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  1. Hi Johan, That's sounds very good !!! Looking forward for that new functions to be supported and have full & easy control on expression custom attributes ! 😍 Thank you very much Regards Eric
  2. Hello, i cannot figurate how to update asset's attribute that are in a folder through a CSV import, without put all my assets at the root (else, ftrack import considerate the new imported CSV datas as new assets and tasks instead of detecting them in the folders and just update) If you guys have a trick for making the import detecting the presence of asset under folders, i would be grateful Eric
  3. But i don't know what does it involve to expand the supported functions. It is just an idea that could help Cheers again
  4. So here is the very beginning of an expression i have so far : {func.CONCAT( func.SUBSTRING( self.graph_label, 1, func.LOCATE(' ',self.graph_label)-1 ), '_', func.SUBSTRING( self.graph_label, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label)+1, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label, func.LOCATE(' ', self.graph_label) ) ) ) } So for the attribute Label "Parisian Aged Ground Pavement" it give me the attribute Name "Parisian_Aged Gro" but i still have caps This is just a very beginning, not complete 😛 With REPLACE AND LOWER, i would have something like that : {func.LOWER(func.REPLACE(self.graph_label, ' ', '_'))} Regards
  5. Hello, thanks for your response. Yes i saw the list of supported functions before create this thread, that is why i said that <<it would be nice to have>> some other "test editing" functions. We have some dependencies between hundreds asset's names ans label attributes, so it would be useful to automatically create strings. eg: if we have this kind of Label attribute, manually typed : "Parisian Aged Ground Pavement" we would like to be able to make a "Name" expression attribute that would automatically format it like this: "parisian_aged_ground_pavement" I guess i can replace the " " by the "_" with the existing supported functions (it would be anyway more simple with a "REPLACE" function) but not possible to convert caps to lowercase. I propose this because we have hundreds assets to manage on each project. Cheers and as i am quite new to ftrack i would like to congrats everyone for your incredible tool ! Team begin using it and seems to really like it Eric ps: sorry for my english, i hope to be understandable
  6. I should have replace "fail" by "issue" in the name of the topic 😅
  7. Hello all, I have an issue with enumerator custom attribute when i import CSV datas. 0 - i make an Object named "SOURCE ASSET" 1- I make an enumerator (single selection) custom attribute named "scene render" with its different values : 2 - I pre-fill the corresponding data in the Excel sheet (half_sphere, sphere or else in the column "scene render"). 3 - i import and make the mapping (scene render column mapped with "SOURCE ASSET scene render" enumerator attribute But i get this message and cannot go forward until i kill the mapping for this attribute : << Could not import data. Custom attribute enumerator value must be a valid option. Got [u'half_sphere'], valid options for u'Scene Render' are: set([u'value6', u'value5', u'value4', u'value3', u'value2', u'value1']). >> Do i miss something ? Thanks
  8. Hello, would be nice to have as text "editing" functions supported for make some custom attribute auto naming or renaming, based on other attributes, etc. functions like : REPLACE, UCASE, LCASE, CHAR_LENGHT, etc. I am quite new here, so i don't know if this request have been already made or is on track, but that would be really helpful :) Cheers Eric