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  1. Dont think its possible through the UI. For API you can reference this: https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-hooks/tree/master/batch_create
  2. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    That did the trick! Thanks @Julian Martinz
  3. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    There seems to be some issues with caching with this approach. Take this example and replace the task id; import functools import ftrack_api def callback(session, event): task = session.get("Task", "ab3234f0-46a2-11ea-95c7-92527973a98f") print(task["status"]["name"]) print(task["status"]["id"]) session = ftrack_api.Session(auto_connect_event_hub=True) handler = functools.partial(callback, session) session.event_hub.subscribe("topic=ftrack.update", handler) session.event_hub.wait() On initial run, it prints the correct status but on subsequent runs it prints the same status. Tried various "query" and getting the status by id, but nothing seems to get the updated status.
  4. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    Using partial to reuse the same session works! The memory footprint does not increase, in the simple test case in the original post.
  5. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    Good point. Havent been able to trace down the memory leak, so if you have some pointers that would be great!
  6. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    Hey Steve, I tried 1.8.2 and it does not fix our issue. Since other people are not experiencing the same thing, I'm suspecting it might be our environment. Would greatly appreciate if someone could test on their end with this (conda) environment? name: ftrack-pipeline-environment channels: - defaults dependencies: - certifi=2019.6.16=py27_0 - pip=19.1.1=py27_0 - python=2.7.16=hcb6e200_0 - setuptools=41.0.1=py27_0 - sqlite=3.29.0=h0c8e037_0 - vc=9=h7299396_1 - vs2008_runtime=9.00.30729.1=hfaea7d5_1 - wheel=0.33.4=py27_0 - wincertstore=0.2=py27hf04cefb_0 - pip: - arrow==0.14.2 - backports-functools-lru-cache==1.5 - cachetools==3.1.1 - chardet==3.0.4 - clique==1.5.0 - ftrack-python-api==1.8.2 - google-api-python-client==1.7.9 - google-auth==1.6.3 - google-auth-httplib2==0.0.3 - google-auth-oauthlib==0.4.0 - httplib2==0.13.0 - idna==2.8 - jsondiff==1.2.0 - oauthlib==3.0.2 - pyasn1==0.4.5 - pyasn1-modules==0.2.5 - pyparsing==2.4.0 - python-dateutil==2.8.0 - requests==2.22.0 - requests-oauthlib==1.2.0 - rsa==4.0 - six==1.11.0 - slacker==0.9.65 - slacker-log-handler==1.7.1 - termcolor==1.1.0 - uritemplate==3.0.0 - urllib3==1.25.3 - websocket-client==0.56.0 prefix: C:\Users\admin\miniconda\envs\ftrack-pipeline-environment
  7. tokejepsen

    Memory leak

    Hey, I've been trying to figure out why our Ftrack event listener machine is running out of memory. Seems like the event listener is holding onto something, so it does not get garbage collected. Take a simple event listener like this: import ftrack_api def test(event): session = ftrack_api.Session() session = ftrack_api.Session(auto_connect_event_hub=True) session.event_hub.subscribe("topic=ftrack.update", test) session.event_hub.wait() It initially starts at 27 Mb, but with every ftrack event that triggers it, a couple of Mb get added. It never gets back down to 27 Mb. Anyone experiencing the same?
  8. There is a useful thread here for this: https://forum.ftrack.com/topic/1045-multiple-instance-of-ftrack-connect/
  9. Nice mockup! I would suggest for backend, that we can reference git repository online and offline for this.
  10. Ahh, I see. Yeah, you can do that. You can also have a separate python script in the same folder as "djvview.py", which contains "modify_launch ". Which might make it easier to update "djvview.py" in the future. Or have a completely separate folder with "modify_launch " which is added to FTRACK_CONNECT_PLUGIN_PATH. This way is probably better if you are working with git.
  11. Do you mean you added that to https://github.com/tokejepsen/ftrack-hooks/blob/master/djv_plugin/resource/hook/djvview.py ?
  12. Cool Let me know if you have any issues.
  13. Hey, Noticed on long action labels, the text gets cropped off. See attached image.
  14. I've found that if this value is not set to True, then the version won't show up in the Ftrack UI. The version will still exist in the database though.
  15. Hey, I was wondering whether Nuke 11 is officially supported? I have seen various commits/branches on Bitbucket about it, but an initial test showed that Nuke crashes when trying to show any of the "Asset Manager" or "Asset Importer".
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