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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, Recently we've been facing issues with the ftrack plugin not loading up along with Maya instead an error message on Maya Console "SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED". After this the plugin never loads on the specific machine, it's the same error all the time. Adding the error message below, is there anyway to get past this?
  2. Hello, I know there's a beta version of Ftrack for Unity, I tried it but unfortunately doesn't work properly, it works by half only if I use "Python for unity" version 1.4.1, when a version 2.01 is available and more stable. When a new release of ftrack plugin for Unity will be available? Unfortunately I can't write in C so I have some difficult to make it work fine. Thanks in advance for your reply, Andrea
  3. Hi, I know how to add and customize action in ftrack, but I was wondering is there a way to play an uploaded media with an external player (in order to play correctly a 360° video degree), without using actions. If possibile to add a custom menu through the ftrack api next to "Launch Web player, "Launch RV", "Launch HieroPlayer", so I can launch my custom application to play that uploaded media? Is good for me just know if possibile to do that, so I can start to work on it! Thanks again for your great work. Andrea
  4. Hi everyone! Is it possible to prevent ftrack from automatic versioning? And force it to use filenames instead? (for example instead of Cleanup v1) We have a version system inside the studio, and it's confuses us a little bit then Ftrack makes it owns versions. Like "Edit v1" ? Or I miss something? Please advise. Regards, Denis.
  5. Is there a way to listen to when incoming/outgoing links are created/removed via the api? The ftrack.* topic doesn't seem to fire an event when a link is created. Alternatively is there a simple way to publish an event when a link is created/removed?
  6. Hi, As our project grows, we tend to accumulate lists for our dailies and deliveries... I would like to move some old list in "archive" folder but I can't find a way to do this on a selection of list. It seems I can only do this one item at a time, is there a workaround for this (without using the API) ? Thanks in advance, Jerome
  7. I've started this public repo as a learning tool. I'm not sure if other people will be able to use this in the future just by running it. I'd like others to be able to use this as a learning tool and give people who are helping me more context when they're helping me out. I'm also making this because I just don't know the best practices for setting up a pipeline like this, so please if you could offer any critiques or pointers for Python/PySide in general that'd be great. This is a VS 2015 project for windows and will require the user to download their ftrack_api from the ftrackapp website and place the contents of the .tar file in the [root_folder]\modules\ftrack\pythonpath folder. More details will be in the README. The repo:
  8. I want to download or copy files from the ftrack location , inside this there are several components which id like to copy them to my local drive .i have seen only in the documentation samples for dropbox and how to wrap my component to a file using dropbox accessor .could this be done but on the local drive? as the task is to synchronise files between my local drive and ftrack server account components and i could only find diskaccessor and dropbox accessor ..
  9. Hi Is there any posibilities to get get Linked Asset Builds from shot? Acording to Api reference - there no such atributes of classftrack.Shot.
  10. Hi all: Our studio recently decided to adopt ftrack as our solution for handling asset version control, along with project management as well. As part of that process, I've been working on 3ds max (2015) integration for the studio , as it's the main DCC that artists are using here. However, I'm running into some odd issues when working with MaxPlus; namely, the first time that ftrack.setup() is called, there's a substantial delay of at least 20+ seconds before the command executes successfully; subsequent ftrack operations after that don't seem to have the same problem. It seems that the delay happens once the EVENT_HUB.connect() command is executed, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what's going on here; the same issue doesn't appear in Maya, using a simple test script to compare what's going on. Anyone working with MaxPlus here who might have run into the same issue, I'd appreciate any advice you might have on the topic! Thanks!
  11. Hello, We just started using ftrack and are testing it, so this is probably a noob question I just tried to install the extension for Photoshop. But when I click on Publish, it says Error: Unable to publish; Not connected to event server. Also when choosing an Action on the website I dont get Photoshop as an option. In the Photoshop extension debug info it says this: I also use Maya. Maya works. The thing is I got Maya installed on my C: drive , but all Adobe Programms are installed on my E: drive. I think ftrack connect doesnt find my Adobe programms, because they are not installed in the C drive? How do I tell ftrack connect to look for programms also installed on my E: drive? Or where do I change those settings from the debug info (user, entityId and entityType) ?
  12. Hi all, quick question: Is there a method through the API to get some version info about the current running ftrack API package? I tried looking through but didn't find anything. Thanks!