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  1. ftrack_api threadsafe

    We already requested this. It makes sens for us as using multiple session it means creating multiple cache files which increase the number of queries to the DB.
  2. ftrack_api threadsafe

    We tried multiple ways. It will not work. If you are using multi threads, use multiple session.
  3. It would be great if there would be an attribute "send_notification" type boolean on the asset version type. True - send notification False - don't send notification
  4. version['is_publish'] - for what it's used?

    Thanks @tokejepsen for the info. I was thinking that it's something related to the notifications. So if it's set to false, then it will not send a notification.
  5. Hi all, is there a way to not send notifications for a asset version when it's published? For example I don't want to send every time a new notification when a work file is published. I want to send notifications only when a real publish is done and needs to be added for review. Best, Remus
  6. Hi all, I looked into the documentation, but I didn't find anything related to the "is_publish" attribute of an AssetVersion. Does anybody know if it's used for something specific? Best, Remus
  7. Right-click selects as well.

    We also reported this one here
  8. Create version 0 in Ftrack

    I think not specifying the version number when you create the assetVersion it's the best way. In this way it's automatically creating the next version.
  9. No offline ftrack documentation in new release

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren the offline documentation was awesome for the production and artists as they could find it easily. Unfortunately, our users don't have direct internet connection and they can not easily access it. Another think is that we are not migrating to the latest version all the time. Especially when we are close to a show deadline. In this way, if there are new features which production is interested in, but they are not in the Ftrack version used in production, then it could create confusion.
  10. ftrack_api threadsafe

    Thanks @Martin Pengelly-Phillips for your info. I am interested how others studios are using the `ftrack_api`.
  11. Create version 0 in Ftrack

    Thanks @Mattias Lagergren! For the moment the work around works. It's just that would be cool to have it fixed.
  12. ftrack_api threadsafe

    Thanks @Martin Pengelly-Phillips for the info! So as I understand the cache is build per session. If there is a session per thread, then for each thread there is a cache file which can contain the same data as the other sessions. Am I correct? Having only one session, there is only one cache file with all the data and the queries are faster. Less queries to the database. Do you know if the sessions connected? I did a test and it seems that they are. I query in assetBuild in one session and I created a task using as parent the assetbuild from the other session and the task was created. @Martin Pengelly-Phillips: I am interested how are you using the session. Are you creating a new session for each query / commit?
  13. Create version 0 in Ftrack

    Hi @Lucas Correia, is it possible to change the behaviour too allow creating version 0 without changing it after the version was created? We need to patch it everywhere we create a new versions.
  14. ftrack_api threadsafe

    Thanks @Mattias Lagergren for your answer! For us it's quite important because we are planing to use threads in all of our tools. We would like to use at least 1 thread in order to not freeze the UI while it is fetching the data. You mean something like this: from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool as ThreadPool import ftrack_api from ftrack_api.symbol import Symbol session = ftrack_api.Session() def check_keys(entity): for key in entity.keys(): if isinstance(entity[key], Symbol): print entity, ': ', key def check_children(entity_id): entity = session.get('TypedContext', entity_id) if 'children' in entity.keys(): for child in entity['children']: check_keys(entity=child) check_children(entity_id=child['id']) def main(): projects = session.query("Project").all() projects_id = [project["id"] for project in projects] pool = ThreadPool(), projects_id) if __name__ == "__main__": main() It still doesn't work. In the thread most of the time session.get('TypedContext', entity_id) returns None.
  15. ftrack_api threadsafe

    Hi Mattias, ahh... are you going to make it thread safe? The problem is that if it is not specified when the session is created to not auto-populate, then it should never return a Symbol (NOT SET) value. Creating a session per thread works as expected. But it doesn't help us as the sessions are not connected.