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  1. Hello, We noticed that when we create tasks the end time defaults to 12:01am. Would it be possible in Scheduling -> Setting to also pre-set the workday start and end time? This way any tasks would automatically start at that specific time and end at the end time? Thank you, Ozen
  2. Exporting Links

    Hello, Is there a way I could export the links for a shot or for an asset? Example: If I have a shot that uses assets x, y and z I would like to be able to export that full list for that shot. And the same for a specific asset and be able to export all shots that one asset is in. Thank you
  3. Dashboard better overview

    This would be useful for us as well. We would also like the option of having this available for each department.
  4. This is a big request for us too! Main areas this would help for us are: Tracking who changed what status (if a mistake is made it makes it easier to look at what was changed) See when task statuses have been changed to be able to then report on approvals during a time frame. Reports in general Statistics on how the show is trending in different departments.
  5. Simplify team management

    Another way that would be great is to have the Groups be listed in a column next to the person's name so you can see which groups they belong to, and be able to multiple select and adjust the contents of that column. Same as how the assignee column works.