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  1. Hi @Lorenzo Angeli We are using Maya 2018 which has Python 2.7.11. I switched to Connect 1.1.2 and the problem still persists. This issue didn't happen at first but has grown in numbers, ftrack never loads once the error shows up for the first time.
  2. Hello, Recently we've been facing issues with the ftrack plugin not loading up along with Maya instead an error message on Maya Console "SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED". After this the plugin never loads on the specific machine, it's the same error all the time. Adding the error message below, is there anyway to get past this?
  3. Hi, I cooked up a script to delete File Component from Note's belonging to a specific Project and has worked out fine, but it doesn't seem to reflect on Ftrack Storage Usage. Query for NoteComponent doesn't return anything anymore and I don't understand where NoteComponent get it's storage space from if it's not in Ftrack Storage. def get_filter_string(entity_ids): return ', '.join( '"{0}"'.format(entity_id) for entity_id in entity_ids ) note_entities = [] project_component = session.query('select name, descendants from Project where id is "{0}"'.format( entity_id )).one() note_entities.append(project_component['id']) for hierarchy_item in project_component['descendants']: note_entities.append(hierarchy_item['id']) note_components = session.query('select component, component.file_type, ' 'from NoteComponent where note.parent_id in ({0})'.format( get_filter_string(note_entities) )).all() # Download happens from note_components information then delete. for note_component in note_components: session.delete(note_component['component']) session.commit()
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create an Action to launch a tree widget similar to the one used to create Links between Objects. This is to help me copy Task structure from another Project. I tried querying all descendant items from a Project but it's taking a little bit of time and the Links widget seems to be pretty fast and is structured in a hierarchy. I couldn't find any straight answer to use a widget with Python Actions. If it can't be done this way, is there any other way to copy structure? Because we do it so often it would be easier to have a quick shortcut without going back and forth. Task Templates is not helping much since it seems to create only Tasks without any hierarchy.