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  1. Removing a 'Note_Component' Removing the component itself works fine. I query the component by id to get the existing_component ; server_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.server"').one() existing_component = session.query('Component where id is {0}'.format(COMPONENT_ID)).one() server_location.remove_component(existing_component) session.commit() #must close after remove ! session.close() but it seems like some data still remains in the Note_Component (a Note_Component without a Component ?) Do I need to clean this up by hand or is there a more straightforward method? If by hand, how?
  2. Hi everybody is there a simple way to set a marked note as 'completed' through the API? Setting the separate properties manually seems clunky and gives me the feeling that I'm missing something... If we set a note as 'completed' using the web-app, only the ['completed_at '] property is set. Do we need to set properties : ['completed_by_id'] ['completed_at'] ...? (maybe there are other properties?) Thanks
  3. The problem remains. We tried the try/catch workaround but the error slips through. Error 10053 keeps raising it's ugly head, making FTrack API scripting useless (probably for windows only???) In other words we can test scripts by executing them several times. But we can't write proper custom submit/publish scripts... Could someone save us from our miserable plight please?
  4. For now we'll catch the 'SocketException' by hand as a workaround. But it would be nice if this problem was dealt with by FTrack
  5. Right. We see notes as subtasks for tasks. The main difference may be that subtasks can't be planned in advance while tasks can. Differentiating dones and todos in the subtasks(retakes) is very important. (artists don't like searching for retakes, it has to be 'in your face') At CC we we work with color coding. Todo retakes are marked red, unformatted ones are done. The method is very primitive but works fine. Even on a spreadsheet cluttered with retakes, the todo's are detected 'at a glance' ! This is one of the reasons I asked for rich text notes in another thread on this forum (as a workaround for notes with status). The challenge is to streamline the whole thing.
  6. this doesn't apply to trivial notes like : 'Shot started', 'Good job!' or 'You're fired', ... Notes are really useful because they contain the description of specific retakes: 'Evenly space edges on fingers', 'add loop in elbows', 'Setup Reference contains keys on eyes', ... Several retakes may also be grouped in one note. This is why it would be useful to have a status on notes so that a resource/supervisor can see what retakes are done, are in progress or still need to be done. Filtering on those stati would be very helpful Maybe you have a different idea on how to implement retakes (description and follow up throughout the versions). If you do, we'd like to know how One thing is for sure the description and status of a specific retake (not just a version) must be clearly visible and easily queryable. Forgetting a retake because it wasn't clearly visible (between all other notes) or queryable is not an option.
  7. Very often. I suspect it's some kind of connection timeout or something. When there's a few seconds/minutes between commands (while writing code), I get error 10053. Note that for testing purposes I'm running commands from the Maya Python script editor. Maya was launched from the FTrack launcher exe. This problem is really annoying because it blocks the development of things that go beyond simple tests. I'm aware I'll have to catch errors due to connections in a later stage.
  8. When working with the API I often get an # Error: 10053 . When I re-execute the code everything works fine. Probably because the connection is temporary lost... ? How do I prevent error 10053 because this renders all own code useless? 1st execute : task.setStatus(status) # status is a valid status # Error: 10053 # Traceback (most recent call last): # File "<maya console>", line 1, in <module> # File "C:\Temp\Ftrack\Ftrack_Plugins_winx64_b17\ftrackplugins\libdir\ftrack\ftrackAPI\FTrackCore.egg\FTrackCore\api ... # v = self._sslobj.write(data) # error: [Errno 10053] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine # 2nd execute : task.setStatus(status) # status is a valid status Huray!
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