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  1. Hello all, forgive me if there is already a post about this, but I wanted to ask why there have not been any updates since June for ftrack. Thanks, Bryan
  2. I would like to make some user preferences that affect my various scripts. Is there a recommendation of where to store user-specific preferences? And is there any built-in way to present these preferences as configurable in the UI somewhere, aside from making an action or widget? Thank you.
  3. One other thing. I really like how with the "Client Review" system you can "prepare" a review, and maintain it, adding and removing clips, etc. Is there any plan to have a similar functionality with the new player?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm sure you're aware, but you also can't add labels or recipients to notes in the new player.
  5. DaVinci Resolve has limited support for importing EDLs. I think its limited support is a good convention to replicate in Ftrack. Basically, when you import a clip into Resolve (a single movie), you can also import an EDL. The EDL is only used to determine where the cut points are; the actual clip filenames in the EDL aren't used. Also, the EDL must be very simple - a single track. The same functionality would be useful when uploading a long video to Ftrack, to provide cut points to jump between. A further improvement would be associating those cut points to Ftrack entities, for exam
  6. When selecting many versions (such as previewable movies) in the Versions view and selecting to play in the Experimental Player, the versions are not in any useful order. They are not in the order from the Versions view itself, or in alphabetical order, or in publish date order either.
  7. The new player doesn't let you mark notes as completable.
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