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Connect RC6 available now

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Hi there,

We are pleased to announce Connect RC6.

For more information on the latest version of Connect, please refer to the Connect RC6 release notes and documentation.

Download Connect for Windows
Download Connect for macOS
Download Connect for Linux cent OS7
Download Connect for Linux cent OS8

You will need to update from RC5 otherwise the plugins that you download via the Plugin Manager will not work and likely crash Connect.

Here's what's new:

  • First Time User Experience(FTUX)
    • As a first time user you are asked to install the new Plugin Manager, which allows you to then pick what you want to install; Connect Widgets, or Integrations
  • Lightweight decoupled Desktop Application

Useful links

We encourage you to continue sharing feedback. Your thoughts and comments help us refine Connect 2.0 and its plugins and create workflows that benefit your daily workflows. 


Send us your feedback
All the best,
The ftrack-integrations team
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