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    Ftrack browser compatibility

    Ah, I always forgot to mention the Ftrack version where the issue occurs. For tests we are running Ftrack version 4.1.5
  2. Remus Avram

    Ftrack browser compatibility

    Hi, where can I found which browsers (including the version) are supported by Ftrack? I just installed Ftrack version 4 and the "Create Project" widget doesn't show up anymore. The browsers which I checked are: Firefox version 45.7.0 Chrome version 50.0.2661 Cheers!
  3. Remus Avram

    Ftrack browser compatibility

    Hi Lucas, no, we didn't configure Ftrack to override the default create project behavior. I will check the browser console and open a support case with more information. Best, Remus
  4. Hi, I would like to assign 50 users to a task in Ftrack. I used the ftrack_api to add automatically all the users to the project and assign them to a single task using the code from below. import ftrack_api session = ftrack_api.Session() project = session.query("Project where name is <project_name>").one() users = session.query("User where is_active is True").all() task = session.query( "select assignments.resource_id " "from Task " "where is '<project_name>' and name is '<task_name>'").one() already_assigned = [_['resource_id'] for _ in task['assignments']] already_members = [_['resource_id'] for _ in project["allocations"]] for user in users: if user["id"] not in already_members: session.create("Appointment", { "context": project, "resource": user, "type": "allocation" }) if user['id'] not in already_assigned: session.create('Appointment', { 'context': task, 'resource': user, 'type': 'assignment' }) session.commit() When I opened the Ftrack web interface and click to the Assignee column of the task, it displays only 27 users. Once I click outside of the box, it displays as there were changes to the task. If I save the changes, then it removes some users and keeps only 27. Is this the normal behaviour, or I am doing something wrong? Ftrack version: 4.1.5 Best, Remus
  5. Remus Avram

    not able to assign more then 27 users per task

    Thanks @JPrydz for letting us know. Is Ftrack going to support MariaDB 10.2.4 soon?
  6. Remus Avram

    not able to assign more then 27 users per task

    Hi @instinct-vfx yes, assigning more then 27 users via API works, but then we need to not allow users to assign via the web interface anymore. Also there is not possible to lock an entity so the users can't change it via the web interface.
  7. Remus Avram

    Ftrack browser compatibility

    CentOS release 6.8 (Final)
  8. Remus Avram

    in-task checklists

    Hi Johan, is there any plan to implement this soon?
  9. Remus Avram

    in-task checklists

    Hi all, is there any update regarding this? This will help a lot our production to keep all the tasks and the information in one place, Ftrack.
  10. Remus Avram

    Batch deleting playlists

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren production is creating lots of lists per day. At the end of the week when they want to clean them, it takes for them a lot of time as they need to remove one by one. It would be really useful to allow them to select all of them at once and remove them.
  11. Remus Avram

    send custom notifications via ftrack_api

    I think this is what exactly we are looking for we will give it a try and let you know if works for us
  12. Remus Avram

    send custom notifications via ftrack_api

    Hi all, is it possible to send custom notifications via ftrack_api? We are automating a lot with actions. But this creates also a lot of confusion. We need to communicate better to the users. We are using the pop up messages, but these are displayed only for 5 seconds. Sometimes the user is missing them, sometimes the message is going away before he/she finishes reading it. Sending notifications to the user will help a lot in understanding what is happening.
  13. Remus Avram

    send custom notifications via ftrack_api

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren any updates regarding this? This will help us a lot if we were able to send messages to Artists using the Ftrack notifications.
  14. Remus Avram

    Store the event data

    Hi Ftrack, is the event data stored somewhere? like DB or in a log file?
  15. Hi, is it possible to get the latest versions, but only one per task in the Ftrack web interface? For example I have a few assets linked to a task, but I am interested in only the latest version published. If I select "Latest version" box, then it will show the latest version for all the assets linked to that task.
  16. Hi, the metadata attribute is missing from the Ftrack list type. Is there any plan to add it also there? We find it really useful for storing all kind of data. Ftrack version: 3.5.21 Best, Remus
  17. Remus Avram

    Date saved into DB when an entity is created

    Hi guys, is the date saved also in the database when an entity is created? For example, when a link between 2 versions is created (AssetVersionLink entity type). If not, is there any plan to add it and be available via API? Best, Remus
  18. Remus Avram

    get latest versions - only one per task

    This is exactly what our production would like to see.
  19. Remus Avram

    No metadata on Ftrack list type

    Hi @JPrydz all kind of data. We try to avoid creating custom attributes for specific things. Some of the lists are created using actions and used later. Some information can be saved in the metadata.
  20. Hi, is there a way to filter in the web interface all users which didn't track their time in Ftrack for the last X days? Cheers, Remus
  21. Remus Avram

    get latest versions - only one per task

    No, in the Tasks page, when an entity is selected and the Info widget is opened, under `Versions` tab.
  22. Remus Avram

    Get all users which did not track their time

    Hi @JPrydz in the "User breakdown" report there is no way to export it. I am running Ftrack version: 3.5.21
  23. Hi guys, where can I find some documentation regarding the "upcoming dates" panel? For big production this seems to be really useful if we can customize it. For example, display the milestones only for the shots which I am working on. Best, Remus
  24. Remus Avram

    2D/3D Asset Library

    We are also looking into this.
  25. Remus Avram

    get latest versions - only one per task

    Hi @Mattias Lagergren, hhmm, yes we do that. But the problem is that we have 14 task types and for each task type sometimes we have 1-5 different assets with linked to the same task. This make it difficult sometimes to have an overview.