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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Guys, We've had it come up multiple times where we have needed an attribute from a parent to be available for the child. Here are some examples: Shot seconds, or complexity information be available for Tasks lines Bid days, worked days, +/- days available for Versions lines and views. Just being able to access the parent information for any asset/shot from any view would be SUPER helpful. Thank you, Ozen
  2. ftrack provides in the version view to change the status of the version and of the related task. By changing the status of the version ftrack is saving the new status By changing the ststus in the same view of the task status, ftrack is first saving it and then re switching to the old status. In the Activities of the task the last activity is the change of the status, but there is no info from ftrack that he change the status back. e.g. I have on activities the new status changed to "Client Approved" and the status still (again) on "Sent to client"
  3. Hi there, In our company (multiple branches) as a supervisor I have to manage multiple VFX projects at the same time. In my login - under "Projects" - I would like to see permanently all projects that I/we/branch currently work on. - also if I am NOT working onthe projects myself. But not like the "Overview". Currently I only get projects listed where I have tasks assigned to myself. But I need to access and check the work of other Users (artists) constantly. So I am constantly switching from project to project - and also have to remember alle the projects names by heard. It would be great if I could see all tasks for these projects sorted by "Projects" and "Task / Status". In a simple and fast list -> ideally I could mark single tasks (of other users) to be part of a watch-list. For easy and fast access. Why: In our company we deal with many and often smaller VFX projects at the same time. After we did VFX and shots are going to grading. We sometimes get quick fixes which need to be process with priority. In my opinion the normal UI does not really allow effizient work with multiple projects and finding/access of tasks of other users/Artists. Please understand that even I am not actually working of the assigned tasks - the overall project performance is often influenced by the speed of my workflow. Last not least the "Tasks" and "Versions" views slowing me down often - both are not optimal and one is forced to move back and forth a lot. Also a better and easy way of accessing the "last version" would be very helpful to assemble review-lists faster. I hope the input and feedback help to improve ftrack and make it an even better tool, Best Regards, Kay
  4. Hey, So I'm currently looking into how to retrieve a project hierarchy efficiently for both data transmission (size of response), number of queries (for use over high latency, > 300ms connections) and returned data structure (reducing python time for reformatting data). I was wondering what the best method would be in ftrack? Currently we use a 5 column hierarchy with data requests split between the first 3 and last 2 columns. As in we fetch the entire hierarchy for the first 3 columns (folders), and then clicking on the 3rd column item will fetch the next two for that item. We've found that this creates a fairly reasonable balance between the number of queries required to get to the end asset (when each request will take upwards of 300ms just for the data transmission) and db load on our current system. Also the latency is due to an offsite use of our asset management system that we need to cater for. Most latency is sub 5ms, but we have users that will be on greater than 300ms due to geographic distance. Essentially we're trying to see how we can get ftrack to replace this, and don't want to go backwards in the speed of retrieving project hierarchies, and in turn the final asset. Anyway, an tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi, We've been using the Javascript API for a while to allow users to create a project and tasks associated with it. All good for most submissions, but we do get fairly frequent errors that seem to have to do with task creation failures. This is what the task creation call looks like: function createTask(task, project) { var taskObj = { context_type: "task", name: task, parent_id:, project: project, object_type_id: "11c137c0-ee7e-4f9c-91c5-8c77cec22b2c", bid: 0, priority_id: $scope.selectedPriority.priority_id, status_id: "29c8fb88-62c2-11e5-a7f9-42010af0e994", type_id: "ae1e2480-f24e-11e2-bd1f-f23c91dfaa16" } return session.create("Task", taskObj); } The number of tasks created per user request doesn't seem to matter as far as when the errors occur, there have been failures with anywhere from 1-10+ task creations per user request (task creation requests are also spaced out by 500ms, which should be plenty). Cannot find any consistent patterns as far as what might be causing the failures. The other major problem with this is it looks like the whole api crashes when a session.create call fails, which makes it impossible to catch the errors. Tried try/catching and other things, no luck. This makes it hard to figure out if it's a problem on our end or on ftrack's... Any thoughts on this appreciated! Would like to know if this is a problem that's appeared before for anyone else, too, as well as if there is a way to catch these errors and log them or something before the whole thing crashes.
  6. Hi, here is a request by some of our users : they would like to be able to see only the tasks corresponding to a given project in their task spreadsheet (the one accessible with the My tasks button). Right now, we can sort the tasks, but we can't filter them. Do you think this could be done? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm having an issue where I have created a shot and only one task appears in the column view where there should be more. Please see attached screenshots
  8. Hi All, Need some guidance setting up some projects templates for our PMs. In a nutshell, I need to create predefined templates that will populate a projects with all the required tasks and milestones. I've setup templates before, however i'm running into a few issues with this one in particular. For reference, the structure of the project goes something like: PROJECT X 1. Project Brief - Create Brief (TASK) - Review Brief (TASK) - Brief Agency (TASK) - Brief Internally (TASK) - Share Brief (TASK) 2. Create Concepts - Receive Concepts (TASK) - Review/Approve Concepts (VERSIONS/REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Share feedback with Agency (TASK) - Approve (REVIEW/APPROVAL) 3. Production Process - Review TV/Video Concepts (VERSIONS/REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Share with Management for Approval (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Send RFP to (min) 3 Production Houses (TASK) - Receive Proposals (TASK) - Review Proposed Treatments (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Review Quotations (TASK) - Select Production House (TASK) - Obtain management Approval (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Raise PR/PO (TASK) - Proceed to Production 4. Production - Use existing template 5. Delivery - Approve Plan & PRF (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Versions approval (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Adaptations (Social, Print etc) (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Final Approval (REVIEW/APPROVAL) - Delivery 6. Reporting - Use existing template OK, a bit convoluted I know - but that's our process. I realise a lot of these are not tasks, merely approvals, or could be Milestones, which is fine. The main issue I have is crafting a template that includes these Milestone - which I haven't figured out how to do. When I add a list of task templates to a project, I can't manually insert Milestones - I can create them separately, but can't re-order the task list according to the hierarchy I want. Also, generally, I'm not able to re-arrange tasks in the list - I try dragging tasks up and down but nothing happens. Any help guys? Thanks Tony
  9. eight

    Available Tasks

    Hello, What's the best way to get available tasks? I can search for tasks with an empty user list + NOT_STARTED state, but this isn't completely accurate. This still pulls in too many tasks because people who aren't assigned to the task type in the planning stage shouldn't be able to see it. Also a side note: When I use Project.getTasks() using users=[] as a parameter returns all tasks instead of ones without users assigned.