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  1. Hi @jen_at_floyd, there's a patch already merged in connect to mitigate this and it'll be available in an upcoming version of connect.
  2. Hi @Paulo Nemotothanks for reporting, would you mind sending the same information and a higher resolution image to support@ftrack.com so we can further investigate ? Thanks a lot, I'll keep you posted on the status. L.
  3. Hi @Tilt , having the python version to >= 2.7.9 has always been a soft requirement for the api, but was never enforced through the installation process itself. Once the amount of issues raised by having python not correct has got to an alarming level we decided to raise the requirement to hard. My suggestion would be to install a newer version of python on C7 (quite a straight forward process). Hope it helps. L.
  4. Hi @Chandler there no boilerplate at the moment, but I'll try to find time new year to come up with one. As you find out though, there was one once, and is the one I'll try to bring back to life or close to what that was at least. Hope it helps. L.
  5. Hi @Alican you cannot use the location.get_url(component) as path for the component as is relative to the server, path requires to be a local path to your file system. What you might be after, if I'm getting it right , is an event which collect the data which might have been manually uploaded and then transfer them first to you local disk , before being re uploaded as reviewable. For this to work , you need to have a listener running which will intercept the update event for components and use that to move the data from the ftrack.server to the local storage. Something along these li
  6. HI @Alican just gave it a go with default connect and actions and I can see them appearing on both Chrome instances I've open (application launchers). May I ask where the actions are hosted ? On each ftrack-connect-package plugin folder (local to the user) , in a shared place and mapped through FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH / FTRACK_EVENT_PLUGIN_PATH or are running as standalone event listeners ? Also, to help us investigate, removing custom events and actions does still trigger your issue ? Looking forward to hear more from you . L.
  7. Download 0.2.3 Originally written by Mike Datsik What's new * Ensure loads correctly under latest version of houdini (18.0) * Update to latest QtExt to Fix QStringListModel compatibility for PySide2 5.9+. * Update plugin built for pip 19+ * Update icon path How to install stop ftrack-connect-package download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package
  8. HI @Dimitri Lucy, glad to hear ! let us know if anything else comes up L.
  9. Hi @Dimitri Lucy, whenever you are manipulating the PYTHONPATH I suggest extending it rather than overwriting it with something like : PYTHONPATH=%PYTONPATH%:C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\ftrack_api On the error you are having though, seems to me that you are installing the new api , but trying to import the legacy ones. Could you please try to import ftrack_api rather than ftrack ? Let us know how it goes ! Cheers. L.
  10. HI @Mani Varma, If all you need is an efficient api to represent a tree I'd suggest having a look at this widget from connect. It does use a qtmodel which is quite efficient. Hope it helps. L.
  11. HI @Milan Kolar, Thanks for reporting it. I wasn't aware you were already using it ! Be aware that some breaking changes (session won't connect automatically to the event hub) are coming soon on the story branch so be careful. Feel free to get in touch through support to share any stack trace you might be getting. Cheers. L.
  12. Hi @Julian Martinz looks like we are on the same page now let us know how it goes! L.
  13. Hi @Julian Martinz, you cannot create two locations with the same name that would confuse the system. The idea of the proxy is exactly for this reason, the proxy will have your old name to match (studio.server1), where the underlying (proxied) locations will retain the different behaviour (studio.server1.managed, studio.server1.unmanaged) and the logic in the overwritten methods of the proxy location will dictate what component to handle with what location. Hope it helps. L.
  14. We have been restarting the work on the Python api with Python3k support. There's a new branch ( backlog/api-2.0/story ) to use to pick the latest and greatest, and it'll be used until the official release. Here how to update the above snippets to use it: ./pip3 install git+https://bitbucket.org/ftrack/ftrack-python-api.git@backlog/api-2.0/story If you do have any question of you find any issue please let us know.
  15. >> What would work is creating two distinct locations studio.server1 and studio.server1.unmanaged. Hi Julian, my suggestion of having a third location acting as proxy was coming from the idea of leveraging two different location with different behaviour. This though , requires to have clear rules on how these two locations will accept data (eg: image sequences -> unamanged, maya files-> managed.) >> Is there any way to revert a location instance back to the state it was before mixin in the unmangedLocationMixin? Not that I'm aware of tbh.... the above solution wa
  16. Hi @Jakub Trllo, you have almost answered yourself the question: >> It's probably because every time is used `custom_attributes` key on entity, api is querying values of custom attributes? It is quite possible that is what causing your slowdown. If you don't need / care about what the previous value was you can think of turning off the auto_popluate using the context manager for it. You can find further information here. Let us know how it goes! L.
  17. Hi @Julian Martinz , we'll be looking soon on providing something off the shelf. Your approach seems the on the right track though ! L.
  18. Hi @Julian Martinz if you want to use either one or the other in the same project you might have to think of creating what I would call a proxy location. This location would accept both (or more) the locations you want to use and through logical gates you can redirect the publish to what you want, either based on task, component or any other logic that suits you. Hope it helps. L.
  19. Hi @narvi, the latest perforce location plugin can be downloaded from this address. For what concerns S3 there's an example built on top of the legacy api here but still has to be ported to the new one. This is something on our todo list to port it over. Hope it helps. L.
  20. Lorenzo Angeli


    Windows, Linux, Osx Download 0.7.0 Documentation Changes since last version changed : Pip compatibility for version 19.3.0 or higher. changed: Defer the Qt import when loading scenario. new : Use Qt.py instead of the bundled QtExt with Connect. new : Support publish of file sequences. fixed: Perforce modules cannot be imported and used in DCC application. new : Provide default file encode mapping based on the file extension. new : Enforce perforce username to be the same as the ftrack user logged in. Requirement Accessible H
  21. Hi @narvi, there was , in the old api , an ftrack s3 accessor to make you able to move data in an out from there, but this is something we have to look back into and port over the new api, hopefully we'll be able to schedule this sooner rather than later. (contributions are welcome though ) Perforce wise, is coming. It does work as a normal ftrack storage , hence is client side but do not require local installation of the server . If you have any more questions please let us know. Cheers. L.
  22. Hi @Jakub Trllo, hierarchical attributes are tricky. Hope this snippet can help you out. If case does not let us know! Cheers. L.
  23. Hi Julian,if you have long running jobs, the best option you have is to actually use multithreading from within the action ,just be careful to use this solution as api are not thread safe, so the session will have to be created for each thread.overall though, my suggestion would be to use either a docker or a vm , where you can spawn a python process for each action you want to use, and potentially monitor themthrough supervisor or a similar process , so if any dies it'll restart automatically.As you stated , running more of the single event won't work as it will register more than one.hope it
  24. Download 2.2.3 What's new´╗┐ Fix: Improve render task deduplication logic. Fix: Integration fails to start on nuke >= 12. Fix: Thumbnail frame is now generated from the mid frame of the exported clip. How to install stop ftrack-connect-package remove previous nuke studio plugin from : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ download and uncompress the new version in : <ftrack-connect-package>/resource/connect-standard-plugins/ restart ftrack-connect-package´╗┐
  25. Hi @Alican, although api3 have been tested only on 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7, this error is usually given when the api are not properly installed with all their dependencies. I'd suggest looking at this post and try the suggested procedure to install the api with pip , through git. If you still have issues, please let us know! Cheers. L.
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