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  1. please add me; mail@ewok1.com
  2. As the Title states, when i set a Connect Plugin Path as in a machines Sys Environment Vars, i lose my Adobe Suite Apps - they won't show up in the actions menu anymore. How to fix Adobe Integration on ftrack connect plugin paths via system environment variable? Do i have to add an Adobe Path too? g, Marc
  3. i want to bump this topic and ask if there are good approaches available? would be interested to read how you approached a solution so far. thanks.
  4. Hi Dan, here is the connect-log file. regards, Marc ftrack_connect.log.zip
  5. Dear Support, after having problems with the adobe creative webapp installalation, i followed adobes instructions to manually install the extension; frist i tried uninstalling the extension via the webapp; waiting, again request a client sync in the webapp, uninstalling adobe's extension manager as well, rebooting, downloaded the Anastasiy's Extension Manager and tried to install manually your "ftrack_connect_adobe_1.0.1.zxp" but it did not work unfortunalety; the extension seems not to be uninstalled yet. the zxp-installer mentioned by you did not solve the problem either, i can't select the zxp file or drop into the window. hope to read from you soon, how you are integrating adobe photoshop. regards, M.
  6. Hi, we are using adobe creative cloud and ftrack connect for our projects, and i want to open and publish files with photoshop in my project, however i cannot get adobe connect to work, especially i cannot get the extension to install properly. after adding the extension from the adobe creative cloud website, nothing changed. and after installing the adobe extension manager and adding the plugin manually i receive an error that the versions are not matching with my product. so currently i can see adobe actions in my ftrack connect window, can start my adobe app, but cannot publish or open files with photoshop. please have a look on the screenshot i add and give me a solution on how to properly connect my adobe suite to ftrack. PS. please feel free to move this topic to the right forum as needed. thanks.
  7. Hi Lorenzo, i am currently looking for the same solution and my launchArgument gets not populated when running my application too. can you please give more details on how to overwrite the "_getApplicationLaunchCommand" ? this function is not included in my hook, and adding this function from your mentioned site will miss some inputs i cannot work out to handle. this is my first time using ftrack. thanks in advance. M.
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