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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, We are using an un-managed storage scenario as we are starting to roll out ftrack across our facility and have an existing folder structure that can't easily be changed. We usually do a high volume of shots so I really want to be able to name shots and assign tasks from nuke studio. Now the day we had a support zoom with ftrack and changed from our testing centralised storage back to the automatic unmanaged storage, Nuke Studio seemed to work from connect and I was able to do what I want but now when I try to launch Nuke Studio from connect I get this error: "ftrack.unmanaged" is an i
  2. Hello, After installing ftrack connect I failed to find applications except Maya. And after some digging work I found it seems that the application searching path is hardcoded to under "C:\"(ftrack-connect/common.zip/ftrack_connect/application.py:115 connect version: 1.1.7/1.1.1). As considerable amount of windows user will install their DLC to "D:\", it would be necessary to have the searching rule customizable. Cheers. John
  3. We have a custom build of ftrack-connect in the studio which triggers a call out to the main() method in ftrack-connect. This works well for us. Currently I'm trying to make some changes which allow us to switch environments prior to opening ftrack-connect. Unfortunately, when starting and then exiting/deleting any PySide based widget prior to calling connect's main method, ftrack loads with a number of errors showing. Both are using the same install of PySide. It's still functional but looks like the path to resources are getting confused. I get a number QPixmap errors repeated:
  4. I've successfully migrated to 2018 on my local working pipeline. I send my tool to the remote repo, then clone that onto a server location. I do all the setup to get the venv working then run ftrack. Everything is fine at this point. When I run Maya everything works as expected until I get this error: // Error: No module named collect_playblast_camera # Traceback (most recent call last): # File "<maya console>", line 1, in <module> # File "path\to\dependencies\ftrack_connect\resource\connect-standard-plugins\ftrack-connect-maya-publish-0.5.1\resource\maya_plugin\userSetup.p
  5. Hey there, I am in the process of evaluating ftrack and have some questions regarding publishing. Quite possible that I am missing anything as I am having some trouble understanding the basic principles in ftrack (coming from shotgun). I am gonna first outline what I think is the default render/publishing workflow. Gone through that in afx and nuke but I guess the workflow is similar in maya. Here the procedure in nuke: Open nuke via ftrack-connect (correct context). Nuke script is saved in an (more or less) arbitrary location. Do your work Render to another arbitrary l
  6. Hi everyone! I'm writing here to let you know that we are working on some changes to make Connect easier to extend and develop plugins for. Some of you I've already been in contact with but I would love to hear the feedback and opinions from the Community. We have a lot of ideas that we want to implement in Connect but the plan is to start out by tackling two common issues: Extending and modifying the environment and command when an application starts from Connect. Adding hooks to Connect without modifying the FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH. The way we i
  7. Hi, we are using Photoshop combined to Ftrack trough the connect plugin in our production pipeline since a few weeks. It is great, so we would like to do the same with NukeX now. I have successfully set one of our workstation with NukeX and the connect package and can use the Ftrack plugin integrated in NukeX on this machine. However, I can't manage to reproduce this on any of or workstations. NukeX and the connect package are installed, I can launch NukeX from an action inside the web application or from the connect package itself, but I can't manage to see any ftrack related window
  8. Hey, We're looking to get some better integrations with ftrack into our own offline interfaces of our pipeline. At this moment we're working off of a great foundation in the studio with an explorer (browser), asset loader, app launcher and lots of other tools. The intentions now are to mix these up with ftrack, like pull thumbnails from ftrack and push information to ftrack upon publishes, etc. As such I'm wondering what way we should go about this. Widgets Would we be designing our own Widgets using the API completely from scratch? Or can we use widgets from connect in ou
  9. I've started this public repo as a learning tool. I'm not sure if other people will be able to use this in the future just by running it. I'd like others to be able to use this as a learning tool and give people who are helping me more context when they're helping me out. I'm also making this because I just don't know the best practices for setting up a pipeline like this, so please if you could offer any critiques or pointers for Python/PySide in general that'd be great. This is a VS 2015 project for windows and will require the user to download their ftrack_api from the ftrackapp websi
  10. In a previous post, I suggested changing some basic UI behavior in Ftrack. Mattias suggested that I try to make the changes myself (I didn't even realize that was an option!). While incorporating the ftrack-connect clone into my workflow, I came across the concept of submodules for Git. After a ton of trial and error I've finished transitioning my connect project to successfully launch my custom actions from this new ftrack-connect submodule. Now I'm running into some issues with missing dependencies when launching Maya (I haven't tried other programs yet). I'm just trying to launch
  11. Could you change it so the app icon doesn't disappear when hovering over an action? It would be great if the icon would just highlight or glow with the play icon overlaying on top. I can't tell you how many times I go to click on an icon and then move my mouse off of it just to make sure I'm clicking on the correct action. There's just something jarring about it. Thanks.
  12. Hi I have an action, that creates folders and opens them as an explorer window. This action may not always complete successfully if certain things are not set up correctly. So I want to be able to notify the user that the action has failed. There is a 5 sec time out on actions that presents them as failed if there isn't a reply. Unfortunately as the action can at times take longer than 5secs before it can be determined if it ran OK or not, so I had to reply before doing my stuff. `self.session.event_hub.publish_reply(event,data)` That's all fine, but now I need to provide a fur
  13. Hello, I'm starting to mess around with connect and I noticed that the legacy 'ftrack.' API was being used in the examples. Am I using the correct version of the docs? Thanks -Mike
  14. Hi I'm trying to build tools that work around the context given in a certain application, such as nuke. The Issue that I have is that the current connect launch application actions don't provide a consistent context environment. For example nuke and maya, provides FTRACK_TASKID, FTRACK_SHOTID among other keys (I would consider not context based). But Nuke Studio doesn't provide any keys that are context based. It seems connect actions are designed to only provide the information that they feel is applicable to the ftrack tools running in the application, and with no c
  15. auto_transfer.py -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :coding: utf-8import platform as _platformimport getpassimport loggingimport ftrackTOPIC = 'ftrack.location.component-added and source.user.username={0}'.format(getpass.getuser())sourceLocation = ftrack.Location('source.location')targetLocation = ftrack.Location('target.location')class ComponentAutoTransfer(object): '''Component add sourceLocation to targetLocation.''' def __init__(self, name='ftrack.ComponentAutoTransfer', priority=50):
  16. Hi all, it would be great to add native web-proxy support to the ftrack connect app on Windows. I tried to work around this with using environment-variables ("FTRACK_PROXY" and "HTTP_PROXY" etc.) with no success. The app just returns a "Failed to connect to event server" error-message. Regards, Carl
  17. Hi guys, I'm having this issue with connect. It won't open up. I uninstalled it and re-installed several times with no luck. Any Ideas? File "C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\library.zip\cx_Freeze__init__.py", line 29, in <module>File "C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\library.zip\ftrack_connect_package__main__.py", line 70, in <module>File "C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\common.zip\ftrack_connect\__main__.py", line 77, in main theme=namespace.themeFile "C:\Program Files\ftrack-connect-package\common.zip\ftrack_connect\ui\application.py", line 83, in __init__
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