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  1. Hello, sorry to re-up this topic, but have you any ETA on this feature ? Will we be able to manage in settings the number of decimal digits ? As we do for version number padding :) we can manage some assets attributes with almost 4 or 5 digits behind the coma (displacement values on very precise materials) For the moment we are using text attribute as work-around, but it would be safer (avoid typing mistakes) to use numerical one. Thank you very much :)
  2. That is awesome !! Thanks to you ! Eric
  3. Hello ! Dreaming about to be able to map task templates during the asset import process, like in the spreadsheet's create module That could permit to deploy tons of different tasks under different objects. Don't know if it would be possible as task templates are only declared in the workflow schema. Cheers
  4. Hello, found a bug on enumerator (Single selection) attribute when exporting to excel (whatever the format) My values are thoses ones : Ceramic value1 Concrete - Asphalt value2 Fabric value3 Ground value4 Leather value5 Marble - Granite value6 Metal value7 Organic value8 Paint value9 Paper value10 Plaster value11 Plastic - Rubber value12 Stone value13 Terracotta value14 Translucent value15 Wood value16 Foliage value17 Flowers value18 Sticks - Branches value19 Insects - Seashells value20 Rock - Pebbles value21 Debris value22 Hardware value23 Sorry it is long So here the bug is, A : If i have Stone (value13) on an asset, ftrack will export this data: "Ceramic, Stone" B : If i have Debris (Value22) on an asset, ftrack will export this data: "Concrete - Asphalt, Debris" It seems that ftrack take the first number and, also the full number instead of taking only the full number. So in A, it give values 1, 13 and in B, it give values 2, 22 Thanks Eric ps: where do we report bugs ?
  5. Hello, is the slack still open ? If so, i would like to be added too @ Thank you !!
  6. OK !!!!!!!! I just understood after following your explanations that Objects order in System settings/Workflow/ was the key to get hierarchy !!!!!!!! I feel stupid now hahahahahahaha Thanks you and sorry for your time you helped a LOT Eric
  7. I strongly guess that i didn't understand something in the parent/child relations in ftrack on some objects. For task, i guess i am good, but i cannot figurate how to have a parent "dependency" between other objects as in your video on vimeo with sequence/shot/asset/task "parent relationship" (bad english sorry, hope you understand) and hierarchy automatically "generated" In this video, you give thoses datas : And you get this hierarchy : Is that a predefined hierarchy order/dependency between sequence/shot/tasks "default" objects or can i setup my own in the System Settings ? Because when i push the name of the folder in the same row of an object in the CSV, ftrack create a folder beside the asset. Not really sure to be clear Thanks
  8. Hi Johan, Here is the excel structure that i copy : I import it as row based. (it import it at the root of the project) I move my asset in this folder structure : Project Name / work / assets / And if i import again for update this asset, with filling some fields, it will create a new asset with the same task and attributes at the root of the project (Project Name/) I am wondering my self if i could not directly put the hierarchy folder in the xls for make it located/detected, but don't know how (had some failed with it, it create a folder under the object/asset) Thanks ps: don't pay attention to the asset name that have been renamed (in ftrack) during the production
  9. Hi Johan, That's sounds very good !!! Looking forward for that new functions to be supported and have full & easy control on expression custom attributes ! 😍 Thank you very much Regards Eric
  10. Hello, i cannot figurate how to update asset's attribute that are in a folder through a CSV import, without put all my assets at the root (else, ftrack import considerate the new imported CSV datas as new assets and tasks instead of detecting them in the folders and just update) If you guys have a trick for making the import detecting the presence of asset under folders, i would be grateful Eric
  11. But i don't know what does it involve to expand the supported functions. It is just an idea that could help Cheers again
  12. So here is the very beginning of an expression i have so far : {func.CONCAT( func.SUBSTRING( self.graph_label, 1, func.LOCATE(' ',self.graph_label)-1 ), '_', func.SUBSTRING( self.graph_label, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label)+1, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label) ) ) ) } So for the attribute Label "Parisian Aged Ground Pavement" it give me the attribute Name "Parisian_Aged Gro" but i still have caps This is just a very beginning, not complete 😛 With REPLACE AND LOWER, i would have something like that : {func.LOWER(func.REPLACE(self.graph_label, ' ', '_'))} Regards
  13. Hello, thanks for your response. Yes i saw the list of supported functions before create this thread, that is why i said that <<it would be nice to have>> some other "test editing" functions. We have some dependencies between hundreds asset's names ans label attributes, so it would be useful to automatically create strings. eg: if we have this kind of Label attribute, manually typed : "Parisian Aged Ground Pavement" we would like to be able to make a "Name" expression attribute that would automatically format it like this: "parisian_aged_ground_pavement" I guess i can replace the " " by the "_" with the existing supported functions (it would be anyway more simple with a "REPLACE" function) but not possible to convert caps to lowercase. I propose this because we have hundreds assets to manage on each project. Cheers and as i am quite new to ftrack i would like to congrats everyone for your incredible tool ! Team begin using it and seems to really like it Eric ps: sorry for my english, i hope to be understandable
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