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  1. ftrack_studio rez packages

    Hi Lorenzo, Could you let me know what version of rez is required for this ? I am not sure to have a latest version including Fabio's rez-pip command installed... And thanks a bunch for sharing ! Jerome
  2. Hi everyone, We use a cloud instance of our project and regularly our users experience some network error: proxy error, connection timeout etc Usually a retry is enough, but eventually it will stop a process and leave an asset unpublished or not entirely prepped. Have anyone experience issues like this ? Is there a common recipe to try/catch all errors that would be network related from ftrack_api ?
  3. Sorry for not getting back to this, we have several actions to sync ftrack projects and environment to disk, package components to a client... The actions mainly are executed on a headless box and are not connected to the end-user, It is more a replacement to our supervisord service at the moment... We aim to use this in a swarm on several VMs for safety and replication.
  4. Flame integration

    Hi, Does anyone know what happend with the Flame integration plug which was on bitbucket ? Any plans to make a proper flame plugin ? Thanks,
  5. Nuke 11

    Hi, We also have an error with nuke-11 and a previous version of ftrack-connect... Nuke 11.1v1, 64 bit, built Dec 7 2017. Copyright (c) 2017 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. All Rights Reserved. WARNING: Can't select GPU device no GPU available : 0, using device Quadro 4000 : 0 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path/", line 5, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke/", line 6, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke.plugin File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke/", line 4, in <module> import ftrack_connect_foundry.plugin File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry/", line 6, in <module> import ftrack_connect_foundry.bridge File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry/", line 16, in <module> import ftrack_connect_foundry.proxy File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry/", line 6, in <module> from FnAssetAPI.ui.toolkit import QtNetwork File "/production/data/software/packages_2.0/ext/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/FnAssetAPI/ui/", line 11, in <module> raise RuntimeError("Unable to determine the UI toolkit") RuntimeError: Unable to determine the UI toolkit I don't have time to update ftrack-connect just now but will try to do it soon.
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to use ftrack actions from within a docker container but I get an SSL error when using the ftrack legacy api (3.5.2). I am no problems using the new API but as some of our lib still use the old API I was wondering if anyone new a workaround or had a play with docker to host ftrack actions hooks... Cheers, Jerome
  7. Sequence Review

    Bumping this thread as we are in the same situation: we have an external workflow for review because it is so important to view the edit (or at list shots without handles)... Due to a limited number of sequence viewer software it would be great to have this function from within ftrack to let artist quickly check there work in context !
  8. Nuke studio - Export...

    Hi Mattias, Thanks for the feedback this is great for getting any details from hiero API and adapt the structure properly. I merged this in our custom integration. Cheers, Jerome
  9. Nuke studio - Export...

    Hi everyone, I am currently trying to use nuke studio to prep plates and various assets. I though I could use the ftrack plugin to publish all these assets into our ftrack project but I have troubles writing a custom template. it seems the only data against I can run an expression is the shot name on the timeline, is this correct ? Is there any way to get sequence/shot/version from anywhere else (clip name or media file path would be great) ? Thanks in advance, Jerome
  10. Hi there, This would however not be complete if the same user launch program from a different machine... I can't find anything in the event['source'] which would allow me to filter event to be run on a specific machine. Is there a way to do this ? cheers,
  11. Nuke Connect Plugin Install - HOW?!?!??!?!

    Hi Mattias, Very helpful: I was missing the correct value for FOUNDRY_ASSET_PLUGIN_PATH the packages from bitbucket donnot come with archive though so I did not have to update the PYTHONPATH. I now have a proper ftrack_connect / nuke integration working but publishing seems to failed when creating a component to a custom location... Thanks for your help !
  12. Nuke Connect Plugin Install - HOW?!?!??!?!

    Well I was missing the following value in NUKE_PATH: /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path Now it seems to catch the plugin but fails with the following log: Nuke 10.0v3, 64 bit, built Jun 27 2016. Copyright (c) 2016 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/.../ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/resource/nuke_path/", line 5, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke File "/.../ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke/", line 6, in <module> import ftrack_connect_nuke.plugin File "/.../ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke/", line 4, in <module> import ftrack_connect_foundry.plugin File "/.../ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry/", line 6, in <module> import ftrack_connect_foundry.bridge File "/.../ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry/", line 13, in <module> import ftrack File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/", line 20, in <module> from FTrackCore import * File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/", line 10, in <module> File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/api/location/", line 3, in <module> from .Entity import Entity File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/api/location/", line 19, in <module> File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/api/event/", line 5, in <module> from .Host import Host File "/.../ftrack_api/3.3.30/python/FTrackCore.egg/FTrackCore/api/event/", line 18, in <module> File "/.../requests/2.3.0/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests/", line 53, in <module> from .packages.urllib3.contrib import pyopenssl File "/.../requests/2.3.0/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests/packages/", line 3, in <module> from . import urllib3 File "/.../requests/2.3.0/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests/packages/urllib3/", line 16, in <module> from .connectionpool import ( File "/.../requests/2.3.0/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests/packages/urllib3/", line 43, in <module> from .response import HTTPResponse File "/.../requests/2.3.0/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests-2.3.0-py2.6.egg/requests/packages/urllib3/", line 18, in <module> log = logging.getLogger(__name__) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getLogger'
  13. Nuke Connect Plugin Install - HOW?!?!??!?!

    Hi there, I am having a similar problem while manually installing connector for nuke. I have the following packages and their python dependencies: ftrack-connect-nuke ftrack-connect-foundry ftrack-connect ftrack-python-api ftrack-api Everything is stored on the network using REZ to resolve dependencies and create env. I can correctly use ftrack-connect app, and both APIs but I fail to load the asset manager inside nuke How should I alter NUKE_PATH, PYTHONPATH and any other env vars to load the plugin corrrectly ? At the moment I have the following NUKE_PATH: /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/FnAssetAPI /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_foundry /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_foundry/0.1.0/payload/build/lib/assetmgr_nuke /path/to/my/ftrack_connect_nuke/0.1.9/payload/build/lib/ftrack_connect_nuke
  14. Custom Action Feedback

    I have been using a job to wrap a long running action and it is quite nice. But jobs seems a bit limited with legacy API, is there a way to specify: a progress value a custom message (in addition to the title) Or should we switch to new API for this ? Cheers,
  15. Hi all, I created an action with a form to let user change some options. It is working fine BUT I would like to set a default value for an enum field and don't see how in the doc. If it is not possible I would like to indicate a required field to the user... Here is the data I send to ftrack for creating the form: ```'items': [ {'value': '## You are about to ship the list: {} ##'.format(flist.getName()), 'type': 'label'}, {'label': 'Action', 'type': 'enumerator', 'name': 'action', 'data': [ {'label': 'Export 1', 'value': 'myval1'}, {'label': 'Export 2', 'value': 'myval2'} ]}, ], ``` Thanks for any help, Jerome