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Found 9 results

  1. I was following the instructions for configuring Sentry for error monitoring, but when I restarted the server I kept getting "ValueError: Invalid Sentry DSN" in my logs and the server refused to start. It turns out that in the Client Keys section of my Sentry project, I need to hit the "Show deprecated DSN" link in order to show the DSN that includes the secret. Apparently newer Sentry clients no longer require having the secret in the URL, which is why Sentry lists it as deprecated. It would be useful to specify in the instructions that the deprecated DSN is required in order to avoid confusion.
  2. It's my understanding that using the following code should always return the same metadata entity: const metadata = await session.ensure( 'Metadata', {parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", key: "builds", parent_type: "Breakdown"} ); If the entity did not exist before, `session.ensure` would create it, and if it did exist it would simply return the existing entity. Instead, if the entity already exists this will throw a Duplicate Entry error.
  3. If I do something like this: const metadataResult = await session.create( 'Metadata', {parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", key: "builds", parent_type: "Breakdown", value: "foo"} ); ...the contents of `metadataResult` will be: { action: "create", data: { __entity_type__: "Metadata", key: "builds", parent_id: "7bd2c20a-f7a1-11ea-8466-005056829324", parent_type: "Milestone", value: "foo" } } Notice how the `parent_type` key is listed as `Milestone` when it should be `Breakdown`. For further context, `Breakdown` is a custom object created via the Objects interface and it has the 'Status' box checked.
  4. Recently I was attempting to create a Folder object via the JavaScript API and encountered this error: Permission denied: not allowed to 'create' 'Task'. Missing the required 'Create objects (sequence,shot,task)' permission. I was providing the `name`, `parent_id`, `object_type_id` during my attempt, and the given error was very strange to me because my user should have administrator permissions for the project I was modifying. After a while I realized that I needed to also provide the `project_id` so that the API could figure out whether I had the appropriate permissions to make this change. Still, if the `project_id` is required to determine permissions, it would have been more useful if the error message specifically called that out instead of sending me down a rabbit hole of checking my permissions and API keys.
  5. I'm trying to schedule tasks using the Team Calendar, and would like to adjust the length of the tasks to match bid hours. It seems the Team Calendar view can't access the bid hours, see screenshot below. If I use "adjust to bid" on a task in the calendar, the task is converted to a milestone - probably because the time is interpreted to be 0? Also, in the unassigned tasks section, the right-click menu for tasks is empty altogether, and the 'adjust to bid' option isn't even available before a task is assigned to someone.
  6. Hello, One of our producers pointed out an issue in the task view for bid days. The summary in the top row is correct, but the sequence or shot rows will display 0.00 until the a shot has been expanded. It is easy to identify these potentially inaccurate sequences by looking at the status column. After the bid days data is loaded it can be flushed by clicking "Refresh spreadsheet manually". I was hoping to use the "Expand all" option as a work-around, but that raises an error: "Cannot expand all rows. Please filter or expand manually". Is this a known bug? Is there a way to load all data on demand? I would suggest not displaying anything if the data is not loaded rather than 0.00, as it can be misleading and add confusion to large projects. I've attached some screenshots of this phenomenon. ftrack version: Thanks, Jesse
  7. In the activity list of a task/shot/sequence/asset build/etc.: If the monitor is positioned vertical or the resolution of the monitor is larger or equal to 3k then the data is fetched only one time and the scroll bar is not there anymore. Everywhere the data is fetched from the Database not everything in once.
  8. The custom attributes created for the users are not showing up correctly in the user profile sidebar view when opening the user profile sidebar (no information visible) when just clicking close to the attribute value (information pops up) I tried to upload you the screenshot, but there seams to be an issue with your server
  9. Hi guys, Ftrack is addictive. Amazing work. Small bug or maybe 'non-feature' we noticed. When doing manual sort on task rows in project view they revert back to original sort when the same view is revisited. The manual sort also does not propagate to other views. We would like to be able to sort tasks in order that they need to get done for example, but they get alphabetical sort from the Schema. Or maybe we are doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks