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  1. How are the chances to get something like VP9 or x265 codec or similar support so we can encode dailies in a better way? Ideally I would like to upload 10bit h265/vp9 acesCCT files and then get a dropdown or user preference driven view transform/LUT , this would also enable to us better QC in a review session as we could switch view transforms and play with gamma/gain in SDR , we dont have any of that flexibillity with using display reffered 8bit media . Current computers should all be able to do HEVC + a LUT in realtime, but a fallback would be nice of course. For the future then having the correct metadata to get the OS to display the image in actual HDR10 or something would be nice as well but that not that important right now as HDR displays arent very common. Would really help while working remote, Cheers!
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