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  1. Hi Carl, Thank you for your reply. We have a tool, for creating notes in FTrack for a specific assetVersion and we want to add the some paths into the note (psd filepath, jpeg files as references, etc), but NOT as attachments. Ideally, we would like to store them as links inside of the note, so, the user can open them directly from the web browser. Now, this it's possible only if files are stored as attachments, which is not the best option for us. Let me know if there are further questions. Regards, Laura
  2. Hi I would like to write an standalone tool in order to add notes in ftrack for assetVersions. In the note , we would like to have a hyperlink to a local path. Is it possible? Thanks, Laura
  3. laura

    pdplayer as action

    Hi Martin, thanks for the answer. We use v2.6.13. Laura
  4. laura

    pdplayer as action

    Hi. I need your support in creating an action for opening a sequence with Pdplayer from the web interface. I already wrote an action, but the problem is, that it is opening Pdplayer on the machine where the action is running (server) and not on the machine where the action is called. Any suggestion? Thanks, Laura
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