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  1. Aw man that's too bad. Are there any plans for a mobile interface or is the focus on desktop/web?
  2. Is ftrack Go still a thing? I'd love to have a way to check in on my ftrack instance on the go, but it seems like the link to the Google Play store is dead and it doesn't come up in search results.
  3. I usually have a folder in my projects for saving python scripts and other useful tools that aren't necessarily linked to a specific scene or asset. Scripts to set up global render settings, or a tool made specifically for the job, or whatever. I'm not sure the best way to store them in ftrack now that I'm starting to transition projects over (asset build vs folder etc). My guess is that the answer is something along the lines of, "whatever works for you". But I'm curious to see how people are already handling this kind of thing.
  4. import logging import ftrack_api import sys import pprint import ftrack_connect.application class ApplicationStore(ftrack_connect.application.ApplicationStore): '''Store used to find and keep track of available applications.''' def _discoverApplications(self): '''Return a list of applications that can be launched from this host.''' applications = [] if sys.platform == 'darwin': prefix = ['/', 'Applications'] applications.extend(self._searchFilesystem( expression=prefix + [ 'Blender*', 'Blender.ap
  5. @Lorenzo Angeli _getApplicationLaunchCommand seems to only be returning the base command - ['C:\\Program Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender 2.82\\blender.exe']. No attached launchArguments.
  6. @Lorenzo Angeli When I checked the log file there was no such line. So, I did some testing. First, I removed both my Blender plugin and the Perforce plugin and tried to run Photoshop. That time, I did see a "launch" log line. When I enabled only the Perforce plugin and tried to run Photoshop, I got the same results I did the first time: significantly smaller log file with no "launch" log. Enabling Blender only, I was able to see a launch log line but it doesn't appear to be attaching the launchArguments to the command if I'm reading it right. I hard-coded a path to an existing f
  7. Thanks Lorenzo, that works great. All of a sudden though, ftrack doesn't want to launch Blender with the edited launchArguments parameter. I had it working at one point a couple of weeks ago, and left it alone to take another look at my Perforce issues. Now that I'm revisiting this, it's giving me grief. The expected launchArguments are in the event['data'] object - this is what I get if I print out event['data'] just before passing it to launcher.launch() (file path changed to protect client): {u'actionIdentifier': u'blender-launch-action', u'applicationIdentifier': u'blender_2
  8. Ok, so here's a little update! If I run the action against the component, I can pull the file path with: selection = event['data'].get('selection', []) component = self.session.get('Component', selection[0]['entityId']) if component is not None: # this is an internal function that prints to a file on my desktop for quick debugging # returns 'u'https://ftrack-us-east-1.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/68d68ada-9f98-11ea-96a3-42010af0000d/storage/5/5/0/f/f586-a218-11ea-8422-72ed585b6b9d?Signature=iUglFLXGsXDm4pTY7RvA5gFxn%2BQ%3D&Expires=1590812357&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAYKW36AUCL5BMA
  9. @Lorenzo Angeli These links are incredibly helpful. Adding the path with launchArguments works perfectly. I can use the context['selection'] data to look up the file name I assume, right? I see I get an entityId and type, so I'll start playing around with the API and reference the links you sent me. Thanks again!
  10. I built a little Blender launcher action for Connect so I can integrate ftrack with my current studio setup. I have a basic launcher working well, and can open Blender both from Connect and the ftrack interface. How do I go a step further and tell it to open the component file associated with an asset? I've found some documentation pointing me in the right direction, but can't seem to make it to the finish line. Any pointers would be appreciated! I assume I should be grabbing the file location from the asset and pushing it through either the event data's "command" or "options" variab
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