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  1. I can't understand how your api documentation can help me accomplish the functions I need. The code I have now can help me capture single frames of all shots and name them respectively, but I can’t know if these single frames are uploaded in batches through python and match the lens names. What’s more important is that I don’t know how to make I have used the metadata captured by ffprobe to fill in ftrack through python. I have watched your introductory instructional videos, but those cannot solve my doubts at all. Maybe I’m stupid, but I want to get help. After all, we bought ftrack studio. If we can’t solve this problem, we don’t know why we should buy studio.
  2. When I submitted to ftrack through nukestudio, I found a problem. I could not add the version number to the file name. If I added, the uploaded file would not match; and after I created a shot on ftrack, if I was in nukestudio Inside, modify the asset type to {clip}. After completion, ftrack will only have pictures but no videos