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  1. Hi Guys, We would like to create a TEMPLATE project with 1 sequence, 1 character, 1 set and 1 vehicle that could then be used to duplicate into new projects that are started. This would not need to refer or link back to the original template once duplicated and renamed. This would be helpful for us to have all projects start with the same basics and naming conventions. I have talked to our development team and they said this is not possible. Is there a way to make this work that they are not thinking of, or could this be feature added in the future? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I have noticed a bug in how things are sorted on the Versions page. At the moment when I sort by "Version Link" if the name is the same it sorts the numbers by the last digit and not the number is represents. so if the version number is 10 is will be listed as before 09 because the 0 comes before the 9. I have attached an example.
  3. I feel we have gone off topic for this thread and want to bring it back so the initial request is not lost. We here at the studio I am at, would really like to use the nested note function for the following reasons: We use lists for Dailies as well as for targets and to be able to separate them would be great. We could separate Rounds and client dailies lists We could have finaled lists to be able to track versions finaled by department. We also use RV and there are only a certain amount on line items that it will allow, or we can sift through to find the right dailies list.
  4. Ozen

    Asset count by Shot

    Hey Guys, I want to get a count of the number of characters per shot. I know I can manually count this, but is there a way of viewing all links by shot or exporting that data? I know I can view all the shots a specific character is in or which shots contain a specific character, but I can't see all the shots and all the characters in them. Thank you!
  5. Hey Guys, We've had it come up multiple times where we have needed an attribute from a parent to be available for the child. Here are some examples: Shot seconds, or complexity information be available for Tasks lines Bid days, worked days, +/- days available for Versions lines and views. Just being able to access the parent information for any asset/shot from any view would be SUPER helpful. Thank you, Ozen
  6. We would also use this function. We use lists for Dailies as well as for targets and to be able to separate them would be great. We also use RV and there are only a certain amount on line items that it will allow, or we can sift through to find the right dailies list.
  7. Hello, Would it be possible to add the "Worked" or the "+/- days" to the "My Tasks" page "Task List" view? We would like the artists to be able to see how much time they've spent and how much time they have left on each of their tasks, not just the total amount of days they have. Also if the "Schedule" View could be like the Project's Schedule view to show how much of the total bid days they've used with the bar it would be fantastic! Thank you!
  8. We could also benefit from this function.
  9. This is something our studio also needs as with a few departments we would like to have multiple tasks and do not want to have to create a department per task. An example of this would be Modeling having a Previs and a HighRez task.
  10. The steps I do are the following: Add start date Add bid days save Right click and say Adjust to bid. OR Add bid days Add start date save Right click and say Adjust to bid. Both end up with the same outcome. Ideally we would have an option of Adjust to Start, or Adjust to End that would automatically then add the End or start date for the task.
  11. Another one is that if I set the start date and bid days it only shows 1 day on the Gantt chart even if I say adjust to bid.
  12. Oddly enough, now it seems to be working and doesn't add a time anymore. Just keeps the time to 00:00:00.
  13. Hi Mattias, We create them from the task line by adding a start date and the bid days. At the moment just adding these two parameters does not create the line on the gantt so we put an end date then right click and click on "Adjust to bid" This then has the task end at 12:01am on the day it's due instead of the end of the work day.
  14. Asset one works great! Shot one just needed a small change to make it work for a full shot number: For Shot 140/0105 outgoing_links.to.name = '0105' and outgoing_links.to.parent.name = '140'
  15. Hello, We noticed that when we create tasks the end time defaults to 12:01am. Would it be possible in Scheduling -> Setting to also pre-set the workday start and end time? This way any tasks would automatically start at that specific time and end at the end time? Thank you, Ozen