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  1. Here is a screen cap of what our users expects on the "Versions" tab of the main app: Here is a sample web lib that does this sort of thing a little bit like the "Review" page. However the review page does not work for us because it is designed for movies. The bottom bar is this lib example is not really necessary (though a nice addition), I'd be happy having just the thumbnail as it is now and the ability to display next/previous asset version's thumbnail with a single click on the edge of the thumbnail or with a keyboard shortcut. Finally the best exampl
  2. Would it be possible to browse from an item to another while preview the thumbnail (or media) using the mouse (arrows on the side of the images) or keyboard ? It would help users here use Ftrack to browse through reference uploaded.
  3. Hi Lorenzo, Could you let me know what version of rez is required for this ? I am not sure to have a latest version including Fabio's rez-pip command installed... And thanks a bunch for sharing ! Jerome
  4. Hi everyone, We use a cloud instance of our project and regularly our users experience some network error: proxy error, connection timeout etc Usually a retry is enough, but eventually it will stop a process and leave an asset unpublished or not entirely prepped. Have anyone experience issues like this ? Is there a common recipe to try/catch all errors that would be network related from ftrack_api ?
  5. Sorry for not getting back to this, we have several actions to sync ftrack projects and environment to disk, package components to a client... The actions mainly are executed on a headless box and are not connected to the end-user, It is more a replacement to our supervisord service at the moment... We aim to use this in a swarm on several VMs for safety and replication.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what happend with the Flame integration plug which was on bitbucket ? Any plans to make a proper flame plugin ? Thanks,
  7. Hi, We also have an error with nuke-11 and a previous version of ftrack-connect... Nuke 11.1v1, 64 bit, built Dec 7 2017. Copyright (c) 2017 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. All Rights Reserved. WARNING: Can't select GPU device no GPU available : 0, using device Quadro 4000 : 0 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path/menu.py", line 5, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_conn
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to use ftrack actions from within a docker container but I get an SSL error when using the ftrack legacy api (3.5.2). I am no problems using the new API but as some of our lib still use the old API I was wondering if anyone new a workaround or had a play with docker to host ftrack actions hooks... Cheers, Jerome
  9. Bumping this thread as we are in the same situation: we have an external workflow for review because it is so important to view the edit (or at list shots without handles)... Due to a limited number of sequence viewer software it would be great to have this function from within ftrack to let artist quickly check there work in context !
  10. Hi Mattias, Thanks for the feedback this is great for getting any details from hiero API and adapt the structure properly. I merged this in our custom integration. Cheers, Jerome
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to use nuke studio to prep plates and various assets. I though I could use the ftrack plugin to publish all these assets into our ftrack project but I have troubles writing a custom template. it seems the only data against I can run an expression is the shot name on the timeline, is this correct ? Is there any way to get sequence/shot/version from anywhere else (clip name or media file path would be great) ? Thanks in advance, Jerome
  12. Hi there, This would however not be complete if the same user launch program from a different machine... I can't find anything in the event['source'] which would allow me to filter event to be run on a specific machine. Is there a way to do this ? cheers,
  13. Hi Mattias, Very helpful: I was missing the correct value for FOUNDRY_ASSET_PLUGIN_PATH the packages from bitbucket donnot come with common.zip archive though so I did not have to update the PYTHONPATH. I now have a proper ftrack_connect / nuke integration working but publishing seems to failed when creating a component to a custom location... Thanks for your help !
  14. Well I was missing the following value in NUKE_PATH: /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path Now it seems to catch the plugin but fails with the following log: Nuke 10.0v3, 64 bit, built Jun 27 2016. Copyright (c) 2016 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/.../ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path/menu.py", line 5, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke File "/.../ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke/__init__.py", line 6, in <module>
  15. Hi there, I am having a similar problem while manually installing connector for nuke. I have the following packages and their python dependencies: ftrack-connect-nuke ftrack-connect-foundry ftrack-connect ftrack-python-api ftrack-api Everything is stored on the network using REZ to resolve dependencies and create env. I can correctly use ftrack-connect app, and both APIs but I fail to load the asset manager inside nuke How should I alter NUKE_PATH, PYTHONPATH and any other env vars to load the plugin corrrectly ? At the moment I have the follo
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