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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, on our path to integrate ftrack in our pipeline, we would like to alter the "Create Project" dialog, that pops up, when one clicks on the corresponding button in the web-interface. We already found out, that its possible to set an override, which lets us setup a custom solution from scratch. But since we want to achieve the same look and feel of the original dialog, we thought about using its code, but weren't able to find it. Is there a python script somewhere, which creates this dialog? If yes, where is it? Thanks in advance. The only
  2. Hi all, is there any plan for the future to add the possibility to archive a project? By archiving a project I mean all the sequence, shots, asset builds, tasks, etc, (all data specific to that project) to be moved to new tables. In this way the query will be much faster if the archived projects are not included. Best, Remus
  3. I am producing a lot of videos that have the same steps and structure of each other. Is there a way to duplicate one project, so I do not have to create projects and one-by-one create the same tasks/milestones/etc over and over? Or a project template I can create to use whenever I make a new project without having to one-by-one create the same tasks/milestones/etc? Thanks!
  4. Hey, So I've just started evaluating ftrack, and was wondering if it's possible to restrict how project hierarchies are formed? I couldn't find anything quickly about it, so thought I'd ask. Essentially we want to make sure our studio conforms to a set way of setting up a project for consistency, and if the project structure can be ad-hocked, human error will cause the structure to be slightly different on each project... That's ok for humans most of the time, but trying to pipeline it will make the code more complex than it needs to be and introduce possible failure points. Thanks, M
  5. I've started this public repo as a learning tool. I'm not sure if other people will be able to use this in the future just by running it. I'd like others to be able to use this as a learning tool and give people who are helping me more context when they're helping me out. I'm also making this because I just don't know the best practices for setting up a pipeline like this, so please if you could offer any critiques or pointers for Python/PySide in general that'd be great. This is a VS 2015 project for windows and will require the user to download their ftrack_api from the ftrackapp websi
  6. 1) I'm having trouble getting the criteria system to work. When the tool starts up, in the main window module queries all of the active projects and populates a QTreeView: session = ftrack_api.Session() dir_contents = [] for project in session.query('Project'): dir_contents.append( project ) When a user selects a project to work with, another module creates a tab and queries the project data- populating this new tab with directory hierarchy, tasks, thumbnails, notes, etc. I was able to begin querying a project's ftrack data by using the legacy method getProject('string'), b
  7. Hi, Website indicate a nice already bundled software development workflow. I can't see it in the workflows list on our server, are there any actions to take in order to be able to get a new workflow template ? Cheers
  8. jbourn

    Rename Projects

    Hi Is there anyway to rename a project? I've looked what I think is everywhere but can't find it? Also is there an archive feature for projects? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Is it possible to recreate the default Piggy Bank project and VFX Schema? I want to be able to revive these as a basis to build off of in case they get changed.
  10. HI Guys, I was wondering if there's any plan to integrate the project spreadsheet with the planning board? It would be something that makes sense to me. The way I see it operating is almost hierarchal. Planning board is used to overview all the projects running in the studio, resources that are booked on particular projects / tasks etc. While the project spreadsheet gets into the details of the specific project. Both sections are integrated so any tasks added in the project view show up on the planning view and vice versa. This seems like a logical step forward. I find that we avoid usin
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