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  1. Under Reports there is no way to filter and export hidden projects. Since accounting could require still time reports after a project was closed, is there a better way instead to re-activating a project?
  2. Unfortunately it does not work either
  3. This issue is in release 3.5.21 in the every view (task, versions, team planner, dashboard), with the difference that in 3.5.21 it's not sliding anymore
  4. In the ftrack version 3.5.20 there is a display issue in the Dashboard view If I'm clicking the arrow on the left menu to make the menu smaller, I can't make it big again. Instead the entire dashboard with all the widgets is sliding to the right.
  5. Unfortunately not. I have still issues to upload pictures on the forum, from any browser.
  6. Yes. In the "Time tracking" report, only active users are visible and exportable in an excel sheet. If it is not a bug it's designed wrong! There should be a way to make a report at the end of a production without that the status of a user (or license amount on smaller companies) is becoming a bottle neck.
  7. I noticed that this is an issue just in the ftrack version I have linked to the milestone 26 tasks (7 not started, 11 In Progress and 8 In Review) and the milestone is showing 11% in the dashboard even if no task is in the state "Done" In Version it's calculating correctly = 0% As soon as I have a task in state "Done" I have 4% (rounded from 3.84%) So this is actually just an issue for user using the older version
  8. As a Producer/PM it can be that I need to check the timetracking reports after the end of a project. If artists are already gone and the user is disabled from IT I'm not able to filter anymore the deactivated user. It would be helpful to receive from your side a solution, to solve this problem, since security wise IT needs to deactivate the user after his/her contract is expiring and we can not keep all users active license wise. Thanks, Luigi
  9. Hi, Since in ftrack I can connect specific tasks to a milestone, I'm using the upcoming dates widgets in the dashboard to have a percentage status view (e.g. for sprints). As far as I understood the milestone is calculating just the connected "Done" states. If yes, unfortunately it's not calculating the right way (e.g. 4 task done of 33 are shown up as 15%). Thx
  10. Yes, we have. But as I understand the event system from ftrack, the event is emitted after the change has been done. This means it should appear in the activities. E.g. the activity of our "ftrack" user which is changing the status back if the user is not allowed.
  11. As a coordinator I would like to have access to the hidden projects if I am assigned to them. At the moment the Hidden projects are not showing up, without the role "Create and update projects" checked. Would it be possible to have a separate role just for that (e.g. "Can see hidden project")?
  12. Thank you. This was just a proposal how it could work. It can be done with multiple selection and a function like "add selected to group" as well....or when adding users to the group the list of users (that can be added) can be just contain the users added to the ungrouped team.
  13. When scheduling tasks and users in the task view it's really useful to see now the project plan and the resource timeline on the bottom of the gantt diagram. Unfortunately it's getting very confusing, since the 3 timelines could have different scales and positions in time. I have always to match the timelines to have a good overview and to see on the same date line if I can schedule a user and if it is still fitting to my plan If I'm not manually matching the 3 timelines I'm looking e.g. into my gantt schedule from January 29th till the 13th of February, the project plan is focusing between December 29th and January 19th and the resource timeline is showing dates between December 24th and January 13th. Even manually I'm not 100% able to have all dates in one line. Would it be better to scale and move all tree timelines at the same time, with the same (one) method? P.S.: I have still issues to upload screenshots "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance. "
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