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  1. time tracking: set defult start time when enter 9h

    Are you able to reproduce it?
  2. Disable track time on milestones option

    Thanks Mattias for your suggestion. We will try that as a workaround. It would be great in the feature to be able to enable / disable time tracking per entity.
  3. Hi, when I enter 9h in the time tracking it starts tracking the time from 00:00am. Is it possible to set a default start time when I enter Xh format? Ex defult start tracking time from: 10:00am
  4. Asset dependency graph

    Hi, did anybody so far create an action which creates a dependency graph of the connected assets? We started tracking every version in Ftrack and link the versions between them. Sometimes we can reach more than 10 layers. It's nice that we can view the links in Ftrack, but adding them in a graph would look nicer.
  5. Hi, is it possible to disable the possibility of tracking time on milestones? Artists do this mistake and track time on milestones.
  6. Hi guys, is this something that you are planning to implement?
  7. Limiting a Custom Attribute to Specific Asset Types

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren thank you! Is there any workaround which you would suggest in the mean while?
  8. Limiting a Custom Attribute to Specific Asset Types

    At the moment I don't think it's possible. We would like to be able to have custom attributes per asset type also. Another example is that we have the camera published in Ftrack and some specific custom attributes like `shutter_open` and `shutter_closed`. These custom attributes should not be visible on a different asset type. For each asset type there are specific custom attributes.
  9. Dynamic Enum not accepting my values??

    Hi @Tim Edelmann which version of Ftrack are you running?
  10. Time traking chenged by Coordinator/Producer

    Hi @Aleksandra no, we didn't. We ask the users to track their time correctly as time means money. But still a pain for production when an artist leaves the company and he didn't track the time correctly.
  11. Custom attribute on user always single selection

    Hi @INFECTED it works for us. Which version of Ftrack are you running? We are running 3.5.21
  12. How do I name tasks in a task template

    +1 - we are interested in this, too
  13. @Message

    +1 - we are interested, too