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  1. Hello, the only documentation which I found is this: But this is a note completion, not a checklist / todo list. Does anybody know if the checklist / todo list was implemented?
  2. Hi, is it possible to get the latest versions, but only one per task in the Ftrack web interface? For example I have a few assets linked to a task, but I am interested in only the latest version published. If I select "Latest version" box, then it will show the latest version for all the assets linked to that task.
  3. Hello, is this already implemented? I don't find any documentation how to use it. Cheers, Remus
  4. We find also "Upcoming Dates" panel useful, but it would be great if we could customize it.
  5. Hi guys, where can I find some documentation regarding the "upcoming dates" panel? For big production this seems to be really useful if we can customize it. For example, display the milestones only for the shots which I am working on. Best, Remus
  6. We are talking about List no Client review session.
  7. Hi @Mattias Lagergren we are just wandering if there is any update regarding this?
  8. Hi, is it possible to be able to sort in the Task view by Assignee?
  9. Hi Mattias, I will. Thanks for your quick answer.
  10. Hi guys, it seems that the dates are mismatch in the Reports under Time tracking when Group by Date. Please find attached a picture which explains more. This is a problem for us because if we want to check the time tracked in on Friday and there is no time tracked on Saturday, then we can not select the Saturday entry to get the data from Friday.
  11. Found it: print isinstance(version, ftrack_api.entity.base.Entity)
  12. Hi, is there any way to check if a variable is Ftrack entity type?
  13. Hi Ftrack team, "Unread Content" doesn't work anymore on this forum. There are a lot of threads which have unread comments, but when I filter them by "Unread Content" it returns: There are no results to show in this activity stream yet Best, Remus
  14. Hi, how can I publish a version with a description on multiple lines via ftrack api? I tried: description = "Test \n test" But in the Ftrack Web interface is displaying: "Test test" Cheers, Remus
  15. Hi guys, is it possible to restrict a user to not be able to delete a component of a version? Ftrack version: 3.5.21
  16. Title updated. Wanted to write Expression. Are there any plans to have this working?
  17. Hello, I would like to get from Ftrack DB via `ftrack_api` the custom attribute type Expression. At the moment it's not possible. I get: `KeyError: 'frame_work_duration'`
  18. But as you said that the milestones are actually tasks, is it not possible to have them there, too?
  19. Hi, is it possible in the Task speed sheet to create Advanced filter "Any" condition for multiple entities types? For example I would like to see all tasks and milestones with a specific due date.
  20. Hi Mattias, thanks for looking into this. We found the issue. It's from our side. Sorry for the confusion.
  21. Hi, If we upload web-playable clips to ftrack.server location with `frameIn` = 0, we are not able to jump back to the first frame when we review frame by frame in the web review. We are able to jump back to the second frame latest. If we set `frameIn` in the metadata of a component of a version to -1 we are able to jump back to the first frame.
  22. Hi Ftrack Team, the component name is not unique. We are able to create components on a AssetVersion type with the same name. Code example: import ftrack_api session = ftrack_api.Session() unmanaged_location = session.query('Location where name is "ftrack.unmanaged"').one() version = session.query("AssetVersion").first() version.create_component( "/path/to/a/file.txt", data={'name': "main"}, location=unmanaged_location ) session.commit() version.create_component( "/path/to/a/file.txt", data={'name': "main"}, location=unmanaged_location ) session.commit() Ftrack Version: