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  1. Removing a 'Note_Component' Removing the component itself works fine. I query the component by id to get the existing_component ; server_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.server"').one() existing_component = session.query('Component where id is {0}'.format(COMPONENT_ID)).one() server_location.remove_component(existing_component) session.commit() #must close after remove ! session.close() but it seems like some data still remains in the Note_Component (a Note_Component without a Component ?) Do I need to clean this up by hand or is
  2. Hi everybody is there a simple way to set a marked note as 'completed' through the API? Setting the separate properties manually seems clunky and gives me the feeling that I'm missing something... If we set a note as 'completed' using the web-app, only the ['completed_at '] property is set. Do we need to set properties : ['completed_by_id'] ['completed_at'] ...? (maybe there are other properties?) Thanks
  3. Great! Any spoilers on how this will work/look like. Now I use Assetbuilds as a container/category to group/nest Assetbuilds and Sequences as a container/category to group/nest Shots Is it comparable to the method we use now for grouping tasks etc. Then I overwrite the parent attributes of the tasks. From there on complex querying can be done by hand Will there be Category/Group/... entities? Functions for querying that are powerful and easy to use? setParent () getParents ( [ofType], [filter], [recursive] ) pseudo code example: getParents (type=ALL, filter=HighPriority , recursive=tru
  4. Will the 1st option stay available in future releases? Actions are great in many situations. But sometimes we want to automate without the user explicitly launching an action. Eg. When the status of a last version changes, we may want to set the status of its parent task and set the status of all previous versions automatically. Or the other way round, When a super sets the status of a task, change the status of the last version in this task. Will undos work on custom event handling?
  5. Actions and Event handling will probably do the trick.
  6. This looks very promising. Does it work right now (actions seem to be available...) ? If it does, we'll check it out and post a step by step on how we did it.
  7. Couldn't be more simple... Thx
  8. How do you use custom attributes with the API ? Create/Delete/Edit, Get/Set, formulas, ... We could work with metadata but it would be nice to use custom attributes in some cases. I tried using the private functions but it doesn't work (as expected) :Attribute with name 'anAttr' was created using the FTrack UIsh.attributes.__getattr__('anAttr')AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getattr__'sh.attributes__setattr__('anAttr','POOO')AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'anAttr'
  9. Is there a way to query Task Templates from a schema and add them to episodes/sequences/shots ?
  10. Is there a way to query the mov associated with a thumb or vice versa?
  11. Another example: You could run a custom script to update the buttons/thumbs next to shots/tasks to play a mov with the latest approved version. Wouldn't that be Nice?!? (Not that you cant right now but it would be easier to share functionality with other less technical users)
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