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  1. Is there currently a way of creating multiple shots at once in the web GUI, ie we have 100s of shots to create and I'm wondering if this can be done through the UI or do I have to code it through the API and if so does anyone have an example of how to dynamically create multiple shots at once. Thanks, Alex
  2. So I have custom actions for launching maya/nuke aso and I want to filter when these actions are displayed and how. 1. I only want an action to be discovered if a task is selected, not proj/seq/shot. The problem is that the event['data'] type based on selection returns "task" for both task/shot and sequences so I can't filter based on that. I'm currently getting the ['object_type']['name'] for the typedContext based on the entityId and checking if it's "Task" but this forces a session query per action which is slow. Is there a better/faster way of doing this? 2. I want to filter the applications based on a custom attribute. Our projects/sq/sh/task have a custom hierarchical attribute called "application_maya" where we can specify which version of maya should be used and I want to only show that variant as an option upon discovery. At the moment I have to query the custom attribute on the task/sq/sh and proj, ie parent chain, in order to get that value and then ignore variants that doesn't match the attribute. This works but yet again is really slow as there's a big session query for each action. Is there a better/faster way of doing this? Cheers, Alex
  3. We're currently using a custom number attribute for FPS but during our latest project we noticed that the number attribute type seems to round of the amount of decimal points to 2 which caused some issues for us as the project was running at 23.976 FPS and fTrack rounded it of to 23.98 FPS. Is there a reason for the limit of 2 decimal points and is there a way around that without having to switch to a text type attribute? If we have to switch our FPS attribute to a text type will it keep the values it had for all existing and old projects or will it be erased/reset?
  4. So currently we're launching our apps with "source.user.username" filtering which works great as long as a user is only logged in on one machine, but if for some reason a user is logged in on multiple machines at the same time that action is launched on all machines instead of just the current one that actually launched it. Is there a way to make sure an action only runs on the local machine?
  5. Hey Steve, Thanks for the answer and I understand the approach your suggesting but I can't for the life of me figure out how I would "get the ids of each relevant ObjectType".
  6. We're using a form in our custom actions to gather some info before launching our apps and I was wondering if it's possible to change the label on the "submit" button?
  7. I'm trying to make an event that runs some code whenever a shot is created, deleted or renamed. I'm running into 1 problem and 1 annoyance/slowdown which both stem from the same issue of several types, ie sequence, shot and task, all being handled as entityType "task". - I currently have to use the entityId and query TypedContext and check if entity isinstance session.types['Shot']. This adds an unnecessary 0.3 second query every time the event is run in order to just check if an entity is a shot. Is this really the most optimized way to figure out if something is a sequence, shot or task? Seems like having a subEntityType attribute in the event data dict that stores what subtype it is would save a lot of querying. - I'm also running into the problem of once a shot is removed I can no longer query the removed entityId, as it returns None, to check if what was deleted was of type shot or not. How do I figure out if it was specifically a shot that was just deleted?