there are too many records in the board ? regards, liam
  3. Hi everyone, When I tried to expand objects, I got this error: What's going on here please ?
  4. Hi Mattias, Sorry to bring up this old post, but this is really related to my question: I don't know how can I get info like "project" from the dynamic-enumerator event who is triggered by a custom attribute of dynamic-enum type on the filter section ? I notice that the "recordData" in the event was empty, but there is one data named "filters", so I guess it is used to record the info about the current filters, but it doesn't look like it has the data I want. { u'attributeName': u'episode', u'sorters': [], u'filters': [ { u'disabled': True, u'property': u'name', u'root': u'data', u'initialConfig': { u'disabled': True, u'property': u'name', u'root': u'data', u'id': u'ft-dynamicenumerator-2000574-query-filter' }, u'id': u'ft-dynamicenumerator-2000574-query-filter' } ], u'query': u'', u'groupers': [], u'recordData': {} } So, in this situation, is there any chances I can get the info about like "project" ? Thanks a lot. Liam
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