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  1. Hi Liam, Expand/collapse all only works when the data is already fetched from the server. If there are more than 500 items in the result and no filter is applied, only the top-most items are fetched. We suggest that you filter down the result or look at part of the project at the time using the project outliner. You can also force the spreadsheet to load all data by applying a filter. A dummy filter (e.g. task state is any of the available states), can be used in case you want to look at everything. let me know if that sorts it for you regards, Daniel
  2. Oh great. glad you were able to solve it. Out of curiosity how did the script end up looking? which part did you change? Thanks again for posting your solution you found!
  3. Hi Liam, I believe this is due to amount of records you are trying to expand. can you tell me how many records you are trying to expand? Did this only begin happening recently? regards, daniel
  4. Hi HK_FT, I think this might be an issue with using a colon to separate numbers in a timecode. ie: 00:00:00 in a number type attribute If you make the custom attribute a text field then you can add the colon and it should work. regards, Daniel
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