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  1. But as you said that the milestones are actually tasks, is it not possible to have them there, too?
  2. component name is not unique

    Is this expected?
  3. Hi, is it possible in the Task speed sheet to create Advanced filter "Any" condition for multiple entities types? For example I would like to see all tasks and milestones with a specific due date.
  4. Hi Mattias, thanks for looking into this. We found the issue. It's from our side. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Hi, If we upload web-playable clips to ftrack.server location with `frameIn` = 0, we are not able to jump back to the first frame when we review frame by frame in the web review. We are able to jump back to the second frame latest. If we set `frameIn` in the metadata of a component of a version to -1 we are able to jump back to the first frame.
  6. component name is not unique

    Hi Ftrack Team, the component name is not unique. We are able to create components on a AssetVersion type with the same name. Code example: import ftrack_api session = ftrack_api.Session() unmanaged_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').one() version = session.query("AssetVersion").first() version.create_component( "/path/to/a/file.txt", data={'name': "main"}, location=unmanaged_location ) session.commit() version.create_component( "/path/to/a/file.txt", data={'name': "main"}, location=unmanaged_location ) session.commit() Ftrack Version:
  7. Hi all, is there a reason why frameIn on the web-playable component requires to be 0? If it doesn't start from 0, then it is not possible to play the clip in the web review frame by frame.
  8. Hi guys, I was wandering if the "Decimal" box on the custom attribute of type Number is just for the view. Using the ftrack_api, if the box is checked or not, it returns all the time a type 'float'.
  9. Hi all, I would like to click on the thumbnail of a version in order to play it. If there is no thumbnail on the version, then the play button is not appearing.
  10. How to make publish look like published by another user?

    Hi @vitek you can set the specific user to the "published by" attribute in the "Info" tab. I didn't find a way to change it in the "Activities" tab. Why are you using a dedicated API key for publishing?
  11. can't add the note

    Hi @vitek which version of ftack-api and ftarck server are you running? The example below works for us: import ftrack_api session = ftrack_api.Session() task = session.query("Task where name is cacatcacat").one() note_category = session.query("NoteCategory where name is 'Internal'").one() content = "this is just a test" user = session.query("User where username is '<username>'").one() note = session.create("Note", { 'category': note_category, 'content': content, 'author': user }) task['notes'].append(note) session.commit() Can you assert all the returns?
  12. time tracking: set defult start time when enter 9h

    We created an action which checks if the start time it's set to midnight and if it is, then it updates it to 10:00AM.
  13. CentOS 7 Connect No Qt Binding Were Found

    can you try to install libpng12 and run again?
  14. CentOS 7 Connect No Qt Binding Were Found

    Which version of ftrack-connect-package are you testing? I am testing with 0.7.5 and it works for me. Can you open ftrack -connect-package/ and print the bindings variable? (line 235)