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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, When creating a tasks view with task attributes, the tasks within a folder are stacked on a seperate row than any tasks not in within a folder. This makes the view very clunky, and requires the user to collapse and expand folders all the time to get them to appear in the task attribute columns. Is there a way around this? Thanks, -Phil F
  2. Hey Guys, We've had it come up multiple times where we have needed an attribute from a parent to be available for the child. Here are some examples: Shot seconds, or complexity information be available for Tasks lines Bid days, worked days, +/- days available for Versions lines and views. Just being able to access the parent information for any asset/shot from any view would be SUPER helpful. Thank you, Ozen
  3. Is it possible to limit a custom attribute to a specific type of version IE a defined Asset Type? In our case we track each plate used in a composite and would like to include certain metadata on every frame sequence individually. We track these with a custom Asset type "Footage" I'd like to create attributes that would be relevant to these versions which are published directly to the associated shots, but irrelevant to versions published on task types. Is this possible in settings (I don't believe so) or with the API?
  4. Hi, I would like to create a 'Custom Attribute' which displays as an HTML link similar to the already existing 'Version Link' which you guys provide by default. I tried the html markdown syntax but it is not working out for me and ftrack is only displaying formatted string as a 'text only' I did a quick mockup screenshot of what I am trying to achieve ... cheers, Peter
  5. Hello, i am new to frack and i am trying to enable function of the custom attribute that i've created which is seen in a spreadsheet. I've tried creating custom atrribute of a type "numer" or "expression" but neither enabled functions in spreadsheet (fuction of summmarize is not valid). How can i enable the functions? I just want to have an option to sum up number of frames of all shots.
  6. Hi, I have defined some custom attributes for a specific project, but with the python_api, only the "all-project" attributes are available. e.g. shot = session.create("Shot", {"name":"Foo", "parent":sequence......}) print shot["custom_attributes"].keys() gives me only the attributes marked for "all projects". If I make my attribute available for all projects, everything is working fine and my attribute is also listed. I do not want to hold all attributes global, so how can I access the attributes which are only defined in a specific project? Than
  7. Hello, I have a Expression-type custom attribute (frame duration), and I would like to use the Spreadsheet Functions to Sum, Min, Max, etc like default attributes such as Bid Days. How can I do this? Thanks in advance. -David
  8. Hi, I'm interested in adding an additional notes attribute to a show but I would like it to only be viewable and editable by me. Is this possible? Thanks, Dan
  9. laura.c

    Mandatory fields

    Hi guys, Is there any way to set some fields(custom attributes in our case) as 'mandatory', so the users have to fill in them via web interface? Thanks, Laura
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