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Print out selected task name

Jason Evanko

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Hey all! I'm trying to write a quick little action that would print out the selected task name at the top of the page when launched and I'm having some trouble getting that variable and was wondering how I would get that specific one? I'm able to loop through all active projects and get that variable with self.sessions and a for loop with projects but I can't seem to isolate just the active project or any of the tasks inside that project. 



Thanks so much!


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Hi Jason!

What you are looking for is the `selection` variable, I had a little snippet doing something similar that I've modified slightly for you below. It's not complete but it does at least show the concept. Hope this helps!


    def launch(self, session, entities, event):
        selection = event['data']['selection']

        if len(selection) == 1:
            entity = selection[0]
            task = None
                task = session.query(
                    f'Task where id is \"{entity["entityId"]}\"'
            except Exception as e:
                return {
                    'success': False,
                    'message': 'An error occurred.'
            if task:
                return {
                    'success': True,
                    'message': f'Task name: {task["name"]}'

        return False


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