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  1. Hi All, I am trying to create a web viewable clip from the Nuke ftrack Publish Node ? How do I get it to create the Web Review version on ftrack.server and in my central storage location. or even just as a web viewable component ? Thanks, Rory
  2. Got it, Thanks - Works great!
  3. Yes - sorry and also added the modify_launch method from the readme.
  4. Thanks, I added ftrack.EVENT_HUB.subscribe( "topic=djvview.launch", modify_launch) to the register method or should it be in the launch method ?
  5. Got it to work - Thanks
  6. Hi, I am trying to implement this plugin, but can't seem to get a list of files to pick from ? Should it show a list of components attached to the task ? Thanks, Rory
  7. Hi, Just following up on this ... How would I add this functionality to Nuke Studio - ? As far as I can tell I would need to change the content of ? or am I missing something? Thanks Rory
  8. Rory

    Component Path

    This works .... for component_location in component['component_locations']: print component_location['location'].get_filesystem_path(component)
  9. Rory

    Component Path

    Yes, that returns: studio.central-storage-location
  10. Rory

    Component Path

    Hi Mattias, That returns 'None' but I can get component to return : <SequenceComponent(4f475f4f-a2b4-4eeb-b391-ed2ad0780b5f)> but then location returns 'None' : Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 61, in <module> path = location.get_filesystem_path(component) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_filesystem_path' Thanks,
  11. Rory

    Component Path

    Hi All, First post - and very new to the api. I am trying to return the path of an image sequence in a component added by processor from Nuke Studio. How do I return the 'plain text' result of this ? component = session.query( 'Project name is "dev_project"' and 'Shot where name is "010"' and 'Assetversion name is "BG v2"' and 'Component where name is "Ingest"' ).all() print component[0]['component_locations'] Sorry if this is straight forward - still trying to get to grips with the querying. Thanks so much, Rory