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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums. You're correct in that Episode object type must be part of the project schema (this can be confiugred from System Settings > Workflow > Objects. If you have a default ftrack setup there should be a workflow containing "Episode" already. From system settings you can then add it to the relevant workflows.
  2. Hi, yes this is correct but might be something we look into in the future
  3. Hi Lukas, custom attributes on users does not have a relation to a project. If you want to create a custom attribute to track something on a user you can simply omit the project id
  4. Hi Tim, The Versions tab is listing other versions of the same asset - this can be used to compare the versions in RV.
  5. Hi Mike, and welcome to the forums. Aside from the "Review" functionality where you can share videos, images etc. to external collaborators there is no functionality for this at the moment. Our subscription model is flexible though and you can have some user accounts on annual subscription and some with shorter monthly subscriptions.
  6. It might be worth testing: # Create note, do not commit or pass recipients note = asset_version.create_note(...) # Create recipient, but do not add it to the note collection. session.create('Recipient', { 'note_id': ..., 'resource_id': ... }) session.commit() It might work but I cannot guarantee that it will keep working.
  7. Hi Lukas, Are you able to reproduce this in a consistent way? It is not supposed to happen so trying to find a way to reproduce this would be a great help to track down this issue. Also, are you using the session in a multi threaded environment?
  8. Hi Remus, could you reach out to support with this as it sounds like a bug. Also if you could include the "raw" data of one of those timelogs (e.g. via the api).
  9. Mattias Lagergren


    Hi Peter, we have not yet implemented support for manager in the API and it is currently not on the roadmap.
  10. Getting the name of a task would be something like: task = session.get('TypedContext', entity_id) print task['name'] Updating a parent shot status can be done as: shot = task['parent'] shot['status'] = new_status
  11. Hi Danny, welcome to the forums! As of now you can only show widgets in the Dashboards section and through Actions. Do you mean as in having an extra tab in the sidebar, or actually part of the info section?
  12. Hi Sylvia, welcome to the forums and thank you for the feedback! We will take this into consideration when improving the review tools
  13. About a year ago we took the decision to migrate the ftrack documentation from RTD to a new platform (Intercom). The reason for the transition is to improve the documentation, by making it easier and quicker to write and maintain. We are aware of the limitations that you have mentioned in this thread. We still hope that the platform provider will add features and address some of these concerns (we are in contact with them). To our disappointment not much has happened and we are evaluating our options moving forward. As for the release notes this help page should be the one to refer to: http://help.ftrack.com/release-and-migration-notes
  14. Hi Bjoern, and thank you for this feedback! We are working on an update to the notes widget and al though we do not plan to implement multiple todos right now there will be support for strike through
  15. Not something that we support out of the box but by setting up a "Custom attributes" and changes to workflows in ftrack you can extend the system a lot. Sign up for a free trial and see if it is a fit for you!
  16. Hi Remus, not at the moment - if they have access to the components tab they can delete them. I think it makes sense to have this as a permission (and more granular in general) and will raise this as a feature request with the team.
  17. Hi Kate, do you have the correct permission setup to change calendar events? There are two relevant permissions "Manage global events", "Manage project events". If that is not the issue, please open a support ticket and we will investigate this as a possible bug
  18. We have ideas on similar expressions in the API. All new features and widgets that we build are based on the API so eventually we will need this kind of functionality in the API.
  19. Hey, you mention in the title "Enumeration" type but in the text expression. Enumerators should be available but expression attributes are not
  20. Hi Peter, thank you brining this to my attention again. We're in the same position today as in January and have not had time to push this further. As of now you would need to open the Sidebar to access the link via Markdown, or use an action. Using an action + web widget would also allow you to display the marmoset viewer inside the action window. Related to this and to add to your feature request. I assume that you would need to access/template the entity id (and possibly type) in the URL?
  21. Hi, thank you for reporting this. If the issue persists and you see this again please open a support case by emailing support [at] ftrack.com and we will investigate it!
  22. It is true as you say, Task, Milestone (and other object types) are modelled as tasks in the backend. But for filtering we are locking a filter to a specific object type and as of now it is not possible to mix them with an ANY condition. We're currently developing a new view where you can list items from different projects (to be released within a few months). One of the use-cases that we consider is similar to the one you mentioned here, so listing Milestones and Tasks together with a filter like that could be possible (but it is still under development so not set in stone).
  23. Hi Dan, the task is an legacy style notation for what we in the current API have as TypedContext. To fetch a Task, Shot, Sequence, Folder, Milestone etc.. that are sub-types of the TypedContext you can use: session.query('TypedContext where id is "{0}"'.format(entity_id)').one()
  24. This is a known "issue" and not designed. We're considering changing this in the future to limit creation of new components with duplicate names.
  25. I'm afraid it is not possible to filter on different object types with an ANY condition
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